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Essential Oils That Benefit Your Skin

    Oils extracted from plants and retain their natural flavor, essence, or smell are essential oils—several skin benefits when such pigments like tea tree oil are mixed in a carrier oil and applied. Aromatherapy is one such practice where these oils are inhaled through many kinds of methods. It plays a role in stimulating the limbic system. As for the physical, nail fungus or athlete’s foot can go away using essential oil. Keep reading to know the best oils for your skin type. 

    Best Essential Oils For Skin

    Rosehip Seed Oil (Cold-pressed, 100% organic)

    Rosehip oil contains Vitamin A and C. Since it is made from rose plants’ fruit, this essential oil is anti-aging. With the richness of fatty acids, the oil improves your skin’s hydration levels and texture.

    Frankincense Essential Oil (Organic)

    If you’re looking for a tree oil with anti-aging benefits, here’s one. Frankincense is one such essential oil that nourishes your dry and mature skin. Dermatologists call this oil a fountain of youth.

    Lemongrass Oil

    If you’re looking for skincare oil to cure dermatitis, lemongrass is fantastic. It has antifungal and antibacterial qualities. A study suggests that this natural astringent is also anti-aging. 

    Cold-Pressed Chamomile Oil (extra virgin)

    Chamomile is known for its calming effect. However, this cold-pressed oil also has nourishing properties. People usually drink this essential oil as tea. However, when applied to the skin, it is incredibly beneficial. 

    Cedarwood Essential Oil (Organic)

    Is an irresistible pimple not leaving you? Here’s the almighty cedarwood oil. You can treat acne by putting a few drops of this essential oil in a non-comedogenic oil. Get rid of some stubborn spots in no time. 

    Peppermint Halo Soothing And Cooling Blend Oil

    If you wish to alleviate sore muscles and headaches, take small doses of peppermint oil. When applied to the skin, it seeps in and provides comfort. Pruritus, a chronic skin irritation, is relieved by this essential oil. It even calms joint pains, fatigue, and stress. 

    Organic Lavender Oil

    Among the essential oils is lavender oil. With antibacterial properties, it makes your bathtub aromatic. When applied to the skin, lavender oil has several healing benefits. 

    It is used to treat acne and is present in hand sanitizers. A study suggests that lavender soothes menstrual cramps.

    Other Essential Oils For Skincare

    Rose Oil (Vitamin C and Squalane)

    Since the rose is high in Vitamin E and C, its oil makes an excellent skin moisturizer. For extra nourishment, you can add some lotion or body scrub to this essential oil. 

    If you have dry skin, rose oil keeps it hydrated. A study suggests that rose can make your skin healthier and youthful. It is also valuable because it makes rose oil. You must steam the petals.

    Vetiver Essential Oil

    Regardless of your skin type, vetiver oil is your one-stop. If you live in areas with high pollution levels, use this essential oil. Take a bit of this substance and hydrate your skin. You can also enjoy its anti-aging properties that treat acne and stretch marks.

    Neroli Essential Oil

    If you are struggling with irritated skin and acne, neroli oils are amazing. These have antifungals, antimicrobials, and antioxidants. Designed for skincare, this essential oil will leave your skin perfuming and feeling fresh. 

    Orange Essential Oil (organic)

    Are you looking for a carrier oil to give your skin a Vitamin C boost? Sweet orange oil is the solution. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, this orange essential oil is brilliant. If you also face dry skin issues, use it as a body scrub or moisturizer. 

    Rosemary Essential Oil (Organic)

    Essential oils can be good for a healthier scalp, apart from your myriads of skin types. Rosemary oil is brilliant. It supports blood flow and stimulates hair growth. 

    You can create a DIY hair mask with this oil. Mix a quarter of any carrier oil in six drops of rosemary oil. Leave the cover on your scalp for twenty minutes. The best oils to use as carriers are avocado, jojoba, or coconut oil. 

    Clove Essential Oil

    When it comes to treating nail fungus, clove oil works wonders. To use this pigment, clean your toe portion with soap and water. Let it dry, and then apply your clove oil mixed with a carrier oil on the area. 

    Finally, keep it there for ten minutes and scrub with a soft toothbrush. Lavender oil is also helpful, but the former is ideal.

    Palmarosa Essential Oil (Organic)

    This essential oil is versatile. It has anti-aging properties and is excellent for dry skin. Experts suggest you dilute palmarosa oil before applying it to your skin. 

    Apart from that, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are excellent. Best of all, the pigment smells good and is affordable. 

    Argan Oil

    Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, argan oil is very nourishing and hydrating. If your issues are dry skin and wrinkles, this essential oil is perfect. 

    You will notice the effects instantly as fatty acids and Vitamin E absorb quickly. If you ever contact dermatitis, argan oil will be helpful to treat it. 

    What’s Unique About Tea Tree Oil?

    Are you looking for something to treat acne? Tea tree oil is the best. Prepared from the tea leaves, study suggests that this essential oil can treat mild to moderate acne. 

    Because of its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, tree oil decreases bacteria and fungus on the skin surface. But, there are side effects like dryness. So, experts suggest you do a patch test first. 

    How To Dilute Oils?

    The foremost part of using essential oils is diluting them with a moisturizer or carrier oil. Since pure oils have no lipids in them, when directly applied to the skin, they cause dryness. Mixing ensures the oil stays on your skin for longer and gets absorbed slowly. 

    A study suggests putting only a few drops of pure oil in your moisturizer. The same applies to adding in coconut oil. So, more is not always better, especially for sensitive skin. 

    For the face, add only 0.5 to 1.5 percent essential oil to your carrier oil. 1.5 to 3 is the ideal composition for applying it to the body. Experts recommend sweet almonds, jojoba, argan, and coconut oil for the best skincare. 


    There are no two ways about the skin benefits of plant-extracted oils. Such cold-pressed organic pigments mixed in coconut oil soothe the skin, improve skin texture, reduce skin irritation, to name a few perks. So, just when the correct ratio is considered, maximum skincare can be derived from essential oils.