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How to Treat Swollen Fingers


    There is a range of possible causes when it comes to swollen fingers. This illness is known as dactylitis in medical terms. Other than that, some people also call it “sausage fingers” due to the similarity. It is of utmost importance to get your fingers diagnosed and treated under professional assistance if the issue seems highly extreme. There may be particular risk factors or underlying health issues involved. However, there are some generic steps that you may take to ease the swelling; we shall discuss those measures later in this article. Because first, we need to understand what the condition is and its possible causes. Let’s get started!

    What Do We Mean By The Term “Swollen Fingers”?

    In the most straightforward words, swollen fingers mean developing swelling in the finger joints on both sides, while other parts of the body are swell-free. This swelling may result from inflammation of tissues, infection, fluid build-up, or other unnatural involvement of the fingers. Now that we have a basic understanding of the issue let’s understand the hows and whys. 

    What Are The Probable Causes Of Swollen Fingers?

    There is a wide array of causes resulting in swollen fingers. Various types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis are commonly found to be the prime reason behind swollen fingers. Besides, injuries around the hand and fingers may disturb the blood vessels, causing inflammation in the fingers. Apart from that, several other conditions such as autoimmune diseases, joint deformity, or even environmental factors may be involved, leading to swollen fingers and other symptoms like bruising, discoloration, fatigue, fever, etc. 

    What Are The Simple Treatments To Control The Swelling In Fingers?

    Since there are so many different possible causes, there is no universal way of treating swollen fingers. The treatment may differ in accordance with its cause, and only a trained professional can do so. However, there are some simple ways to reduce pain and treat the condition at a basic level. Let’s find out what they are!

    Exercise Your Fingers

    Giving your fingers an active movement by exercising them can improve blood flow in that part of the body and soothe the swelling up to a certain extent. Apart from that, the stimulation also creates pressure and likewise pushes the excess fluid away. This causes the fingers to ease a bit and reduce swelling. One of the best ways of exercising your fingers is by moving them while walking. In this way, you don’t necessarily have to take time out to exercise your fingers as you are simultaneously training the entire body and improving the overall blood circulation. Apart from that, you may also consider stretching each finger coupled with rotations. 

    Re-Evaluate Past injuries

    Considering that joint injuries are one of the most common causes of swollen fingers, you may want to think of all the recent damages which may have caused your fingers to be smashed and sprained. If an object severely hits your fingers, the blood surrounding them may accumulate and result in swelling. In this case, treat your fingers with extremes- cold and hot. Confused? Allow me to elaborate. Applying something cold will tighten the blood vessels while a hot object will flush out excess fluid. We suggest you apply ice and a heat pack for this treatment to relieve the swelling. 

    Watch Your Weight

    Obesity significantly hampers the body’s lymphatic system, responsible for the transportation of lymph and maintaining the network of tissues. Moreover, it also takes care of the immune system and fights diseases. This means that your body is less likely to fight an encountered infection if you are overweight. Apart from that, an insufficient lymphatic system also results in edema in the hands and feet, which leads to swelling. Considering all these aspects, you need to watch your weight and reduce it by incorporating regular exercise for at least 30 mins, 4-5 days a week. 

    Eat Mindfully

    Your food consumption patterns affect all the parts of your body; fingers are no exception as such. Excessive consumption of processed food can also result in swollen fingers. Ensure you are away from food items like deli meat, frozen pizza, cottage cheese, canned food, etc., as all of these are highly processed. These can also cause inflammation in various body parts, including the fingers. Therefore, it is crucial to keep track of what you eat and invest in mindful eating patterns as much as possible. This will enrich your body with all the vital nutrients and enhance the immune system, which will, in turn, relieve the pain and swelling. 

    Cut Down The Sodium

    You may or may not know this, but salt causes your body to hold back excess water and other fluids. This can adversely affect your fingers and cause them to swell and even pain. Therefore, even doctors often advise patients dealing with swollen fingers to limit consumption of excessively salty food. This may include canned food, instant noodles, cottage cheese, pizza, etc. Instead of salt, use other seasonings such as black pepper, onion, and garlic, etc. Such a cut down of salt from your diet will help your body flush out the extra fluids and relieve the pain and swelling in the fingers. 

    Massage Your Fingers

    Massaging any part of your body enhances the blood circulation of that region, and therefore, giving your fingers a comforting massage can actively soothe the swelling. You may firmly rub your fingers to push out the extra fluids or gently press only the fingers to relax the region. If you’d like, you may opt for hiring a professional hand and foot massage specialist, which is quite affordable these days. Another highly effective way of massaging your fingers is by wearing compression gloves. These are explicitly made to exert pressure onto the palm and fingers to improve the blood flow and flush out clogged fluids. 

    Well, these are some of the simplest yet practically beneficial ways to get rid of swollen fingers. However, if the problem persists even after trying these basic measures, you may be suffering from an underlying condition. It would be best to get the issue diagnosed before the disease progresses; to avoid an increased risk of developing long-lasting health problems. 



    There are several reasons behind swollen fingers in a nutshell, but it can become an extremely concerning issue if not addressed correctly and on time. The above-given guide will undoubtedly help you prevent it and relieve the pain up to a certain extent. But in the case of extremities, make sure you consult a health expert and take the necessary steps as soon as possible to avoid complications.