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Awful Routines For Gaining Belly Fat

    If you have it, you know it! Belly fats can be pretty stubborn. No matter what you try, they won’t go away quickly as they are gained. And if you have managed to go back to your old self again, you know the price you had to pay. Belly fat is a direct consequence of the diet and lifestyle we lead. Speaking on the same, it means that minor changes to your current dietary intake and lifestyle should bring dramatic results against belly fat. 

    Go Easy On The Sugar

     Sugar is one of the most reasons that you have a protruding belly. Studies conducted indicate a large amount of sugar intake in the daily diet is the primary concern leading to abdominal fat. Sugar contains fructose which is metabolically converted into fat under high concentration by the body. The fat deposition further acts as a root cause of many lifestyle diseases like diabetes. 

    Cutting down sugar in your diet should be your primary focus. But if you think you don’t have a sweet tooth, start counting them! Once you start, you will be astonished to see how much sugar you take in your daily life. From the daily dose of caffeinated drinks to the energy-boosting sweetened beverages, you’ll lose count of the sugar that your body has to process daily. 

    A simple start would be to decrease the dependency on sweetened drinks. If you cannot live without coffee shots, stick to sugar-free ones. Say goodbye to the cheat days with sugar. Instead, add to your whole diet grain and fiber-rich foods. 

    Let The Fiber Into Your Diet

    A fiber-rich diet is healthy for your gut. But it also plays a role if you want to decrease down food consumption. This is because the body does not easily digest the fibers. Hence, it results in the feeling of fullness. This makes you crave less food than what you usually would want. 

    Most of the time, the food we eat is much more than what our body requires. It is not about eating more, but a significant part of our food often consists of salty, crispy delights high on trans-fat. Eating a fiber-rich diet helps you decrease down the tendency to munch on unhealthy snacks.    

    Researches conducted have seen positive results in groups with a higher intake of protein in the diet. Though the regular diet itself is sufficient to meet the daily requirements, people can look forwards to protein supplements like whey powder that help you achieve the desired amount of proteins. 

    Fewer Carbs Might Be Your Solution

    If reducing the sugar is not working for you, you might want to double-check the carbohydrate consumption. Well, not just any carbs, but the processed ones. 

    If the consumption of carbohydrates far exceeds the body’s requirements, then these are stored as a reserve in your body (mainly the abdomen area). Though the body metabolizes everything during our daily activities, today’s lifestyle does not allow for the same. The convenience has led to decreased mobility, drastically reducing the amount of energy required by the body. 

    Though reducing carbs from your diet immediately won’t help you get rid of the belly, it will indeed prevent more fat from getting deposited on the same. While cutting down on carbs, focus more on the processed and refined food products like bread and pasta. 

    It’s ‘Beer Belly!

    Not a joke, though! Alcohol does play its contribution to the beer belly. But the good news? You don’t need to say goodbye to it yet. Alcohols do help your body but in limited amounts. However, gulping down can after cans won’t do you much good. 

    Apart from contributing calories and sugar to your diet, the beer also interferes with the body’s mechanism of burning fat! This cumulatively results in you gaining more fat in your entire body. Hence, if your beer is to be blamed, cut down the portions; however, to see an adequate reduction, you’ll have to incorporate exercises for the belly to shrink back.


    Detoxing will help your body to clear up the toxin and some fat. However, rather than taking drastic detox plans for weight loss, following simple yet effective practices is advisable to get better results. 

    A cup of green tea or lemon water in the morning help to improve the metabolism. Intermittent fasting helps your body utilize and burn the carbs it has stored up—these subtle ways of detoxing help get significant results without straining your body.

    This Is The Stress Talking

    Yes, stress can take an adverse toll on your body, and one of the most common signs is belly fat. Well, the science goes like this. Stress induces the body to release a high amount of cortisol which goes back to normal levels once the trigger subsides. However, a long period of stress does not help the cortisol to come down. Studies have identified high cortisol levels in people with abdominal obesity. 

    There is only one way to know if the reason for your belly is stress- reduce them. Take a time out and do what you like. Don’t let things consume you. Start your day with meditation. End it with a gratitude list. Bring all the positive forces to highlight the good side of the day. 

    Exercise Might Be The Key

    Exercise has always been the key to a long, healthy life. Adopting exercise routines into your life will help you overcome or delay certain chronic or hereditary diseases like diabetes. 

    However, sadly, no exercise can promise you to get rid of belly fat within days. You might have come across the viral internet fads that promise flat stomachs, but you know there is much more going on behind the scenes than the 15-second clip that meets the eye. Hence, don’t get your hopes high that you’ll magically transform your belly within weeks. 

    But one thing is for sure, though slowly but steadily, you’ll be able to reduce the fat deposition in your body. Turn into cardiovascular and weight training if you want to see fast results. You can also have targeted exercises with aerobics. The key here is to stay active and burn the fat! 

    Have A Good Night Sleep

    Most of us would love this. But rather than more sleep reducing belly fat, it is more of less sleep increasing belly fat.

    During sleep, the body rejuvenates and heals itself. Lack of proper sleep leads to emotional distress, which may, in turn, lead to unhealthy eating habits. A haywire sleeping schedule interrupts the body’s mechanism. Studies have seen people with irradiate sleeping patterns or less sleep develop abdominal fats quickly.   


    If you are tired of your belly fats, it is time to change your diet and lifestyle. But, unfortunately, having high metabolism does not guarantee you a safe pass from the belly fat. They come when you least expect them and do not go when you want them to. Hence, don’t let your guard down and relish the goodies in the limit, lest you’ll have to burn them later on!