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Why You Should Not Waste Fruit Rinds

    Did you know that every time you throw the peel of an orange or a banana in the bin, you are missing out on a number of essential nutrients? Fruit rinds are a rich source of a number of essential vitamins like A, C, B, and other nutrients that include manganese, calcium, selenium, and zinc. Not just that, but the extract from fruit peels can also be used to aid a number of health-related concerns such as shortness of breath and coughing.

    These are just a couple of many reasons why you shouldn’t waste fruit rinds, but instead, put them to good use.

    Benefits of Fruit Rinds

      • Fruit peels of popular fruits like kumquats, guavas, blueberries, and grapes contain a high number of antioxidants that are highly beneficial for the body.
      • Kiwi fruit peel comprises a greater amount of vitamin C, flavonoids, antioxidants, and double the fiber compared to the fruit itself.
      • Orange peel has large amounts of magnesium, riboflavin, potassium, vitamin B6, and calcium, essential for many body functions.
      • Lemon rinds help eliminate toxins from the body, exactly like how lemon juice does.
      • Mango peel consists of high fiber that helps promote digestion, boosts heart health, and also reduces constipation.
      • Watermelon rinds are rich in citrulline, an amino acid with antioxidant properties that converts to arginine, which is vital for the body’s circulatory system, heart, and immune system.

    Multiple Uses of Fruit Rinds and Peels

    The idea of using fruit peels for something might sound funny or bizarre, but the truth is that they offer such a plethora of uses and purposes.

    Think of it as recycling. Instead of just disposing of fruit rinds in the garbage, you’ll be actually using them for so many unique and fun things. Take a look!

    Banana Peel for Dental Health

    If you ever see someone rubbing a banana peel on their teeth, don’t get surprised, as this is one of the best uses of banana peel!

    Banana peel functions as an excellent tool for good dental health and has also been found to contain effective whitening properties. Rub the inside of the peel along with your teeth for about a minute. While doing this certainly won’t give you pearly whites, it will surely help strengthen your teeth, given the high mineral value found in the peel of a banana.

    Lemon Rinds for a Clean Coffee Pot

    If you are a coffee-lover, you probably have a dirty coffee pot sitting on your counter, waiting to be cleaned. Lemon rinds work really well when it comes to cleaning a coffee pot. Add some lemon rinds, salt, and ice inside the pot, give it a nice swirl for a minute or two. Empty the contents from the pot, rinse it with water, and there you have it, a perfectly clean and shiny coffee pot ready to be used again.

    Orange Peel for Candy and Syrup

    For all those with a big, aching sweet tooth, turn your leftover orange peels into candies and syrup, and enjoy homemade sweet treats!

    Cut the orange peel into strips, and boil it with water over the stove for a few minutes. Discard the water and repeat the process twice or thrice to get rid of the bitterness from the peel. Mix together water and sugar in a pan, simmer for a few minutes, and throw in the peels. Cook for about 40-45 minutes or until the strips become translucent. Swirl the pan around, remove the syrup and save it for iced tea for later.

    Roll the peels in sugar, let them dry for 5-6 hours, and enjoy some delicious and sweet orange peel sweet treats!

    Apple Peels for a Healthy, Nutritious Smoothie

    Smoothies and shakes present the ideal opportunity for you to use fruit rinds and peels since they get blended away, and you won’t even know it.

    Apple peels are full of fiber, so if you wish to make yourself a delicious, healthy fruit smoothie or shake, throw in the apple peels and enjoy that extra boost of fiber.

    Peach Peels for Face Scrub

    This probably doesn’t come as a surprise given how so many people also use cucumber slices on their eyes for its cooling effect.

    Instead of throwing away peach rinds, use it as a face scrub and breathe new life into your face!

    Put some sugar on the inside of the peach peels and gently rub it all over your face in circular motions. Keep scrubbing while you go, and then wash off your face with lukewarm water.

    Peach skins contain numerous beneficial plant compounds that help keep your face fresh, rejuvenated, and bright.

    Citrus Fruit Rinds for a Flavorful Extract Powder

    Fruit rinds from citrus fruits offer an excellent way to form a flavorful, aromatic citrus extract powder that you can use in your foods later.

    Take some leftover lemon rinds, orange and grapefruit peels, and allow them to dry completely in the sun for four to five days. Throw them in the spice grinder, and grind them till they turn into powder.

    Store the citrus extract powder in a clean jar which you can use later in your salads, cold fruity beverages, and iced teas!

    Fruit Rinds for Fragrant Essential Oils

    There’s nothing more peaceful and comforting than a long, hot bath before going to bed, is there?

    Make your bath time even more enjoyable and relaxing by creating a spa-like ambiance with the help of leftover fruit rinds. Take some lemon, grapefruit, and orange peels, toss them into the bathtub and let the water release all fragrant, citrusy essential oils out of the peels.

    The very next moment, your bath will be full of soft, refreshing scents that will truly calm your mind and help you relax before you are finally ready for bed.

    Reconsider the Purpose and Benefits of Fruit Rinds

    Although it’s common practice to throw away fruits, rinds, and peels of the many fruits that we enjoy on a daily basis, you might want to reconsider their plethora of benefits and uses.

    From featuring them in skincare to kitchen functions to your food, fruit rinds are super multipurpose, and one should never waste them.