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How To Feel More Youthful In Your 60s

    There are two inevitable things that you can’t avoid, aging and death. Though we cannot do much about the latter part, the former can be dealt with at least partially. It is up to us to age gracefully and embrace the silver strands or be weighed down by the fact that we don’t look like our pretty old selves. But when you are combating natural processes, you need to make efforts from your side to resist the inevitable. Here are a few ways to feel more youthful even when age plays its part! For the past fifty years, the lifestyle you have led shapes your body for the next thirty. But it is never too late to pull the reins and change the directions. So here are aspects you must focus on while evaluating your lifestyle!

    The Food

    If there is anything that many people suffer from today, it is a poor diet. Poor food choices have increased the number of people suffering from lifestyle diseases. Blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, etc., are some diseases that have started to pop up, even before you hit your fifties. So even if you excuse the genetic factor in the same, it is hard to ignore the diet’s impact. Follow a healthy meal plan. Sure, take-out time for indulging in delicacies, but know when to limit and what to curb. 


    Adopt non-exertive exercises to keep your body active and agile. If you can hit the gym, follow the trainer’s guide. Alternatively, adopt activities that help you move the body around. For example, walking down the street, cycling to nearby stores, aerobics and yoga are great ways to start engaging your body. Exercise keeps your mind and body fresh and allows you to spend your time effectively!


    A healthy adult requires at least 6 hours of sleep every day. If you are a night person, the chances are high that you spend most of your sleep hours doing random stuff. A daytime sleep won’t suffice for the regular sleeping hours as it messes with the internal rhythm clock of the body. Sound sleep gives the body ample time to relax and rejuvenate. Hence, practice adopting a sleep cycle!

    The skin

    Your skin (especially the face) plays a pivotal role in making you look younger or older. Take care of your skin and avoid using chemical-infused products as your skin is more sensitive now. Instead, switch to natural or lighter products. You can also use skin care products that decrease skin aging or hydrating products to retain a youthful look. 

    Don’t forget your beauty regime. Instead, keep those eyebrows trimmed and put a tint on the lips. 


    You’ll witness a receding hairline even before you reach your sixties. Though there is not much to do about the hair that won’t grow back, you can experiment and have fun as you embrace your greys. Switch to products that improve hair health and go light on heating products. 


    Healthy teeth add to the beauty and are also the key to a healthy appetite. Have immediate attention if you suffer from teeth health issues like cavities, gum diseases, etc. It does not help to suffer the pain and compromise on food! Not to mention, healthy sparkling teeth are the key to a dazzling smile!

    Spend On Yourself

    You have spent decades working to fend yourself and your family. So it is only fitting that you take out time to treat yourself. Revisit your childhood dreams and check all the unticked ones. Dress up and style how you want to look. Play with makeup. When you set aside time for yourself, you enjoy life more with lower stress levels. And a stress-free life makes you look youthful and full of life.

    Spend Quality Time With Others

    Having company around saves your days from boredom. Liven up the atmosphere to not get dragged down by loneliness and possible depression. Be it your pets, kids, or your gang, keep yourself in company with others and spend quality time.


    No one wants to look aged. Let alone the anxiety when the fine lines start to make permanent appearances. Though looking youthful may require you to adopt a special skin care routine, feeling youthful is all about how you maintain your lifestyle and choices. Rather than going with the flow and accepting fate, take control of what you want. After all, you live only once.