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Best Apps to Help With Dieting

    Obesity affects approximately two in three people in the United States, making them vulnerable to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and several other health complications. Nowadays, there are several weight loss applications, which may give the desired discipline, strong motivation, and reliability you require to reduce fat and keep providing results. These applications keep track of your workouts, calorie count, details of meals, etc. There are a lot of fantastic apps you can find for both Android and iPhones.

    We have chosen some of the year’s best apps based on user reviews and trust factor.


    Lose It

    Free version available for Android and iPhone users. 

    Ratings: iPhone 4.7 stars

      Android 4.6 stars


    This app has matched all the criteria for the best weight loss application. Customers can set their weight-reducing targets such as keeping track of food intake and intervals between two meals and tracking records of your exercise routine. Simultaneously there is a support system for inspiration, as you can have a chat with other users to stay motivated and engaged towards your goal. 


    Users can take part in group or team challenges, earn badges for reducing weight, and have fun with other participants.

    Do not forget to make a target weight because it can help show your progress and motivate you to reach your goal. Save your profile details and target weight, and this app will help you calculate your daily calorie count. You can track your food intake, weight, and daily routine to reach your target, and you can also use barcode scanning which can help you track your food intake by scanning barcodes on the foods you eat. 



    • This app has a group of experts that suggest the nutritional value of foods.
    • You can merge the app with other weight-reducing and fitness apps, like Apple Health and Google fit.


    • It doesn’t keep track of the minerals and vitamins you take but explains their value in food and energy levels.
    • The food database doesn’t show a few quite famous brands that you expect to see.

    My Fitness Pal


    iPhone 4.7 stars

    Android 4.4 stars


    This app has a gigantic food database, a barcode scanner, and a recipe importer facility. Tracking your food intake on my fitness pal is quick and easy. Your nutrients and calories are kept track of; in addition to that, it provides insights for choosing appropriate food to help you make healthier decisions.



    • There is a “quick add” feature in-app, which can be used when you precisely know the number of calories you have consumed but not having time to type in all the full meal details.
    • This app can be synced with fitness tracking apps like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, and Strava. It adjusts your calorie requirements based on what you have burned by physical activity.


    • Nutritional information of the food in the database may not be entirely precise, as most information is entered into the system by others.
    • The size of the database is enormous because there are mostly multiple options for food items, which means you have to spare some time to find the correct choice.

    Weight Watchers

    Free version available with in-app purchases for Android and iPhone users. 

    Ratings: iPhone 4.8 stars

      Android 4.5 stars


    Weight Watchers app has been frequently rated as the best diet app. 

    For reducing weight, and the app provides you the information on food and fitness trackers as well as extensive recipes. It uses the barcode scanner and its huge database to track your eating habits and supervise your fitness targets with the activity tracker. It’s a supportive app with a nutritional system backed by science, which also gives you a direction towards a healthy diet.



    • The Weight Watchers app tracks records to create graphs that display your progression over time.
    • A social network of Weight Watchers users and 24/7 live coaching is available to keep you motivated towards your health goals.


    • It cannot be accessible at times for users.
    • It’s a paid app; you have to pay a subscription fee to get all the benefits.


    Noom is another peoples’ choice app that aids users lose weight by making sustainable lifestyle choices.

    Based on the user’s daily lifestyle and input on specific health-related questions by the user and necessary information such as weight, gender, height, weight loss goal, a daily calorie budget is assigned to the user.

    The app also allows users to store a history log of their exercises, weight, blood sugar level, among other essential health indicators.

    The app also provides users with virtual coaching on health during working hours and also teaches useful tools such as mindful eating practices. It also provides motivational content such as reading and quizzes, which are meant to be completed daily.

    The app costs $59/mo. Subscription as well for a $199 yearly subscription plan.



    • Offers personalized coaching on health for users
    • Users are encouraged to consume healthy and nutrient foods with the use of a color-coded system
    • Community groups and live chat is available for support


    • To enjoy the benefits of the app, a paid subscription is required.


    FatSecret offers a support system for those users who take their weight management seriously. 

    This app allows you to store a history log of your food intake, weight monitoring, and interaction with other community users through chat features. 

    Communicating with other users through chat is just one aspect; you can also join community groups to connect with users who share the same goal.

    Research has shown that people with social support are more likely to achieve their weight loss goals than those who lack social support.

    A study conducted in 2010 showed that 88% of participants who had joined an online weight loss community recorded that being a part of a support group helped them achieve weight loss goals by providing motivation and support.

    The app also provides its users with an extensive library of healthy recipes that you can easily make. The app also has a journal feature that allows you to record your weight loss journey to write about your success and drawbacks you might have suffered.

    FatSecret stands out from other apps due to its Professional tool to share information such as your exercise, diet, weight, and other data with health care professionals.



    • Its nutrition database is vast and contains numerous supermarket and restaurant food, which might be difficult to find otherwise.
    • It displays your daily and monthly calorie intake, which helps monitor your progress
    • Its signup and getting started process is easy


    • Due to the enormous amount of information in the app, it might prove challenging to navigate


    Cronometer is another popular weight loss app that allows you to track your fitness, nutrition, and health data.

    Like other apps, it features calorie counting features and an extensive database of over 300,000 food items. It also includes a barcode scanner to record the object of your choice easily.

    The app helps ensure that you get optimal nutrient intake while your calories do not rise beyond the limit. It also keeps track of 82 macronutrients so that you can be sure that you’re getting daily vitamins and minerals.

    Another unique feature called snapshot allows you to track your body shape through photos in your weight loss journey. The app can estimate your body fat percentage.

    It also offers a Cronometer Pro version of the app, allowing you to connect to health coaches and other professionals.


    • Can track more nutrients compared to other apps
    • Can keep track of your biometric information such as blood pressure and cholesterol level
    • User-Friendly Design


    • To enjoy the full benefits of the app, a premium subscription is required.


    Today numerous health-focused apps are available so that you can utilize every tool possible in your weight loss journey.

    Most of them can help you monitor your food intake, weight, exercise habits while also recommending healthy alternatives when you’re out shopping or when you’re out eating.

    Some apps help in motivation and provide a support system and most of them include achievements, point systems, community support, as well as documentation of your progress achieved over time.

    With so many options to choose from, you can try experimenting with a few and see which one works the best for you.