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Best Wines For Your Health

    Do you require another reason to drink some wine? Red wine has many health advantages: low blood pressure, longevity, and heart health. So, certain wines assist your heart in living a little longer, specifically red wine. But how does wine help in securing your heart’s health? 

    The advantages of red wine originate from polyphenols-organic compounds, which contain antioxidants. In addition, polyphenols such as procyanidins and resveratrol are connected to several health advantages, consisting of cardiovascular health. 

    According to a few pieces of research, experts discovered that polyphenols:

    • Increase good cholesterol (or HDL)
    • Decrease bad cholesterol (or LDL) 
    • Lessen clotting in the blood 

    Therefore, wines with high levels of procyanidins and resveratrol are the best for your heart. 


    What kind of wines are considered healthy? 

    The wines which are considered healthy for your heart have a lot of common characteristics, like

    1. Dry wines are a healthier choice. Pinot noir and merlot are made according to the dry method. In the dry method, the wines are fermented for a lot of time (more than the typical sweetened wines) so that there is no sugar as residual, which does not imply that there are no fruity flavors in it. The fruity flavors and the sweetness are two different things. 
    2. Most of the time, healthy wines are high in tannins which brings in many different health advantages. But, not always. Tannins give out a very scratchy texture on your tongue, which originates from grape skins. So, grapes with thick skin contain tons of tannins and polyphenols. 
    3. Wines with high levels of such polyphenols are generally very bitter, so it will be best to take tiny sips, which would help you take in its aroma and various flavors. In addition to that, sipping slowly would help you get maximum health benefits. 

    Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir is one of the healthiest wines that you can drink. Unlike any other red wines on the list, pinot noir consists of grapes with thin skin, which means that it has low levels of tannins and high levels of resveratrol. In addition to that, pinot grapes, specifically those cultivated in cool regions, begin with low sugar, so pinot noir has low levels of ABV and fewer calories than typical wines. 


    Sagrantino is a very rare species of grapes that originated from Umbria (central Italy). In research, it is proven as the only wine with high antioxidants compared to any other wine. With the recognizable taste of blueberry jam, plum sauce, cocoa, and black tea, this wine has a high level of tannins. 


    This wine has a bold taste of a black cherry plum. Merlot is the second most well-known wine grape in the entire world. It has a high range of procyanidin and resveratrol, which assist in lowering cholesterol and encourage cardiovascular health. 

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    This wine with a high range of baking spice and dark fruit contains the usual cardiovascular advantages. In addition to that, it has flavonoids that help generate proteins that play an essential role in developing the health of the cells. 


    Barbera originates in Piedmont, Italy, and has a bold taste of licorice, cherry, and dried herbs. It’s not only the most pocket-friendly wine for specific reasons but also the wine with tons of health benefits due to the presence of resveratrol in it. 


    It is one of the smoothest wines with the bold taste of chocolate and blackberry and a high range of antioxidants associated with excellent immunity and heart health. Cultivated in France and Argentina, the grapes have a thick peel, due to which it has an excessive amount of tannins. 


    Nebbiolo is another wine from Piedmont with a high range of polyphenols such as procyanidin. With bold red color and the taste of star anise, it also has a high range of melatonin, which would help you sleep if you are sleep deprived. 


    French Tannat has complex tannins; that is why winemakers blend a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon with Tannat. It is also known as Madiran and has an intense flavor of smoke and dark fruits. In Uruguay, Tannat consists of smooth tannins and soft fruit flavors. The grape has a high range of antioxidants and procyanidins, due to which it has cardiovascular advantages. 


    To get the health advantages from wines, a few wines, such as white wines, sweet rieslings, and Moscato, must be prevented at all costs. These wines do not consist of any antioxidant plus; they have high sugar content. If you want to have white wine, you can drink once in a while, but make sure that you do not misunderstand health benefits.