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Healthiest Ice Cream To Consume

    This article brings you some of the healthy ice cream brands you can savor in the coming year. Many of them contain 100 calories per serving, which makes them fit for savoring. These ice creams and frozen desserts taste different from the regular ice creams, making it worth knowing about them and tasting their scoops. Is your mouth watering already? Have a glance. 


    Halo Top 

    Halo Top is one of the healthiest ice cream brands in America. There’s a reason why people love consuming this bestselling pint. You have many flavors to select from and get less than four hundred calories in one pint. Another good reason to have Halo Top is that it contains high protein. With a creamy texture and rich flavor, Halo Top is a healthy frozen treat to consume. In Halo Top, you get sugar alcohol with no added calorie sweeteners. Sugar alcohol is good for your health. 


    Wink Frozen Desserts

    It is a vegan and dairy-free frozen dessert that does not contain nuts. Wink Frozen Desserts are among the healthiest ice creams that taste like the Italian dessert. You will get 100 calories in one pint of this frozen dessert. The best part is this ice cream is also gluten-free, which means even those who are allergic to gluten can consume it. 


    Yasso ice cream

    This frozen Greek Yogurt is the healthiest ice cream to consume for many people in the United States. With the bold and fantastic flavor of choco chips, you get high protein. All the ingredients mixed in this healthy ice cream are great. The ice cream bars contain 100 calories per bar, which is a good deal for health. Chocolate Hazelnut, Black Raspberry Chip, and Orange Cream are some of its popular flavors. 


    Skinny Cow

    It is among the healthier ice creams with low calories. The chocolate truffle bars are one of the best ice cream bars of this brand. You will get 120 calories per serving in two bars of this healthy ice cream. The frozen desserts are covered thoroughly with chocolate so that you will be satisfied with the flavor.  


    Breyers Delights

    It is a classic healthy ice cream that will please the crowd at a party. The frills and all its ingredients make it one of the frozen desserts for a celebration. The texture is great. Breyers Delight is the healthiest ice cream to consume when you feel like having one. It also has 8 grams of sugar alcohol. The calories per serving are low, and the taste is very much traditional. You get high protein (20 grams) in a pint. 


    Arctic Zero

    The calories per serving of the dairy-free frozen dessert Arctic Zero are low, making it fit for consumption. In 2018, they declared to bring forward a wide range of healthy ice creams. The flavors are wonderful, and the texture is smooth. This tasty dessert is made with a small amount of cane sugar.



    You get 600 calories per serving of Peekaboo frozen dessert, but there are other benefits of having this ice cream because it is rich in cauliflower, spinach, and carrots. The high calories are balanced with other veggies making it a healthy ice cream to consume. It is like getting beetroots in every bite of cotton candy. These are the qualities that make them different from regular ice creams. 


    Ben & Jerry’s 

    Ben & Jerry’s have reduced 100 calories per serving for you, which decreases the fat content by sixty to seventy percent. The texture is creamy and thick, and the flavor is rich. Try Ben & Jerry’s as one of the healthy ice cream brands because it has zero grams of Sugar Alcohol. Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are made of either almond milk or sunflower butter. 


    Archer Farms Reduced Fat Ice Cream

    If you look at the comments of people who have bought this healthy ice cream, you will surely love this stuff. You get 340 calories per serving or pint, and many flavors are available. Mocha Cold Brew, Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Peanut Butter are some of the healthy ice cream flavors to have. The stuff makes them different from regular ice creams. 



    With Enlightened, you get frozen desserts with high protein. The calories per serving are low. The delicious flavors and creamy texture will make your mouth water every time you visit the ice cream parlor. The brand has also collaborated with P.B. Cookie & Brownie Dough for a keto-friendly product. 



    It is a dairy-free product. Coconut milk is used as a base to make these vegan frozen desserts. According to fans and their comments, coconut’s taste is subtle, and the flavor of these healthy ice creams shines. NadaMoo brings you many organic flavors, which make it different from regular ice creams. It is made of vanilla bean, and this frozen dessert provides 160 calories per serving and one gram of protein in 2/3rd cup of this healthy ice cream.



    It is one of the best brands for ice cream. This ice cream is made from the original cream of a cow. The extra cream provided to the consumers makes Rebel worth trying. You get erythritol and monk fruit in this tasty dessert to ensure that the calories per serving are low. The fat content in Rebel is high. So, even though there is no added sugar, you can compare its calories to regular ice creams. There are ten fantastic flavors you can savor. 


    reBlend Frozen Smoothie Shots

    You get sorbet-like and frozen smoothie shots, full of antioxidants and nutrients. It is a high-quality brand that brings you the best taste and flavor with no added sugars. Some of the most loved flavors of reBlend Frozen Smoothie Shots include Frosé All Day (raspberry, strawberry, and rosewater), Very Berry Glow (blueberry, strawberry, and cherry), and Tropical Bliss (peach, pineapple, and mango). 



    This article presents some of the best ice cream brands and frozen treats. Most of them are dairy-free with low calories. You can taste and choose the best one for you!