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Daily Tasks For Ultimate Brain Health

    In the US, the Health and Human Services Department aims at improving the health and wellness of every citizen. According to them, mental health includes social, psychological, and emotional well-being. It’s all about handling stress, making choices, and relating to others. Unfortunately, mental health problems have seen a constant rise in the past decade. But, the good part is there are ways to improve brain health. Even as a part of brain training, one can try certain tricks. Here are ten daily tasks for ultimate brain health you may consider. 


    Brushing With The Opposite Hand

    As you wake up, follow this simple trick to improve your brainpower. Brushing your teeth with the non-dominant hand will develop new brain networks. In easier words, it challenges your concentration and coordination. 


    Downward Dog

    Sounds unfamiliar? Well, studies show that regular morning yoga boosts your cognitive function to another level. Of them all, sun salutations enhance your brain health in miraculous ways. For information retention and improving focus, extract 20 minutes every day for hatha yoga.


    Watch On The Other Wrist

    All set for work? Wait, here’s another brain power trick. Tie your watch on your non-dominant wrist. Since checking time is mostly an unconscious activity, the purpose is to turn it conscious. Although the shift looks easy, you must try this brain exercise.


    Solve A Crossword

    Lunch doesn’t take very long. Find some time and solve puzzles or simple word searches. These can be great ways to develop a part of the brain responsible for analytics. 

    Also, it keeps your mental health perfect. Daily sudoku puzzles are excellent ways to sharpen your mind and make quick decisions. 


    Tired? Take A Coffee Break

    Research shows that consumption of around 200 mg of caffeine every day gives you a long-term memory. When you learn something new, take a break and have coffee. It will improve recalling the next day you try. Coffee boosts your cognitive function in amazing ways!


    Practice A Foreign Language

    When you have some time after work, download a foreign language phrases app. Spend a few minutes practicing them. Studies show that people who learn and work on another language have better brain health. If you wish to preserve memory, enhance planning, and better your problem solving, becoming bilingual is the best trick. 


    Is Salmon Your Supper Plan?

    Mental health is a very talked-up issue, especially at one age. On the bright side, those who eat two servings per week of seafood can prevent cognitive decline. For older adults, salmon is recommended as it decreases the possibility of Alzheimer’s. 


    Do Your Homework

    Serve something new to yourself. Try a philosophy lecture, cooking class, or origami. Such an activity forces your brain to expand in multiple dimensions. Research shows that any form of brain training is important for both younger and older adults. The risk of dementia was reduced in adults who took a course. 


    Take A Sound Nap

    After a long day, your mind needs rest. Even if you haven’t done much physical exercise throughout, it’s suggested you sleep at 10 pm. Taking a sound nap supports memory and learning. It also reduces the chance of any mental illness in the long term. Plus, all the potentially harmful toxins are pushed out during these night hours. So, take a comfy pillow and turn off your lamps. 


    Start Running

    Physical exercise affects you both physically and mentally. If you are a passionate runner, it’s the best thing. Even jogging can drastically improve your cardiorespiratory system. Research shows that you can eliminate most mental health problems at an early stage with running. Moreover, the brain’s grey matter increases with walking and jogging, which signifies high processing speed. 


    Bonus: Turn Off Technology

    It is hard to imagine someone without laptops and phones in today’s times. But, while gadgets are a brilliant source of communication and information, it overloads our brain. So, mental health is important, and you need to balance it now more than ever. One reason for cognitive decline is the excessive use of technology. It is hard to digest so much. Further, the processing speed begins to reduce. So, you can make it a habit to turn off gadgets for some time and relax. 




    Solve a crossword, pick an exercise, sleep well, or pick from the options above. But, always remember that mental health is as vital as physical health. Also, since brain function controls all your activities, behavior, and moods, regular honing is essential. If you wish to boost your intellectual powers, you need to flourish your brain. Feel free to try the ten daily tasks for ultimate brain health as per your lifestyle and interests.