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Ways to Stay Socially Active in 2020

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As the Covid-19 pandemic has taken over the whole world, many of us have adopted the need for physical distance, and many of us have also felt socially isolated by these uncertainties.

There is a human need to be socially connected to our loved ones, even during pandemic times. Humans are social creatures who need interactions to communicate with other people. When we get connected to our loved ones, it gives us a boost to live our challenging life and also enables us to fight diseases and downfalls in our lives. Various studies show that people who take part in social, physical, and mental activities generally tend to live longer and maintain a sense of living and follow their life goals. Such activities also help them to stay active and keep a better mood. 

You need to establish networks and plan to stay connected and promote social and healthy well-being. You can start by supervising your current social relationships with lots of people. Reaching out to friends and family members who have maintained a relationship with you in the past can be considered as a first step towards socializing yourself towards a healthy life. This is the best time to build and renew the relationships in your life at all levels.

You can also spend time volunteering at some charitable or nonprofit organizations, as it is a better way to give someone a smile. Volunteering makes a difference not only in the life of others but also in the lives of the volunteers. There are many health benefits associated with this activity, like lowered stress, reduced risk of falling into depression and unproductive thoughts, etc. and you can form new relationships with different people.

Here are some tips to stay connected with your friends, families even when you are not physically with them.


How to Stay Connected



Join an Online Discussion Group

If you are working from home, then in your free time, you can plan a good jam session or an interactive session where you can discuss your business goals and interact with your fellow teammate. Such activities include online group discussion, online live streaming, live video chats, video calls, etc. Make sure to not send money to anyone you have not met online. There are millions of sites that offer discussion groups so make sure you choose a quality site that is top-rated or highly used by others.


Call an Old Friend

You can ring someone to whom you have not spoken for a long time by simply calling old friends, former colleagues, and families such as siblings or grandchildren. Maybe you can have a long chat session with a cousin whom you have not spoken with for a long time. You never know, your call could make someone else’s day better and add a smile to their face and yours.

Using Social Media to Stay Connected 

You can learn how to access new technology because it can help you get connected with your loved ones and friends. Start by learning Facebook, where you can video chat, play games with one another, and send messages with images. How about finding a friend through Facebook? You can start a conversation by remembering your old times spent together.

Learn How to Use Apps 

If you’re a professional user of technology, then you can host a video session. You can enjoy watching a movie with them on weekends even if you are hundreds of miles away or choosing to socially distance. There are many more fun ways to utilize this technology to benefit your needs. If you are stuck and having problems using an app, you can google that particular app’s name and learn how to use the app.

Online Fitness Classes

If you are into fitness, you can join a group online to meet people who have the same interest and you can exercise with them. There are yoga sessions hosted by many fitness coaches. Joining one of such sessions can help you stay fit during this pandemic and help you build your connection with other people.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

If you want to go far away from technology, then you can pull your chair out and have a good session with your neighbors, on the lawn or under the sun with a cup of iced coffee would feel great, or you can chat across fences while they work in their yards or property. You can chat with your postman as well. By maintaining a physical distance, you can still have a reassuring presence in your society and neighborhood.

Join Group Activities 

Take part in some group activities that follow proper social distancing precautions, like if you live in an apartment then consider joining group activities such as dance or aerobics class, etc.



Being socially connected and following the rules simultaneously can be a benefit to you as you will learn new and different things and find ways to build up your interactions with others. You will find a meaningful way to connect to others during this pandemic and find support in these times if you take the recommendations above to reach out and connect to the community of people that are in your life.