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Voice Commands You Did Not Know About On Your iPhone


    Having the voice control feature on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can easily interact and navigate with the equipment utilizing your voice to type, swipe, tap, and many more functions. You require to have iOS 13 to use the voice control facility, and for that, you have to download a file. Once the file downloads, you no longer need a Wi-Fi connection to use Voice control. However, the first time you have to connect to Wi-Fi to switch on the voice control feature.

    The latest updates in iPhone enhancing the functionality and performing the actions by voice control are super simple. A very significant and new essential feature, accessibility voice control, has come with iOS 13, which enables you to speak commands to your iPad or iPhone to perform just about everything. Start from launching apps, editing text, adjusting volume, rebooting your iPad or iPhone, and many different commands. Unique technology it is, you can perform it all with your voice in iOS 13. Using voice control, here are the orders that you can complete quickly. 

    Siri is your iPhone assistant, enabling you to get more things done than you can think. The best part of using the iPhone is to utilize Siri voice instructions to control your iPhone’s specific aspects through the hands-free virtual assistant. Siri assists you with an evolving list of instructions you may give, and some of them are very helpful in your everyday routine in life.

    Wake Up Siri

    To do this, you need to press and hold the home button; just in case if you have the latest model without a home button, hold the side button towards down.

    The standard wake-up voice command is “Hey Siri,” which wakes Siri from listening to the authorities irrespective of whether you have an iPhone 6S or later models. If you have The 6S or earlier models than the command to function, your phone has to be plugged in and charging.

    First and foremost, you have to enable the commands in settings. In the app settings, Tap ” Siri & Search” and toggle the related switch- ” Hear ‘Hey Siri’ or “press Home/ Side Button for Siri” and hit the “on” button.

    While your phone is locked, and still you want to give commands, ensure ” Allow Siri when locked” shall be switched on as well. 

    Siri’s Voice Commands:

    You have woken Siri now; make sure that the phone is hearing the commands; it can comprehend any number of verbal messages. To make calls or send messages, you can assign a voice command, for example:

    “Call Mom,” or “Call the Fire Department.” More specific commands can be added, such as ” Call Mom on speaker.” For reading emails or text messages: ‘check my email’ or ‘ ‘Read new messages.’ For sending text messages: “please tell the wife that I will be home at eight.” Sending emails or voicemails: For sending emails: ” Send email to Alex about (subject) and say (message).” For checking voicemail:” Play new voicemail from William.” or ” Do I have any voicemail? ” 

    You Can Ask Questions To Siri:

    about the weather, Time zone conversions, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, math, mathematical conversions, or etymologies of words, for example,” What’s the etymology of arduous?”. The dates of holidays: ” when is Christmas this year?”. Suppose any question Siri cannot answer itself; it can send it to google search and display the top results.

    Voice commands can be given to Siri to search your phone for specific things using keywords. Siri can help you find a few things on your phone, such as Notes, Emails, Photos.

    Set a schedule using Voice commands, Siri can help you as a personal assistant and enable you to set reminders and schedules. To set alarms: ” put an alarm for 6.30 am”

    To put off or delete alarms, reminders, or events: ‘ put off all alarms,’ or ‘ Delete my 6.30 alarm’ etc. To countdowns: ” how many days until 25 December? “.

    To make reservations: ” please make a reservation for two tomorrow, at Boccone South at 7.30 pm”. To check on a flights status: ” please check the flight status of (airline and flight number). “To check the events if calendar: ” Hey, Siri, what’s my schedule for today?”

    Voice commands for Siri to support in directions You can always ask for navigation-related questions that Siri can answer using the Apple Maps app, problems such as; Where is the closest pizza hut?

    Please find walking directions to the pizza grill?

    Find driving directions to the Four Seasons Hotel?

    Voice Control Commands For Siri To Play Apple Music:

    Play, Pause, Stop, Go back, and Next song all work. 

    Play contemporary music, line up the songs, play related music, purchase music, specify the pieces, and many more tasks can be performed by using voice control commands. 


     The latest updates and technological advancements have made it all the more user-friendly and efficient to use the iPhone. New voice control commands of iPhones are straightforward to use. Enjoy your iPhone, and it’s the voice control commands!