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Top 7 Weight Loss Pills & Supplements

    Losing weight is a tough job. Anyone with firsthand experience will admit to it. Natural ways to lose the extra pounds are by far the best, but not the easiest. This is where the role of the supplement comes in. If you want to get back in shape and lose a significant number of pounds, along with a strict diet and exercise, these weight loss supplements may help you. The supplement helps you in eating fewer calories and burning more calories. However, it is advisable to get some expert advice before turning to any of these supplements. Refer to a qualified dietitian for the best advice.



    They contain ingredients that, increase the metabolism of the body, decrease hunger, and reduces the fat absorption in the body. All of the supplements listed below aid in losing weight if they are coupled with a proper diet and exercise. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal agency that looks over the safety and efficiency of drugs. Though the manufacturers of the drugs are not obligated to get approval from the agency, the FDA has the authority to pull a supplement that has serious side effects. If a supplement is found to be unsafe for consumption, then the FDA can stop its production and issue a recall. It should be noted that each supplement may have specific side effects associated with it. There is no guarantee to assure 100% safety. Each body reacts differently. It is best to get medical advice before signing up for any supplement.


    Let us look at some of the pills on the market and their possible role in weight loss:

    #1 Bitter Orange

    Before the use of bitter orange, ephedra was a prominent content in weight loss supplements. However, since its ban usage by FDA since 2004, bitter orange has taken over the role. This is because bitter orange contains synephrine, which is chemically similar to ephedra. Bitter orange is a plant and the various plant body parts are used in treating diseases from fungal disease to chronic fatigue syndromes. Many drugs use bitter orange as one of the ingredients. Some researches indicate its use along with caffeine prompt weight loss in individuals following controlled diets. 

    #2 Green Tea Extract


    Green tea is prepared without fermentation and is found to reduce fat levels in our body. Therefore it is commonly used for a diet. It is a rich source of antioxidants. It’s also beneficial for heart, blood pressure, and even Parkinson’s disease. People consuming green tea extracts are found to have low levels of cholesterol, LDL, and blood fats. The overall effect may be a slight reduction in weight for overweight people. However, coupled with proper diet and exercise, it will bring a lot of difference and other health benefits too. It has fewer side effects than other supplements, but over intake may trigger side effects due to caffeine in it. 

    #3 Garcinia Cambogia

    It is a tropical fruit that can relieve your appetite.  It also hinders the body’s ability to make fats by the activity of a chemical called hydroxycitric acid. It also affects the brain, making you feel less hungry.

    These effects directly help the body in controlling cholesterol levels and increasing the good cholesterol in the body. Also, less intake of food may regulate your sugar levels. 

    #4 Raspberry Ketones

    These are naturally found in raspberries and other berries and fruits. These are proven to burn body fat faster and increase metabolism. The boost in metabolism is due to the release of a hormone called adiponectin. Other benefits are lesser chances of obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes,…etc.

    Researchers have not yet proved satisfactory weight loss due to the ketones, but studies prove that the intake of these leads to less weight gain.

    #5 Glucomannan

    It is a dietary fiber that is obtained from the konjac plant. It helps in weight loss by reducing the appetite by making you feel full. It absorbs water in the gut. This results in you feeling full and avoiding overeating. It has a direct impact on the reduction of LDL, i.e., bad cholesterols and cholesterol in the body and the maintenance of the average sugar level.

    #6 Beta-glucan

    These are also soluble fibers. These are found in bacteria and fungi and some whole grains like oats.

    It improves the good cholesterol level in our body. It stimulates the immune system, hence helps in building a healthy body. Beta-glucan slows down the movement of the food in the food pipe. This increases the time for the digestion in the gut. With slow-paced digestion, it is unlikely to increase blood sugar levels as the sugar will be absorbed slowly and in a lesser amount.  

    #7 Pyruvate

    Pyruvate is naturally present in our body as a result of sugar breakdown. The supplements with pyruvate claim to help in weight loss by increasing the fat breakdown in the body. It also aids in anti-aging, anti-cancer, and against high cholesterol.


    These 7 supplements are proved to help weight loss. However, they all may have some side effects, it is advisable to consult a dietician before using them. We hope this helps give you a starting point in your search for the right supplement.