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Face Washes That Will Damage Your Skin

    Is your skin sensitive? If you have normal healthy skin, then the answer to that question might be yes. Certain face washes can cause a lot of damage to sensitive skin. These washes usually contain a scrub, and they’re good for removing dirt from your pores and achieving smoother skin. However, those with sensitive skin will soon realize that this is not the right way to go about it.

    In recent years, many people have been sold on the idea that a good facial wash destroys everything from dead skin cells to bacteria and balances skin’s natural pH level. Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, there are even some products available on the market now, which could actually be doing more harm to your skin than good. This article includes some products to watch out for!

    St. Ives Face Scrubs

    It might be tough to believe, but there are many people out there who are using St. Ives face scrub on an almost daily basis. And while it’s tempting to keep things cheap by heading down this less expensive route, you should think twice before making the switch. Products like this could make the situation worse! Unlike other products that balance your natural pH level or destroy bacteria and dead cells without drying your skin, this scrub does nothing for the actual health of your skin.

    Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

    This product might be something you’ve seen your friends use, and teenage actresses even endorse it. However, it is not a good idea for those with sensitive skin! If you’re thinking about switching to Clean and Clear face wash, then consider first that it can dry out your skin! Unfortunately, this face wash is not good for sensitive skin because it contains alcohol that can dry out your skin. If you have normal or oily skin, you might be able to get away with using products like this one for a while without noticing any damage, but if you have sensitive skin, there’s a strong chance it will only cause more problems.

    Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

    Yet another face wash that’s worth avoiding is Neutrogena oil-free acne wash. This product might be difficult to resist because it promises to remove dirt, oil and reduce acne. Although it does do all of this, just like the Clean and Clear face wash, it contains the same ingredient that could cause your skin to dry out in no time.

    So, if you have sensitive skin and still want a face wash like this one, look for a product list without alcohols, fragrances, or harsh chemicals – these ingredients can only cause more harm than good! Try Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser. It will cleanse your face without removing the natural oils, which can cause it to dry out and become irritated!

    Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

    As far as blackhead removers go, there are much better choices than Biore pore strips. First off, if you have sensitive skin, this product is not for you! It’ll only dry out your skin, leaving it feeling tight and irritated. You’ll also want to think twice before buying these strips because they can actually cause damage, like making your pores bigger!

    Aveeno Positively Clear Daily Moisturizer

    This moisturizer contains salicylic acid, which might sound good at first for those who have acne, but it can have the opposite of the desired effect! Instead of helping to clear up the skin, this product will dry your skin out and make it more susceptible to breakouts. If you want to find a moisturizer that clears up acne, try Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Treatment Clear Skin Cream. This product has antioxidants and retinol, which will kill the bacteria on your skin and help it stay healthy.

    Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment

    Don’t be fooled by Neutrogena’s claim that this product makes acne “disappear overnight.” There is no such thing as a face wash or treatment that can get rid of your breakouts within twenty-four hours. Even if the product claims to be working to kill off the acne-causing bacteria, it will likely make your skin dryer than ever! This product also contains alcohol, which can cause redness and irritation on its own.

    Clean And Clear Advantage Acne Control Treatment

    Not only does this product contain alcohol, just like the others, but it also has Benzalkonium Chloride – another ingredient that can cause excessive dryness and irritation. If you’re still not convinced by now to avoid these types of face washes, then be sure to read the labels before you buy. If you see alcohol or benzalkonium chloride, skip it!

    Clean And Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Scrub

    If this face wash promises to “gently exfoliate,” then why does it contain microbeads? Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that you can find in soaps, facial scrubs, and even toothpaste. Not only can they be bad for the environment, but they also serve no purpose when it comes to cleaning the skin! No matter how “gentle” these beads claim to be, many people have complained that the morning burst scrub has worsened their acne by causing redness and irritation.

    Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol System

    No matter how many times you’ve been told to avoid products with Sodium lauryl sulfate, it still seems to pop up in face washes and treatments. This is another product that contains this harsh ingredient, but be sure to watch out for other bad ingredients like glycolic acid! These are just two of the many ingredients that can cause serious damage to your skin, so think twice before buying!


    The truth about these cleaners is that you’ll only damage your skin if you continue to use them! If your skin feels tight and dry after you cleanse, then it likely isn’t a good idea to continue using that product. Your face wash should give you the results you want, which means that it shouldn’t cause any damage as time goes on. If you’re struggling to find facial cleansers that don’t leave your skin feeling irritated, then try using organic cleansers as a gentle way to wash away impurities!