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Low Calorie Foods That Let You Eat More

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The process of losing weight can be tough and challenging. The trickiest aspect is cutting the calorie intake. Few low-calorie foods leave unsatisfied hunger between different meals, making overeating and munching more tempting.  But few foods come as a savior. They are healthy, have low calories, and leave a fulfilling feeling behind. They help in controlling calorie intake with a sense of fullness. Incorporating these healthy foods into daily diet helps in reducing calorie consumption and further helps in weight loss. 

Greek Yogurt

Intake of Greek yogurt is beneficial in many ways. It is an excellent source of protein, helps in curbing food cravings, and promotes weight loss. One hundred fifty grams of Greek yogurt generally has 11 grams of protein and 130 calories. It affects appetite as it makes you feel less hungry. In addition, it increases satiety as compared to other low-protein snacks. 


Legumes like beans, peas, etc., are excellent choices. They are high in fiber and protein content. A bowl of cooked lentils contains approximately 230 calories plus 15.6 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein. It has a strong effect on appetite and hunger. A high-protein meal of peas and beans reduces hunger and desire and increases satiety faster than a feast of pork and beef. 


Soup is much more than a light and straightforward side dish. It is very satisfying and is more filling as compared to solid foods made from the same ingredients. A bowl of soup slows stomach emptying and promotes satiety more effectively than a chunky soup or substantial meal. Consuming a bowl of soup before a meal reduces calorie intake by almost 20%. 

Avoid chowders and creamy soups as they can be filling but are high in calories. Instead, prefer stock-based soup or lighter broth to maximize fullness and keep the calorie count low. An addition of leeks to a soup can enhance satisfaction and serve as a rich source of iron, calcium, vitamin C, and B. 


Eggs are the most nutrient-dense food items because of their richness in vital nutrients and lowness in calorie count. Each egg has almost 6 grams of protein, 72 calories, and a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins. Having egg as breakfast increases satiety and reduces hunger, and lowers consumption of calories. In addition, high-protein breakfasts can reduce snacking, slow gastric emptying, and lower ghrelin levels (hormone of appetite).


It is one of the best items for low-calorie snacks, and that’s why we have included it in our list. Due to its high fiber content, it is the most filling snack. For example, 1 cup (8 grams) of popcorn contains only 31 calories and 1.2 grams of fiber, which counts as 5% of the daily fiber requirement. Fiber helps in slowing down the digestive system, which leads to satiety and a feeling of fullness. It also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels to reduce cravings and hunger. Compared to other snack foods, popcorn makes you happier and fuller and reduces appetite at a faster rate. 

But these benefits are applicable on airborne popcorn, not on popcorns made with lots of unhealthy fats, artificial flavors, and added salt or sugar, which increases their caloric content.

Chia Seeds

This superfood is one of the best choices for low-calorie food that let you eat more. It has a high fiber and protein content and has low calories. A one-ounce serving of these seeds contains 4.4 grams of protein, 137 calories, and 10.6 grams of fiber. These are particularly rich in soluble fiber. Soluble fibers absorb fluids and then swell in the stomach to increase satiety. 

These can absorb ten to twelve times their weight in liquids and move slowly through the digestive system to make you feel full. Including these in the daily diet would help in reducing appetite and curbing food cravings, especially sugary food. 


Potatoes are often treated as harmful and unhealthy because of their popularity as high-fat potato chips. But this is a myth. Potatoes are a nutritious part of a daily healthy diet. A medium-peeled baked potato contains approximately 161 calories, 4 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fiber each. In addition, boiled potatoes are one of the most satisfying food items. It reduces appetite and decreases food intake to increase satiety. 


It is another excellent option for low-calorie food. It has high heart-healthy fats and protein content. For example, 3 ounces of cod provides more than 15 grams of protein and less than 70 calories. A high-protein breakfast can reduce snacking, slow gastric emptying, and lower ghrelin levels (hunger hormone). Fish protein can also be beneficial in reducing hunger and appetite. Compared to beef and chicken, fish protein has the most substantial impact on satiety. Opt for lean fish such as cod, flounder, halibut, or sole over higher calorie options such as salmon, sardines, or mackerel to further reduce your calorie intake.

Cottage Cheese

It is a great snack option, especially for losing weight. It is a rich source of protein and has a low-fat content. It contains around 28 grams of protein and approximately 163 calories. A high intake of protein-rich cottage cheese decreases the feeling of hunger and appetite. Protein consumption slows stomach emptying and prolongs the feeling of satisfaction and fullness.   


If you are looking to reduce your caloric intake throughout the day, adding these foods to your diet is a must! These foods are low-calorie options and make you feel full longer, so it is a win-win. Add these foods to your shopping cart the next time you’re at the grocery store and watch your waistline shrink as you consume fewer calories, more nutrients, and feel full all the time!