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Fitness Tips For Seniors

    With growing age, health issues start showing up. So exercising and staying fit is a necessity for seniors. Our pace reduces as our age increases, and we slow down. Exercising may seem like a mountain to be moved. But as we start with our workout, the discomfort goes away, and we gradually begin to grasp the new active lifestyle. The excuses for not exercising can be many, including energy level, weight issues, fear of falling, and so on. But exercising is more important as we age. 

    If you can’t do cardio, at least some stretches and simple exercises can help us overcome the aches and weight issues and free up your muscles for more activity. There are numerous ways in which one can stay fit. You just have to get out and choose the one that suits you and your energy level. Light yoga, low-impact exercises, and stretches also work wonders for those nasty back pains that are a common problem in old age. Exercise also boosts your energy levels, enhances mood, improves sleep, prevents life-threatening disorders, and manages your weight effectively. And all these benefits come only from spending some time every day on the task.  

    Fitness tips

    Staying fit should be a priority; even if you dread working out, you’ll gradually love it once you see the benefits. But until you see those benefits, there are some ways in which workouts can be made fun and exciting. You can always include your friends in your workout routine to stay motivated. Listening to some music can also motivate you to exercise. Or you can always go to the malls for window shopping or to those beautiful natural places to relieve your mind while going for walks. Outdoor games and sports and, of course, a healthy competitive spirit can also help in your fitness goals. Lifting weights while listening to music or going for hikes frequently can also be of some help. Including activities like swimming, cycling, jogging, and so on in your daily routine can also contribute to your fitness. Even walking on a treadmill while watching tv can help your health. Take your dog out for long walks or chat with a friend while doing exercise. In brief, there are many options to make exercising exciting and fun. The list of benefits is endless and known by everyone. So, including exercises in your daily routine will surely not hamper your health in any way. 

    Exercises to include in daily routine

    There are some simple exercises that can be included in our everyday routine. Everyone can do some light exercises, and it will also be easy to start. 

    1. Single limb stance

    The best way to kick-start your exercise routine is with some simple balance exercises. It is done by taking steady and stable support and standing on one leg for some time on the other leg. Hold this position for some time, then change sides. It can also be done without any support as you become confident about balancing. 

    1. Walking heel to toe

    It is a very beneficial exercise that strengthens your legs. It also improves the balance of the legs and prevents you from falling and hurting yourself. Stand straight, and position your legs so that the heel of one leg touches the top of the toes of another leg. Then, put your other leg in front of the other and put your body weight on the front leg’s heel. Then shift the burden on the toe. Repeat the process for 20 steps.

    1. Rock the boat

    Stand tall with your feet apart. Ensure that the space between your legs is the same as that of the width of your hip. Make your feet grounded firmly, lift one leg off the ground, and hold that position for as long as you can. Slowly release the area and put your leg back on the ground. Perform the same with your other leg too. Do five sets on each side every day.

    1. Clock reach

    A chair is required for this exercise. Use your left hand to hold the chair and lift your right leg with your right arm extended in front. Then stretch your hand towards the side, followed by pulling towards the back. Bring back your hand to the starting position. Make sure that you look in front for the whole time. This exercise is done with the imagination of the number twelve in front and the number six towards the back, with the number three towards the side. Repeat the process with your other hand too. 

    1. Back leg raises

    It is a strength training that benefits seniors by strengthening the lower part of the body. Take a chair and stand behind it. Then slowly lift your right leg straight. Make sure you don’t bend your knees or point your toes. Hold that position for some time, then bring it back to place. Repeat the process with your other leg too. Do ten sets of each leg. 

    1. Single limb stance with arms

    This exercise enhances the physical coordination of seniors. Stand straight with your feet together with arms by your side. Lift one hand over your head. Then slowly raise your foot off the floor of the similar side. Hold that position for some time and repeat the exercise with the other side.

    1. Pelvic tilts

    Pelvic tilts can be done in both ways: lying on the floor and standing against the wall. Lying flat on the floor, with bent knees and flat feet, in a straight position, slightly pulling up your back from the ground. Exhaling, slowly rock your hips towards your head. Feel the stretch. Stay in that position for some time and again inhale and return to the straight position. Repeat the process ten times. It is an excellent exercise for the lower back and relieves back pains too. 

    1. Child’s pose

    Also called Balasana, a yoga pose, this position is a good resting posture. It is an excellent gentle stretch for various parts of our body. Kneeling on the floor, bring your hands and toes together. Spreading your knees, sit on your heels. Bring your upper body down and let your abdomen rest between your thighs, with your head grounded. Lay there with your hands by your sides on the floor. Stay in that pose as long as you can, from thirty seconds to one minute. Inhaling, straightening the body, and lifting the body. The neck should always stay straight and should not bend. This exercise relieves stress, helps to calm the mind, and relieves back and neck aches. It can stretch the shoulders and chest. 

    An active lifestyle is the best thing that you can gift yourself as you age. But it is essential to keep in mind the safety of your body. So before doing anything, consulting a doctor is the best thing that you can do. Getting medical clearance before starting any activity will prove beneficial. Even if there are certain things to be avoided, your doctor will keep you informed about those conditions which can harm you. However, an active lifestyle will always prove to be positive for your life.