Top Water Dispenser Ideas


Top Water Dispenser Ideas for Pure and Clean Water At Home

Reducing plastic waste and saving money is one of the top reasons to look into a water dispenser. So if you’ve recently switched to tap water, it’s understandable you might be concerned about the cleanliness of your water. This is one of the reasons why water dispensers and filtration systems are so popular. Listed below is information on the top clean water filtration systems that we thought you might find helpful. Each one is linked so you can do your own research for your perfect water system.

1. ZeroWater

ZeroWater has an abundance of countertop pitcher and dispenses fit for every size household. Whether you need a pitcher filter that can handle a family of three, or you prefer a 40-cup countertop dispenser that hooks up to your water line to handle all of your water filtration needs, ZeroWater has a water dispenser to suit your exact needs.

2. Brita Stream

Brita Stream pitchers have been one of the most popular filtration pitchers on the market for a while, and for good reason. These spunky 12-cup pitchers have an electronic filter indication system and a 40-gallon lifespan that will last smaller households up to 2 months at a time. Plus, as a pitcher, the Brita Stream is infinitely easy to use and the filters are simple to replace. Plus, the Brita faucet filters are excellent!

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  1. The best of the best,
    as far as the most cost effective
    the most contaminants completely removed
    is by far
    the Berkey Water Filter!!


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