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6 Unwanted Effects of a Face Mask

    Your face mask is just one part of protecting yourself during this pandemic. It is working overtime protecting you from spreading germs or getting germs but it can also cause some unintended side effects. Below are some of them that you should consider and some ideas on how to prevent them.

    #1 False Sense of Security

    If you don’t follow the other guidelines it could be a moot point. It’s part of the entire process so you still need to watch what you touch and how close you are to others. They should be worn but are not the entire answer.

    #2 Visibility

    Masks can obstruct your sight or vision because of improper positioning or the hot air from your breath getting in your eyes or fogging your glasses. This also gives you the desire to always adjust or touch your face and eyes. Sanitize or wash your hands regularly and do your best to not fiddle with your mask once it’s on.

    #3 They Can Carry Germs

    If you are wearing your mask often then it eventually will get dirty and contain its own germs. To clean your mask most can be thrown in the washing machine. Remember the goal is to keep from getting or spreading germs so cleaning your mask regularly is key.

    #4 Skin Irritation

    Prolonged use can cause skin irritation especially if you have dry skin. You may want to put on lotion before you wear your mask. Also, for you ladies that wear makeup, it can rub off and cause staining that can limit airflow and filtration, so keep that in mind. Also, you should wash your face before and after wearing your mask.

    #5 Restricts Airflow

    Wearing a face mask makes breathing more difficult. This can be a problem with people who already have breathing issues like asthma. A small amount of carbon dioxide from your breath coupled with lessened airflow causes increased breathing frequency. This may worsen your condition and if you already have Covid-19 it can prolong your recovery because it pushes the virus down in your lungs.

    #6 They Have a Tendency to Make You Move Closer When in a Conversation

    Without realizing it, most people inadvertently move closer when the sound of their voice is obstructed. This is elevated if two people are wearing masks and trying to talk to each other. Do make sure to be aware of this involuntary reaction and keep your minimum distance of 6 feet apart.