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Proven Techniques to Change Your Posture

    A person’s posture is the position in which the body is held while standing, sitting, or laying down. A sign of a healthy posture is the correct alignment of your body parts against muscle tension and gravity. Our daily activities can affect our posture by putting stress on joints and muscles, resulting in pain and sometimes even permanent damage if left untreated for a long time. This blog will provide you some of the best techniques to change your posture and make it better. Keep on reading!

    Stop Slouching

    The worst and the most common mistake people make is by slouching. Slouching while sitting or walking puts a lot of strain on the spine. It puts additional stress on your bones, muscles, and joints, all of the essential parts you need to hold your spine straight up. A slouch is not just bad for your back, though. A constant slouch position smashes your organs together, making it harder for the lungs and intestines to work efficiently. If you change your slouch posture, it will get harder for you to digest food and get enough air over time.

    Stand Straight

    You want a quick way to change your posture? Try standing up tall and straight. You will not only feel better, but you will also look better (and slimmer too). If you are having trouble standing up straight, just pretend to stand against a wall to measure your height. Hold your head straight and tuck back your chin. Keep your shoulders, back, and knees straight, and your stomach pushed in. Keep your chest out and straighten up to feel like your head is stretching up towards the ceiling. Do this activity at least 5 times a day for about a minute and notice the change in your posture.

    Don’t Slump Anywhere.

    It is understandable that slouching and slumping while sitting is quite comfortable. But this is a huge no-no if you want to maintain a good posture. You can make yourself feel comfortable because you can sit all the way back and roll up a towel or use a rounded pillow. Place it behind your back towards the middle to protect the natural curve of your spine. You can bend your knees at a right angle to keep them at the same height and place your feet flat on the floor. This way, your posture will remain intact with your back straightened out, and you will also feel comfortable.

    Avoid the ‘Text Neck’

    If you are in the habit of using your phone all day long or for long hours frequently, you should take breaks to stretch your neck. You might have noticed that your head stays lowered while using a phone or any other device. This can cause strain your neck and change the way you hold your head if you ignore it. So to avoid his and to enjoy a good view of the phone, try to keep it at your eye level in front of your face (but at a distance). This is also good for the eyes as it avoids eye strain and pain.

    Keep Your Shoulders Upright

    I am sure it is all nice and comfortable to recline your shoulders sometimes, especially while driving or sitting for long hours. But this can cause your shoulders to look slumped and your posture to look really bad. If your shoulders get tired while sitting, try to support them by using a pillow against the seat. If you are standing, try to hold your shoulders straight upright to avoid spine damage and joint pain. This will significantly improve your posture.

    Avoid Heels

    Heels might look great and be trendy, too, but they are still bad for the posture. If you really want to change and improve your posture, try to cut back on the heels. The stilettos that you love actually thrust the base of your spine forward, which arches the back. This can put pressure on the nerves and change the way your back actually lines up. Heels also put a lot of weight on the knees, resulting in knee strain and knee deterioration. So choose a heel which is not too high and is also fashionable.

    Sleep Right

    Did you know that the mattress you sleep on plays a major role in defining your posture? Try to get rid of the soft mattress and choose a firm, sturdy one. This will help maintain the natural shape of your spine. You can also bend your knees slightly but don’t bring them up too high. Make sure that you use a pillow that can easily level your head with your spine. Don’t use a very thick pillow while sleeping. This can disrupt your posture and cause back pain too.

    Don’t Skip the Exercise.

    Whether you are slightly overweight or not, try to do some mild exercises for your posture. You need enough muscle strength to support your spine and keep your posture in shape. Even light workouts can be beneficial for you to change the posture and keep you active at the same time.


    Improving your posture gives you a greater awareness of your muscles, thus, enabling you to correct your posture. As you slowly improve your posture, you will become aware of the tightness and stiffness around the muscles, which was not noticeable before. By changing your posture, you can easily overcome muscle pain and tightness and feel more relaxed.