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Luxury High Tech Fitness Equipment


    As is the case with anything else, technology has become deeply intertwined with fitness and gyms too. Working out is an essential ritual of the day for many people, but quarantining has put a wrench in many of our plans and everyday schedules. Unprecedented problems require innovative solutions, and high-tech gym equipment can bring these smart solutions directly to your home to help you achieve your fitness goals. What’s even more fantastic is that – technology now can help you monitor your activity and form throughout and customize your exercise plans to your specific needs to bring you the best results. 

    1) Rowing Machines 

    Rowing outdoors can give you the full-body workout you need, but so can the indoor rowing machines. Slim and streamlined in design, these machines help you exercise with their controlled electromechanical resistance forces simulated to feel just like rowing on water would. Complete with an HD touch screen and excellent speakers meant to generate the environment of open waters, with sounds of waves and sloshes of the pedal makes a great working out experience.

    2) Live Stream Training

    From schools and offices to book clubs, all shifting to the online medium, gyms are too. Live stream fitness classes are becoming quite popular. Exercising with a personal trainer in real-time from the comfort of your home is quite a lucrative deal. No more do you have to waste time commuting to gyms or getting stuck in traffic. As we all know, time is costly, and live streaming strength workouts and yoga routines will save you lots of it. On-demand services on such digital-based workout media also make sure you get access to whichever activity you want whenever you want. 

    3) Fitness Apps 

    These days you can find an app for everything. Modern Tech has allowed for endless possibilities. So, of course, you can access a plethora of apps designed to provide you home workout routines that you execute without the need for any pieces of equipment. Most fitness apps will provide you with personalized fitness plans along with access to diet plans and nutritionists, self-care trainers, warm-up routines, and meditation and mindfulness vids. You can workout at home according to your schedule, saving time and money.

    4) Adjustable Weights

    Adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells make life a lot easier for you by saving a lot of space and saving you the hassle of manually changing weights every time around. This clutter-free device works by simulating electromagnetic resistance into weights, which you can adjust by using its mobile app. They give you a range of weights you can work out with, starting from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. The app and the device track your heart rate, time, number of sets and maintain your averages and other statistics. You can use them for whatever skill level you possess. It also supports separate profiles for different users, so your family can all work out carefree.

    5) Fitness Trackers


    Fitness trackers and watches are great tools that come in handy when you want to work out without a personal trainer. Trackers can monitor your pulse, sleep patterns, blood pressure, and goal-based exercises. They can also track your form and advise on better results, and you can use them while running, cycling, or even swimming. They easily connect to your smartphones and provide comfort and support as well as statistics. 

    6) VR Gym

    Virtual reality is the future. It’s undeniable how expansive and groundbreaking VR applications in different fields can be. VR gyms pair this technology with electromagnetic resistance workout and strength-cardio to create a full-body training for you that’s immersive and intense simultaneously. There’s no end to imaginative fictional realities the workout can provide, making the process very interesting. 

    7) Peloton 

    Recently Peloton bike and Peloton tread have become some of the most popular high-tech workout equipment for home gyms. Peloton users can see their heart rate, calories burned, and how they fare compared to their friends or coworkers. Besides stationary bike exercising, Peloton also provides on-demand live stream classes, curated playlists, and other services like yoga, stretching, cardio, and core strength training. You can even play your own music with Bluetooth connectivity. All of this is rendered available to you right at your home.


    Technological advances in the industry have made gymming a lot more accessible and enjoyable. You can exercise straight from your home and thus save precious time. More high-tech gadgets like smart jump rope, muscle stimulators, hydration trackers, and posture trainers have revolutionized how people work out. You can now stay fit with personalized workout routines and meal plans. Most devices are compact and easily transported, so space is never an issue. And you are also saved from any unwanted social interactions. It doesn’t get better than this.





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