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Best Ways To Reduce Stress

    It is not surprising how most of us end up with a bag full of stress while chasing our dream to live life to the fullest. Be it an escape from reality or a break from it, we all have different ways to cope with the stress- a way that is tested and has borne fruit. But knowing about more ways won’t harm you! Who knows, you might discover a better relaxant in the process?  

    Stop It Midway!

    While encountering a situation where you feel you have reached your limit and your brain can’t take it forward, STOP. Carrying on with the stress levels won’t do much good and may even bring down productivity (though it is the other way round). It does not matter if it is midway or it is nearing completion; what matters more is, would you be fine enough to enjoy the fruits or not!

    Bring It All Out!

    Even if you are not a vocal person, this might help you get some peace of mind. Unleash all the stress levels without binding yourself. Bring it all out in the open. This will help you relax and get you a clearer picture of how to clear the mess. If you have someone who can listen to you (listen rather than giving advice), open up to them. If not, talk aloud to yourself! 

    Or Write It Down

    For people who are not comfortable talking out loud, writing them all down on a piece of paper might benefit them more. If you find writing more liberating talks, then let that be your stressbuster. You’ll see that as you fill the pages, your stress levels are coming down. 

    You can go about either way. The first one is to write down what is stressing you and all other negative factors affecting you. The other is to look at the brighter side and exaggerate them, driving the negative space out!

    Take A Deep Breath

    Most often, taking a pause and breathing in deeply will bring you much relief. And the best part, you just need a second or two to get the instant benefit! 

    While breathing deeply, you allow your mind to relax by focusing more on the breath than external factors. This will help you calm down and be at peace. You can practice the art of deep breathing from yoga. There are various forms of breathing aimed to relax your body. You can learn a few of them and also include them as a part of daily meditation. 

    Groove To Some Music

    Music has great power, a power that transcends genre and language. It is funny how some songs become our haven once you listen to them. Create a playlist of your favorite music pieces and blast them out when you have a hard time. It lets you escape, though, momentarily into a world shared by you and the musician. 

    Alternatively, if you don’t have any favorites yet, set some classical or instrumental pieces and enjoy the vibes! Sounds of nature, the flowing water, or the birds singing are all relaxing in nature. Hence, search until you find your pick!

    Do What You Enjoy

    If things don’t move forward, there is no point in doing it. Rather than fretting over it, take a break and indulge in something you love to do. Watch some reels, enjoy shopping around the city, visit your hometown or a place you want to…anything! Enjoying something you love will serve as a good distraction. A fruitful time spent will also increase your morale and help you focus better!

    Find Yourself Some Company

    When you have some company, you are likely to engage with them, and as you engage, you are likely to feel better. Having a social connection will help you relieve stress! But finding the right set of people is crucial. Surround yourself with people who lift your moods. It can be family, friends, pets, or even strangers in the park. When your spirit is brightened, the body releases oxytocin which gives you a feeling of well-being!  

    Sleep And Sleep!

    Sleep is a great stressbuster! When your body is sleep-deprived, it is easier to get stressed. Your body needs enough time to rejuvenate itself to face the day. Sleep means have a good night’s sleep, rather than the one where you toss around all night long! Even if you don’t follow the required 6-8 hours of sleep (most of us can’t afford to have it!), make sure the ones you have are fulfilling enough. Relax before going to bed, disconnect from the devices and do a little breath in and out before switching off the lights!

    Find A Mantra To Live By!

    Having a personal mantra to live by is very important. No, it will not magically stop you from finding yourself in a stressful situation, but yes, you’ll know when to take it easy! People get so overwhelmed by the problems that they don’t realize when things begin to take a toll on their lives. 

    There may be countless ways in the book to avoid stress, but you know how life works! There is no correct answer to everything. Things can always go hay where, no matter how perfectly you plan everything. Sometimes stress even triggers productivity- (flashback to how you could learn chapters a night before the exam when they never made sense all year long!). But having a personal mantra under challenging times will help you draw a line to know when the stress levels will not do any good! 


    There is no way to avoid a stressful situation. Be it workspace or personal front, you are bound to get stressed when things don’t work out the way you want. However, having some personal hacks to relieve them is better than bearing it all in. From music to sleep, find a tip that will help you escape from the vicious cycle of stress!