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Kids Driving You Bonkers? Ways To Keep Your Kid Entertained


    It has been a tough time for many parents to deal with the sudden lockdown due to the pandemic. It’s challenging to do all your work from home and even handle kids who continuously keep complaining and need something to keep them engaged. 

    Knowledge and Culture 

    If your child is into cartoons like ‘Dora the explorer’ and ‘Peppa Pig’  and are curious to explore the world, you can spare some time for them and teach them about various cultures and teach them about the world. You can either create or find some good knowledgeable videos on Youtube to teach your kids about various countries’ cultures and traditions. Doing so will not only keep them entertained but will increase their general knowledge. 

    Art and Drawing 

    Kids love art. They like playing with colors, and many of them would draw butterflies and hearts on the walls. You can encourage them to experiment with different colors and try painting new things and be creative. By doing this, you will keep their brain cells active. If you are an artist and love painting, you can teach your kids basic drawing and painting techniques, or you can show them age-appropriate videos related to art that teach how to draw and paint with a step-by-step guide.  

    The Power of Music 

    Learning music is the key to understanding discipline and patience. Music not only calms the mind but is also a great way to engage your kids in doing something productive. Since you have a lot of time in hand due to the shut-down, you can encourage your children to take up some online music classes. If your child is interested in learning a particular instrument, you can check out some websites that provide online music classes. The Music Creation National Creation has collected many links from where your child can learn music from a young age, including fun games and everyday lessons. 

    Home Workouts and Exercises

    Boredom also causes hunger, which may lead to overeating and eventually obesity. You don’t want your child to be overweight at a young age. To keep yourself and your child healthy and active, make sure you exercise every day, whether it is walking for thirty-minutes or doing home-workouts. You can watch youtube videos of famous influencers like Chloe Ting, Vicky Justice, and Lily Sabri,  who have unique exercises and recipes to make healthy snacks to keep your body fit. Doing yoga is another way to keep yourself and your children fit. If your children are not a fan of working out, then you can simply play their favorite song and make them dance for at least half an hour.  

    Gather and Play Indoors 

    You and your house members can gather and play some indoor games like Charades, solve puzzles, or play snake and ladder. These amateur games can keep your mind fresh and relaxed. Your children will enjoy these games and will have a lot of fun with all the family members. 

    Movie Marathon 

    There is no better time for ‘Netflix and Chill.’ You can let your kids have some fun and relaxed time at home while quarantining. If you are concerned about what they watch, then you can simply age-restrict your account and let your kids watch movies of their choice. 

    Kids love Binge-worth movies like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Toy story.’ For the first time, you and your kids have plenty of time in hand, and what’s better than spending your time watching some good movies and web-series. 

    Read Books 

    Suppose your child has a passion for reading. You can get a premium subscription to Kindle for reading books. Fantasy books like ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Percy Jackson,’ and ‘ Nancy Drew’ are fantastic books for children to keep them engaged. 

    Stay Connected with Family and Friends 

    While social-distancing, it is challenging to meet your friends and family in person.  But with the help of social media, it is elementary to keep yourself updated with the whole wide world. You can let your children video chat with their friends and allow them to interact with people. But ensure that they do not exceed their screen-time. 


    Try some of these outstanding ways to keep your kids entertained while you work or do house chores. Many of these ideas are great for entertaining your kids guilt-free since they exercise the mind and body.  In some of these activities, you can join in with them and feel like a kid again.