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Exotic Remedies That Heal Your Body

    Plants have medicinal properties that people have taken advantage of for more than 60,000 years. The World Health Organization has estimated more than 21,000 plant species that people can use for medicinal purposes. 

    • Herbs like black pepper, aloe vera, and sandalwood heal wounds and boils.
    • Some herbs have been used for blood purifiers as they can eliminate metabolic toxins. 
    • Herbs are also a stimulant that can help in increasing the activities of specific organs—for example, cayenne. 

    These are just a few uses of herbs that we have listed in this article. Let’s look at some of the exotic herbs that you can use to heal your body. 


    This is traditional to Chinese medicine. It is also known as an adaptogen as it protects the body against stress like physical, mental, and emotional stress. It helps in protecting the immune system as it contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage. It is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb due to its properties.

    Recent studies have shown that astragalus has antiviral properties that help stimulate the immune system, suggesting that it can prevent colds. People in ancient times used astragalus to treat people having issues with an upper respiratory infection, lower blood pressure, diabetes, and liver malfunction. Astragalus may be available in various forms like tincture, capsules, and tablets. 

    Echinacea Purpurea

    This herb is a native American medicinal herb named for its prickly scales and large conical seed head. Many studies suggest that echinacea contains an active agent which helps in boosting the immune system, relieves pain, minimizes inflammation, and has antiviral effects. Other uses of this particular herb are to cure nasal congestion and sore throat. The herb may react with other supplements once consumed and may cause some unknown reactions. One must avoid using this herb if you’re receiving immunosuppressant therapy due to cancer or organ transplantation. Pregnant women should also avoid consuming this herb. Consulting a practitioner is very important. 


    Thuja helps cure respiratory tract infections like bronchitis and bacterial skin infection. You can also use the herb for painful conditions like osteoarthritis and nerve disorders like trigeminal neuralgia that affect the face. Some people often used Thuja to boost the immune system, loosen phlegm, or increase urine flow as a diuretic. You can directly apply it to the skin for joint pain and muscle pain. Thuja oil is also an insect repellent, and in food and beverages, a flavoring agent. Thuja contains thujone, which might cause some neurological problems. Pregnant women should avoid consuming. 


    The common type of Sambucus is elderberry, a kind of Sambucus flowering plant belonging to the Adoxacese familia. It is a native European plant that is now grown in many parts of the world. Historically, the flowers and leaves are great for relieving pain, swelling, inflammation, stimulating urine, and increase sweating. The tree bark has been used as a diuretic agent, which also helps in inducing vomiting.

    These are low-calorie foods with high amounts of antioxidants. These are good sources of vitamin C, and they contain high fiber. They help in reducing oxidative stress due to the presence of phenolic acid in them. They are rich in anthocyanins which give them their dark purple-black color and also their anti-inflammatory properties. They may also help reduce the length and severity of symptoms that occur due to the influenza virus. 


    Umcka, scientifically known as Pelargonium sidoides, is a plant native to South Africa used in South African medicine for curing a cold and cough. According to the study published in the Cochrane Database of systematic review in 2013, umcka may be effective in attenuating the effects of Rhinosinusitis and the common cold. People have also used it for mouth infection or tonsillitis, but they contain limited scientific evidence to prove this. 


    Sage is scientifically known as Salvia Officinalis, an evergreen subshrub. Throughout Europe, sage is primarily for culinary purposes. Researches have shown that sage is a good source of vitamin K, which helps heal wounds in the body. The plant has low calories and highly nutritious antioxidants, which help in fighting diseases and lower cholesterol. The plant is also a fantastic antiseptic due to its antimicrobial properties that kill germs. You can even use dried sage as an air purifier; the smoke helps to repel insects and remove other bacteria from the air. 


    Cardamom is a spice that originates from India but is grown everywhere now. The extract of cardamom has immense medicinal use. It is used as an antidiuretic and antioxidant, which helps in lowering blood pressure. Some studies suggest that cardamom may contain compounds that help fight cancer cells as it helps increase the activity of certain enzymes and helps kill tumors. The antioxidant compounds present in cardamom protect the cells from getting damaged and slowing down, and prevents inflammation in the body. The essential oils from cardamom are effective against various bacteria and fungal infections and stomach issues. It may help in improving breathing and relaxing air passage to the lungs. 


    There are certain health benefits if the cocoa powder contains 72% cocoa content. It helps in improving cognitive health, increases your attention, working memory, and restores cognitive performance in people dealing with sleep loss. Cocoa powder is a good source of iron, zinc, and selenium, which help boost the immune system. Magnesium is essential for regulating muscle contraction and also helps in nerve function. Cocoa powder contains magnesia which helps in maintaining healthy muscles and the nervous system. It also contains polyphenols and antioxidants helps in reducing cholesterol level and blood sugar level. 


    Papayas, also known as pawpaws or papaws, have a wide range of health benefits. They help in preventing asthma and even show anti-cancer properties. Zeaxanthin is an antioxidant found in papayas that helps eliminate blue light rays and plays a protective role in eye health. Papaya is rich in beta carotene, which helps in reducing the risk of developing asthma.

    Papayas are also a good source of vitamin K, which reduces your bones’ risk of becoming brittle. The enzyme papain in papayas is used to aid problems related to digestion and can tenderize meat. High fiber and water content help prevent constipation and help in a healthy digestive tract. These are just a few of the health benefits mentioned of the papayas out of the many. 


    Camu fruit and seed are highly nutritious and contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and flavonoids. Camu Camu is abundant in vitamin C and helps in curing gum-related problems. It contains valine, a type of essential amino acid that is not produced in our body and helps prevent muscle breakdown and improves the cognitive system.

    It also includes other amino acids such as leucine and serine, which are important in muscle and tissue growth and help recover growth hormones. Potassium is vital for the proper functioning of the heart and kidney, and Camu Camu is one such fruit that is abundant in potassium. Gallic acid gives it its property of being antifungal and antiviral. 


    These were just a few of the exotic herbs which help heal our bodies. You should add all these herbs to your diet after consulting your doctor. Some of them could have some adverse effects as they can cause unwanted reactions to other medications you consume.