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Enhance Your Social Security

    Learning about the various ways to increase and enhance social security is very important. However, most people do not invest in social security at the right time, regretting their decision later in the future when they need money. While others claim this price way too early in life, leaving them to lose a higher chunk of profits they would receive if they continued with the scheme. Fortunately, because you are on this page, it is evident that you have realized enhancing your social security is very vital. While discovering this point is highly important, your next move is to learn about the various ways to increase your social security. 

    Key Points

    – Maximize your earnings during your core working years to increase your benefit at retirement.

    – Work more than the average 35 years, as the more the income, the more will be the social security benefit.

    – Delay your application as you near retirement years because this increases your chances of hiking the benefits to over 8%, which maximizes as you turn 70.

    – Consult a financial advisor specializing in retirement planning, apart from the Social Security administration representative, to give you a whole picture of where you stand and which moves will benefit you the most.

    – Before you sign in for a special deal, calculate your social security benefits to have a thorough knowledge of the expected use you would receive when you claim your social security.

    – If your earning is lower than your spouse’s, then take advantage of the spousal benefit as it would offer you a rise of 50% of what your spouse would get at retirement.

    – Wait for ten years before filing a divorce to claim the spousal benefit.

    Maximize Your Earnings

    You may have heard inspirational quotes that speak out on the importance of having a full-time job and a part-time job that you’re passionate about. While some make their passion a full-time job, most can’t due to financial reasons. There is a reason you need to look for part-time employment or an alternative source of income. The Social Security Administration (SSA) reveals that social security benefits are directly proportional to your income. Therefore, the more you earn, the more your benefit will be. As the earnings after the 60s are indexed, one needs to make the best of the peak earning years and increase the social security income.

    Work Longer

    On average, an individual gets approximately 35 years of hardcore earning years. However, most individuals get a lower pay scale during their initial years, and therefore the overall social security rate gets reduced. However, if you work longer, that is, more than 35 years of the estimated, calculated years, you get an opportunity to increase your lower-paid years with higher-paid years. Here, you may have to work for longer hours. Some may assume that starting early would increase their overall pay later, but your benefit usually gets reduced to $2 for every $4 that you earn. Hence, it is wise to wait for the given years and then make more.

    Delay Your Application

    If you start social security benefits early, there is a chance of your benefits reducing at the end. However, there is always a way to suspend your advantage if you start early. One is entitled to claim the social security raise during the early retirement years, that is 62, or at the retiring age, which is 66 years and two months, while 67 years for those born in 1960 and later. However, one can increase the overall rate to over 5-7% beyond these ages as delayed retirement credits get added, increasing the rate of increase to around 8%, which maximizes by the time you reach 70.

    Get Advice

    Though you may assume going to the SSA for some authentic and accurate advice, there can be chances of this representative not giving you the correct information according to your circumstances. Therefore, apart from consulting from an SSA representation, it is also equally important to seek a piece of advice from a financial advisor who specializes in retirement planning. This person will thoroughly study your case and then provide a consultation. Because once you make a deal with the SSA, it is irreversible, and therefore you need to make a wise decision.

    Powerful Calculator

    One needs to learn about the amount of their social security to check to look into ways to enhance it. The Social Security of Administration has numerous calculators to estimate the benefits one would receive late in the future. One such calculator is the Retirement Estimator that considers your existing bank account and will evaluate your benefits. Some of these calculators are readily available online. However, a piece of advice is to use these calculators only on the SSA official website because your confidentiality can be breached on third-party websites.

    A Spousal Benefit

    If you earn less than your spouse, you have an opportunity to increase your raise by taking a spousal benefit, as this would give you around 50% of what your higher-earning spouse would get at the end of the term. However, once you make this deal, you cannot switch from a spousal benefit to your benefit, even if it means that your benefits are higher than the spousal ones. One also needs to pay attention to the survivor check here because if one spouse dies, the surviving one gets one of the two checks they would otherwise receive. But this drop is significantly less, and therefore, the one check received is usually the one with maximum benefits.

    While the rules are a bit different for a widow/widower, these people can first claim the social security benefits depending on their records and then switch to the survivor check or begin with a survivor check and then switch to help based on their earning records.

    Wait For Ten Years Of Marriage

    Did you know you have to be married for at least ten years to claim your ex-spouse’s social security benefits? Even if you cancel your marriage after nine years and 11 months, and 29 days, you will be entitled ‘ineligible’ because it is clearly stated that the marriage should last for a complete term of a decade. Once a decade passes, you can claim on half of your ex-spouse’s earnings if you had a spousal benefit or, in some cases, your claim if you were the spouse that stayed home for the kids.


    Social security benefits are a key for your retirement life, a life that includes a flow of outgoing money than an incoming one. You get entitled to these benefits if you pay for over a decade and earn 40 credits at least. However, SSA does not advertise much on the various methods to enhance one’s social security benefits. Therefore, people end up making wrong decisions and end up getting meager benefits or returns. Therefore, this article focused on educating you about the possibility of increasing social security sales and the various steps to do so.