6 Unwanted Effects of a Face Mask

Your face mask is just one part of protecting yourself during this pandemic. It is working overtime protecting you from spreading germs or getting germs but it can also cause some unintended side effects. Below are some of them that you should consider and some ideas on how to prevent them.

#1 False Sense of Security

If you don’t follow the other guidelines it could be a moot point. It’s part of the entire process so you still need to watch what you touch and how close you are to others. They should be worn but are not the entire answer.

#2 Visibility

Masks can obstruct your sight or vision because of improper positioning or the hot air from your breath getting in your eyes or fogging your glasses. This also gives you the desire to always adjust or touch your face and eyes. Sanitize or wash your hands regularly and do your best to not fiddle with your mask once it’s on.

#3 They Can Carry Germs

If you are wearing your mask often then it eventually will get dirty and contain its own germs. To clean your mask most can be thrown in the washing machine. Remember the goal is to keep from getting or spreading germs so cleaning your mask regularly is key.

#4 Skin Irritation

Prolonged use can cause skin irritation especially if you have dry skin. You may want to put on lotion before you wear your mask. Also, for you ladies that wear makeup, it can rub off and cause staining that can limit airflow and filtration, so keep that in mind. Also, you should wash your face before and after wearing your mask.

#5 Restricts Airflow

Wearing a face mask makes breathing more difficult. This can be a problem with people who already have breathing issues like asthma. A small amount of carbon dioxide from your breath coupled with lessened airflow causes increased breathing frequency. This may worsen your condition and if you already have Covid-19 it can prolong your recovery because it pushes the virus down in your lungs.

#6 They Have a Tendency to Make You Move Closer When in a Conversation

Without realizing it, most people inadvertently move closer when the sound of their voice is obstructed. This is elevated if two people are wearing masks and trying to talk to each other. Do make sure to be aware of this involuntary reaction and keep your minimum distance of 6 feet apart.

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24 thoughts on “6 Unwanted Effects of a Face Mask”

  1. Wearing a mask is certainly unhealthy for me. I’m in pretty good shape, and look a lot younger than my real age (84). That said, I have COPD and also can hardly breathe through my oft broken nose. Shopping early in the morning is VERY inconvenient. If I try going without wearing my mask, it upsets others, and some stores ask me to leave. While I try to stay the 6 feet away from others, we all know that is difficult, especially if they have one way aisles. Who knows where every thing is located in order to go the right direction for everything? As it is, I try getting in & out of the store quickly so I can get back to my car and breathe freely again. I’m sure there are others with problems also. Healthy people should learn to cut a little slack. Not everyone is just trying to circumvent the system.

    • I totally agree with you, it’s harming people young and old, I worked in the medical field ver 33 years. The cloth ones are even worse. Now it seems to be a fad. The people in business wearing them all day is bad. Your breathing in your own germs, then there is a issue with your blood oxygen dropping. JUST WASH YOUR HANDS like are moms use to say, and bank robberies and other robberies are way up. Guy walks in a store or bank wearing big black face mask would be scary but now CDC demands it. Feel they the kefties are abusing their powers, take care of yourself Joyce

      • I agree. But I think we can assume on November 4th, if Trump doesn’t come in, everything will be back to normal. This is how the left operates. First the impeachment then the pandemic and now the riots. What’s next in their ideas to get get rid of President Trump? It’s all BS.

      • I don’t believe for a minute that you have any medical training whatsoever, let alone 33 years’ worth. If you did, you wouldn’t have made such an asinine comment about “breathing in your germs”. Masks are safe and effective. Washing your hands is important but does nothing to solve the problem of breathing in tiny droplets from people’s lungs that hover in the air as they breathe, talk, sing, or yell.

        • Well what science test have you ever published.

          No one in the world can foubt wearing a teashirt all day gets germs but by some miracle
          If you stick it over your mouth and breathe it in. And and out all day, eliminates germs ?

          Wow then breath threw your socks. ! But stay far away from me.

