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Ease Back Tension With These Products


Have you been glued to your office chair for a long time? Have you been experiencing back pain? Voila! Embrace yourself; good news for you: say bye-bye to your back pain with these amazing products. 

   1. BuzzFeed’s Acupressure Mat

Whoops!! Now that looks spiky- but don’t you worry, it’ll fix your back gently by stimulating 6000 Accu points in your body. At first, you may find it intimidating, but as you lay on it and keep repositioning yourself, you’ll eventually get used to the pocky spikes. We bet you will be relieved from the pain in no time. 

Let’s Take A Look At A Promising Review By An Amazon User-Amy:

Amy quotes, whenever her back pains, she lies down on the BuzzFeed Acupressure Mat, and the pain disappears with a blink of an eye. The first she laid on it, she felt itchy in the back and kept on moving. She further states, the more you lay on it, the less is the sensation each time. Soon she began to doze off while lying on the mat. But one needs to be careful, she said. She advises not to move across the spikes but move upward. She’s so comfortable with the mat now that she even lays bare skin on it, and the spikes don’t pierce through her skin! 

So gift yourself the BuzzFeeder’s Acupressure Mat today and get rid of your back pain for just $ 39.97.

   2. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: TENS

TENS, ugh! Quite a lingo, but the product is not that complicated as it sounds and looks. It’s super simple to operate and is a handy device. You can carry it anywhere. The product sends mild electrical stimulations in the affected area and loosens the tightened nerves. You can set the intensity using one of the 20 different levels and 15 massage modes. The unit enables you to customize stimulation as to your convenience. The electrodes send a safe current, giving you a tingling sensation and relieves pain. You could feel as if ants are crawling when you turn on the device; there’s no discomfort involved in the process. So, you don’t need to get intimidated seeing the electrical wires and the electrodes. 

Amazon Promising Review: Christine 

Amazon user B. Christine found the device pretty handy to use and easy to connect. She started with the lowest intensity mode and scaled up to the next level without any difficulty. It felt as if she was in therapy with her chiropractor and dozed off after a while. The electrode pads were pretty sticky and stayed the whole time while in use. 

Sounds good! Do you want to be your therapist? Consider buying this device for just $22.98 and suit yourself.

   3. Inversion Table

If you are a faint heart and get queasy quickly, this product may not be for you, otherwise an excellent tool for reducing back pain. Inversion therapy works on the logic that taking off your spine’s pressure helps bring it back to shape. It also stretches the lower-back muscles slowly and safely. You can begin with a super-low angle and don’t jump into a steep angle straightway. The inversion table offers six angles and settings to enable you to rest at a natural gravitational center of your body. Hanging upside-down on this device can help you do away with back pain. 

Amazon Promising Review: Mrs. Philips

Mrs. Philips, a 30-year old woman who has never written a product review, writes: The product is well deserving and applaudable. She was suffering from terrible back pain and sciatica when her husband recommended her to buy an inversion table, and she instantly agreed to buy one. It took her less than 1 hour to assemble the product. She’d set it at 30 degrees and remained in that position for 3 minutes. Finally, when she got off the table, she felt her pain was gone. It was an immediate relief, and she recommended the device to her friends and family. One of the best purchases she’s ever made, Mrs. Philips claims. 

What are you waiting for? Get yours today for $90 only!

   4. Lumbar Stretcher

Do you want to correct your posture and get rid of your back pain as well? Here’s what you need: a lumbar stretcher that will serve your purpose. 

Amazon Promising Review: Aija

Aija suffered from shooting nerve pain for years as she suffers from a degenerative disc, which has caused her multiple discs to bulge in the lower spine. She was on the verge of getting her spine operated on when she found this miraculous product. She doesn’t recall having a sound sleep through the night in years, given her excruciating pain. She was tired to the core doing the yard work the day the product was delivered to her. She tried this device for 10 minutes, it was a bit painful initially, but she was relieved of her pain when she got off it. She tried it for another ten minutes that night, and since then, she’s been like a baby every night. She used the device twice a day for 10 minutes for good results. 

Bid farewell to your chiropractor and bring home a lumbar stretcher for $29.97 only! 

   5. Penetrex Pain Relieving Cream

Presenting you yet another cult-favorite pain-relieving cream- Penetrex. With over 20 000 reviews and a five-star rating on Amazon. The cream will miraculously heal your swelling, inflammation, and other aches. 

Amazon Promising Review: Mark N. Drakulic

Mark calls this “magic in the jar.” He had back surgery and underwent physiotherapy and the various pain-relieving devices that he tried at home. His neurologists concluded that his spine is shot, triggering excruciating pain. He has retired at 66, but not his pain, he mentions. He decided to buy the cream after reading positive reviews. He’s been using it for the last eight days, and the cream has worked wonders in offsetting his knee pain. 

Don’t think twice; get your magical jar for $18. 97. 

   6. Heating Pad

If your back hurts badly, curl up this soft heating pad and get rid of your pain. It allows you to set temperature as per your comfort as the device comes with three different settings. You can also remove the cover and clean the machine. 

Amazon Promising Review: Bob Barks

Bob bought multiple heating pads in the past; most of those had a hard plastic in the center. However, this device is an exception with heating throughout the design and no hard spot, he mentions. The device also transmits the heat evenly. He further expressed, he would want to buy another one if this one ever wears out. 

You can count on our reviews and get yourself a heating pad for $36.17, available on Amazon.


We hope this article helped you in your quest for finding a perfect and yet budgeted device that can set you free from your back pain, and you can finally say goodbye to your chiropractor. Stay safe! Stay healthy!