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Natural Treatments and Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

    Natural Treatments and Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction 

    Erectile dysfunction natural remedies 

    Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is a challenge many men struggle with. Any man can be facing this problem, no matter how old or young they are. Several reasons can lead to erectile dysfunction, like some health condition, medication, substance abuse, emotional turmoil, or relationship issues. What’s important to remember is that a cure for erectile dysfunction exists.  While surgery and ED medication are certainly parts and options of the cure, there are some effective home remedies one must try as well. 

    Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are as follows:   

        • A persistent reduction in sexual desire
        • Struggling to get an erection
        • Struggling to keep an erection  

    Erectile dysfunction is a common reason why younger men visit the doctor. Underlying issues like diabetes or heart disease accompany, and even obesity can be a factor. There’s a general unawareness among men regarding the impact of such conditions. A doctor’s recommendation may run along the lines of managing these conditions or illness, engaging in more physical activity, or working on weight loss.  Physical causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous. Heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep disorders, diabetes, etc. are some of the roots. Medication, too, can be a reason behind somebody experiencing erectile dysfunction. Alcohol and smoking are possible causes, as well. However, dismissing erectile dysfunction as a result of only physical problems is problematic. Mental health issues like stress, depression, anxiety, or relationship problems can also cause ED. Visiting a doctor, under such uncertain and vast possibilities, becomes crucial.  A lack of proper attention to erectile dysfunction may result in further complications like low self-esteem, high anxiety, turmoil in relationships, and dissatisfaction in various phases of life. Previously published studies indicate that men with ED can reverse it by adopting healthy lifestyle habits like exercise, diet, good sleep, and weight loss. Australian researches imply that these lifestyle changes accompanying medication make the treatment more effective. Commonly prescribed medicines for erectile dysfunction can help you, but there are side effects. Prescriptions generally include Viagra, Stendra, Cialis, Levitra, or Staxyn. Talking to a doctor if one is facing ED is highly recommended, and only then further action should be taken. 

    Other effective treatments include:


    Among lifestyle changes, the most impactful is exercising. Exercise is an excellent treatment for erectile dysfunction. It works on several fronts, like combating ED’s development and helping one reverse it if it has already developed into a problem. For a strong erection, blood flow is vital. Exercise improves one’s blood flow and blood pressure. The nitric oxide in blood vessels is increased by exercise, much like what happens upon taking Viagra. Testosterone is a significant part of erectile strength, and it is naturally produced when one does weight-bearing exercises. 

    Healthy Diet   

    Getting a proper, healthy diet is another home remedy for combating erectile dysfunction. The food one eats will likely impact his erectile dysfunction directly. For decreasing the risk of erectile dysfunction, following a diet that is fruit and veggie-rich and includes whole grains, fish, and few servings of red meat and refined grains helps.

    A healthy diet also leads to maintaining healthy body weight, since obese men have a higher risk of developing ED. Obesity may also lead to dangerous problems like vascular disease and diabetes, which are also significant contributors to erectile dysfunction.


    A healthy sleep pattern works like a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Poor sleep patterns, on the other hand, may aid in the development of ED. Hormone levels like testosterone levels have an intricate relationship with improved sleep. Poor sleep patterns are linked with lower levels of such hormones and may be the cause behind sexual dysfunction. The body’s internal clock manages the secretion of hormones, and sleep patterns determine when it should be released. 

    A proper sleeping schedule can naturally combat erectile dysfunction while ensuring the clarity and consistency of those signals.

    Monitoring medication   

    Certain medications for other health conditions may result in erectile dysfunction as a side effect. High blood pressure medicines, antidepressants, beta-blockers, cholesterol meds, heart medication, certain diuretics, antipsychotic drugs, chemotherapy, meds for male pattern baldness, hormone drugs, corticosteroids, and other drugs are generally associated with the side effect of erectile dysfunction.

    If you have any suspicion of your medicine being linked to ED, consulting a doctor is advisable before discontinuing it. Supervision of an expert is always recommended to avoid complications.   


    Many men find that quitting smoking has had a significantly positive impact on their erectile dysfunction, mainly when the cause of ED is vascular disease. In such cases, there is an observed restriction of blood supply to the penis due to the narrow or blocked arteries. Similar negative impacts are seen because of smoking when important blood vessels get narrowed. For those who smoke, consulting a doctor about quitting it and finding help with a prescription or other methods can help significantly.

    Limiting alcohol   

    Long term erectile dysfunction, as well as temporary ED, can be caused by alcohol, which is a depressant. The central nervous system releases nitric oxide. Nitric acid is a crucial element that helps in producing and maintaining an erection. The negative impact of consuming alcohol on the central nervous system leads to less efficient functioning. Insufficient nitric oxide leads to erectile dysfunction.


    Certain studies have indicated that acupuncture may aid in combating erectile dysfunction. The exact ratio of its effectiveness on ED as a cure, however, is tentative.

    Acupuncture has been known to be beneficial for men who experience erectile dysfunction due to taking antidepressants. Benefits include SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and SNRIs, or serotonin noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors. 

    These side effects of drugs are widespread and are faced by up to ninety percent of people taking them. 

    Herbal remedies 

    Herbal remedies like pomegranate juice and red ginseng have shown to be promising in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. But not all herbal remedies are positively effective, and should not be taken thoughtlessly.  Improved blood flow has been associated with ginseng, which increases the production of nitric oxide. Another potent remedy, pomegranate juice, is an antioxidant that prevents atherosclerosis. The consumption of any such supplement, however, should follow only after proper consultation with a doctor. Not talking to an expert may lead to interference with other medications.   


    Many men get affected by ED, and while it’s a condition that can happen at any age, older men generally tend to face it. Since there are so many conditions and causes that can be responsible for the development of ED, consulting a doctor is absolutely necessary. Testing for underlying or pre-existing physical and mental conditions may help in reversing ED. Suitable treatment plans can be chalked out with the help of an expert. Keep in mind that a healthy and balanced diet, along with proper exercise, contributes to your overall health and should be looked at as a regular affair.