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Embrace the Great Outdoors: The Benefits of Spending More Time Outside

    It is well known that spending time outside can be beneficial and function as natural medicine. It helps in improving your health physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is also said that if you spend more time outdoors, it can lower early death risk. It not only helps you live a longer and healthier life, but spending time in nature can help you live a happier life, too. Nowadays, most people are full-time employees, so it isn’t easy to spend time outdoors. But even among busy schedules, a few minute outdoor breaks a day can positively impact your health.

    We are now spending more time at work than ever before, our jobs are demanding and require more extended hours. We work in front of a computer screen all day and then come home and watch TV or browse through the smartphone at night. After that, there are family and social devotions that are mostly indoor meetings. This suggests that there’s very little time for enjoying the outdoors, which harms our health.

    Being outdoors is fun, and it’s also good for the brain, body, and soul. Research has shown that being surrounded by nature can improve health and wellness. It also suggests that walking calmly in a forest was proved to have much more psychologically positive effects than walking in an enclosed indoor place. Evidence also shows that it lowers frustration and brings out a more meditative state of mind when present in green space.

    Nature has also been shown to have an instant effect on stress-reducing levels within minutes and enabled a positive response after visual exposure to elements of nature, trees, grass, and flowers. Even a little physical activity in nature can help reduce mild depression. The best thing is that one doesn’t have to be walking somewhere luxurious to have these benefits. A study shows that spending a minimum of two hours a week in green spaces, like parks and walking trails, promotes better health and well-being.

    Here are some scientific reasons why you should be close to Mother Nature. 


    Being and spending time outside will surely make you happy while researchers still aren’t exactly sure what causes this link between the outdoors and happiness, many studies have shown that our moods take a positive shift when we spend time outside. Researchers say that spending time with nature can diminish the risk of getting depressed and anxious.

    Better sleep

    It is well understood that we can sleep much better if we get physical exercise. On the other hand, it also appears that being in nature and fresh air can also be helping us sleep better. There are various reasons for this: the stimuli, the regulation of your circadian rhythm, and the calmness you feel when being outside, but whatever the reason, you’ll feel more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a good night’s sleep following a day of being outdoors.

    Improved memory

    Spending time outdoors within nature helps the memory function to improve – mostly short-term memory. Research from a University shows that taking a walk in a park or a garden or seeing pictures of nature has helped strengthen memory and attention span. 

    Vitamin D

    The “sunshine vitamin” is Vitamin D, and it is a crucial nutrient that protects us from cancer and heart disease and keeps us healthy mentally and emotionally. You can go for a pill instead of a natural one. Indeed it would work in the right way, but naturally, getting the benefits of vitamin D from being out in the sun – can provide you with more benefits than all those pills and pharmaceuticals. Studies suggest that this vitamin helps fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer to depression and heart attacks.

    Makes The Immune System Better

    Considering studies, we can see that sunshine and fresh air can somehow kill bacteria and leaves the space much cleaner. Just by being outside, white blood cell count can be increased, which boosts your immune system to a significantly higher level. Better yet, the boosting effects last several days after your outdoor excursion. 

    Improved Concentration

    The focusing power and concentration of children with ADHD could get better after being outdoors. It might not be right to say that it applies to adults every time, but you can try out doing an outdoor activity or being outdoors to improve your concentration. As nature helps calm our mind, it helps us focus because our thoughts get settled. Being close to nature can provide some incredible effects on the immune system.

    Increased Energy Levels


    Anyone can feel more relaxed and energetic automatically if they exercise, get a night of better sleep, have a great immune system, and recharge whole body cells. People who regularly spend some time outdoors know the benefits of more alertness, happiness, and more energy after just even some minutes in the fresh air. Higher energy levels lead to higher physical activity, which leads to better health, and as a result, we get a better immune system. 

    Feel Good

    When you engage in physical activity, your body produces feel-good hormones. These will help you to reduce stress and to mitigate the possibility of depression. Due to decreased anxiety and the overall wellness that comes from aerobic activity, you will have increased self-esteem. A better way of getting rid of all the useless and traumatizing stress that contains high negative health impacts is Forest Therapy.


    You can get increased problem-solving skills by spending time outdoors, as it elevates creativity. Whether it is at home or work or some other kind of challenge, we need to solve things daily. If you hustle to find and get creative solutions for daily problems, then try and go outdoors. It will surely give you the motivation required.

    You should go out and do your favorite outdoor activities. Outdoor activities allow you to reduce the risk of mobility problems and improve your overall metabolism.

    The following are some things you can do to spend more time enjoying nature:

    o   Go fishing and enjoy the time out in nature.

    o   Do activities like making phone calls and checking your email outside.

    o   Plant a garden in your home and enjoy it while taking care of it.

    o   Plan a picnic out in nature at least twice a month.

    o   Go for a daily walk, whether in the evening or morning.

    o   Go out for berry picking and enjoy some delicious berry cakes.

    o   Take the kids in the family to the park after meals

    o   Join outdoor activities clubs of your choice.

    o   Take out your dog for a walk

    o   Get your reading sessions out in gardens or parks.

    o   Go for Outdoor Yoga Sessions


    Spending more time outside is one of the simplest and most fun ways to keep your health and wellness on track. It’s also now been scientifically proven that nature has significant benefits regarding your health. Spending time outside is a lot like having meditation practice. It does improve functioning in all areas of life! Nature is just what the mind and body need to perform well. Head out on a great adventure, and it is guaranteed that you’ll feel the best right away.