      • Lefties are abusing personal freedom when they steal others’ freedom- who would take care of themselves by exercising wisdom such as yours. The bank clerk was wearing a mask. I say, “I’ll give you all my money, if you only please let me live.” A joke, but not a joke. The mask could be the death of thousands like it was in the US in 1918. Photographs of people wearing them that year in public, still exist.

    • But it’s not nearly as inconvenient or uncomfortable than breathing through a ventilator in a hospital!
      Count your blessings.

    • I absolutely agree. I have
      Stage 3 COPD, I understand the proper rules of wearing mask but I also am 85 years old and have enough trouble just to breathe so I will just stay inside my house. Hopefully things will get better.

    • Order from the grocery of your choice from their app and use curbside service. Works well for me. I’m in the upper 60s and would prefer not to get Covid.

    • So what you’re saying is that your “discomfort” is more important than other people’s health. My 80-year-old husband has both asthma and COPD and he wears a mask for the consideration of others as well as himself. No one prefers to wear a mask and we would all like to return to the days that it was not necessary. If you feel it seriously compromises your breathing, consider having someone shop for you or have your things delivered. This virus is a KILLER – plain and simple – and this one of the few hopes we have of containing it. Wear your mask. PLEASE!!!!

    • Thank you for bringing that to everyone’s attention. My daughter and granddaughter have asthma and they have asthma attacks when required to wear a mask.

  2. I have COPD and I am on oxygen therapy so I cannot wear a mask. I can’t breath with a mask. But I use a face shield. So far I have no trouble getting in any stores, although my shopping is very limited. Most places require you to wear a face covering. And a shield does that. For those of you who have my problem check online for face shields.

  3. Wearing a face mask whether healthy or have medical problems is a deterrent for breathing in fresh air. I have found that when shopping it is even more hazardous wearing a face mask when the stores all seem to have their a/c system on low or even off. Nobody seems to address this problem.

  4. I agree with all of you
    As I have copd these masks are hard to breath when wearing it
    And yes washing your hands is the answer , but do stay the distance as well
    And as for President Trump , when will they stop harassing him !!

  5. I too have several medical conditions, including several lung conditions. I find the fiber, blue paper masks are very difficult to breath through!
    I also have a breathing problem that requires a BiPap machine at night! I have several allergies including the silicone that is in my masks. I must wear a covering between my mask & my face.
    So, I thought that I might fix these nightly masks to wear out in public w/ filters I cut out of batting (like you use for quilting). If I had the spray on paint in grey I could look like an elephant🤪! It would make life more fun!
    I only go out for medical tests or going to my bank’s ATM. No one comes in or out of our home! I got tested for the virus so I’m safe. My hubby does all outside our home errands! Thank God he’s healthy & he takes every precaution for both of us! I don’t mind staying home, I love our home & Hubby!

  6. I believe if one feels better wearing a mask then by all means do it but I don’t and won’t except in extreme circumstances. This virus just happened to appear in an election year when both China and the democrats are bound to get rid of our president. The democratic states and cities are the ones pushing lock downs and masks more than anywhere. They want all the power and are he’ll bent on making this country socialist which is next to communism. They could care less who dies or is affected in the process. They are determined to find out how long people will cow tow to their demands before they add another to try out eventually working we the people into submission and taking over where we lose all our freedoms. The virus they found affects people more who have other illnesses and are elderly but all the deaths have been counted totally wrong as the clinics are paid extra for deaths attributed to Covid so even premature babies babies who passed are said to have the virus. Car accidents have gone down as Covid and many other deaths also so the numbers they put out are totally wrong and only meant to scare people. I too am in late 70’s and have diabetes and blood pressure problems but I’m certainly not afraid of living my life the way I want to. This will pass as have all the others and will probably be pretty much over by November 4. It’s appointed to man when he will die and when it’s your time no matter how it will happen. So wake up America and live your life to the utmost we need Trump now more than ever if we want that life to be free!!!! If you do nothing else important for the rest of your life VOTE.


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