3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Core strength means more than just having a great abdominal definition. When you strengthen your core, it improves your performance in everything. Core strength helps you run faster and throw farther. Even if you just want to gain enough fitness so you can walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, focusing on your core is a great way to achieve your goal. In this article, we will look at the top three exercises to strengthen your core.

Three Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Every exercise you do engages your core. Your core is the center mass of your muscle structure, and it assists all your other muscle groups to enhance your overall performance. Targeting your core strength during workouts has significant benefits.

Whenever you are performing intense physical activity and your muscles fatigue, your body naturally turns to your core for more and more assistance. You can think of your core like a spotter that is there to assist you as you finish off those final repetitions at the gym. Here are three exercises to help you target and improve your core strength.


Crunches are a fundamental component of any fitness routine. The exercise is performed by laying on your back with your feet on the ground and your knees bent. Gently roll forward either with your hands behind your head or flat at your side. Do not roll forward too far, or you will place undue stress on your spine. Also, make sure you focus on engaging your core and do not use your arm muscles to pull your head forward. It’s important to lay on a fitness mat that will support your back for comfort and safety.


One of the best ways to see massive gains in core strength with minimal perceived effort is to do a daily plank. If you make it a habit to wake up in the morning and plank for one or two minutes, you’ll start to notice your core tightening up in a matter of weeks. To perform a plank, lift your body up using your toes and forearms for support. Try to make your body as flat as possible. It sounds easy, but you’ll find your body will start to shake after only a few seconds, and you’ll be amazed at how hard you have to work to maintain the position. For a one minute workout, nothing beats planking.


Swimming is a different kind of workout that can be a very enjoyable way to engage your core. As you twist your body through the water and focus on your breathing, you will engage various muscle groups in your core. Swimming helps you target interior muscle groups and is a wonderful way to change up your fitness routine.

Core Strength Is Key Strength

Targeting your core in workouts does not give you the same kind of burn you feel when you’re doing heavy reps on the bench press. Instead, when you’re finished, you feel a kind of dull ache. The benefit of core strength is that it helps you push through bad patches when you’re in the middle of competition by providing you with additional internal reserves to draw on.

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