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Easy Everyday Exercises To Keep Seniors Fit


    COVID-19 has imposed several restrictions, particularly on movements that have affected our daily routine. Specifically, our seniors have been confined to their four walls with minimal physical exercise. Excellent physical health leads to excellent mental health. Hence, we need to encourage our seniors to get the extra energy doses their body well deserves! 

    According to CDC, an average adult needs 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 mins of Vigorous exercise weekly. However, with age, some of us may find it challenging to cope with these requirements, and therefore, it is essential for us to begin with our baby steps towards fitness. 

    In this article, we discuss Six simple indoor exercises to keep our seniors fit and healthy.

    Walk, Walk And Walk

    Walking is an excellent form of physical activity that doesn’t need much effort. It involves coordination from your brain’s cortical motor regions and muscular areas to execute the walking actions. It does not require gym subscriptions or well-maintained walking tracks. Walking 45 mins a day can help you eliminate all the toxicants your body was jammed with. You could purchase a treadmill or watch videos that portray the correct forms of a walk. It signals to your brain that some activity is being carried over, and hence it needs to be alert! You can also make use of the staircase- walk up and down as many times as possible. If you reside in a flat, try using the stairs instead of the elevator at times. Daily lifestyle changes, such as walking to the grocery store or beach walks, should be encouraged. 

    Household Chores And Gardening

    Yes! It’s indeed the right time for you to clear your closet or to dust out the corners of your house. While you perform these chores, you unknowingly make physical movements by bending, stretching, walking, and jumping (if this includes dusting your roof). Exercises are very much essential as we age. Your body needs physical activity and rest, and hence it is our utmost duty to nourish it with both aspects. 

    Gardening is another exciting activity that serves two purposes; it nurtures your garden and keeps it healthy. While you are busy working, it lets you get rid of all the unwanted tensions you have in your mind and the physical movements that you make. Studies have suggested flowers and plants uplift an individual’s mood. And in such circumstances, it is the purest form of boosting our confidence in the most natural way. 

    Sit And Stand Chair Exercise

    As we age, normal functions like standing after sitting, initiating movements can be challenging. These minute situations sometimes drain our confidence around people. 

    All you gotta do is grab on a sturdy chair. Make sure to support it against a wall to maintain its balance while you exercise. Now gently sit and while you rise, with a firm grip, balance your body well and sit again. Continue with this activity for some time until you are done for the day. This training can also be included as a warm-up exercise for the seniors as they begin their routine activity.  

    Stationary Bicycling

    Riding a stationary bicycle boosts your cardio stamina. Cardiac aerobic workouts such as cycling, running strengthen the vital organs, including the heart, lungs, and muscles. It can also help you lose weight by burning some of your body fat. Apart from these positives, it also strengthens your core and limb muscles, along with an increase in stamina. You can always purchase a stationary bicycle or maybe recycle one of your old bikes to make things work for you. Start pedaling for 10 minutes initially and then increase as you practice every day. 

    The Essence Of Physical Exercise And Meditation- Yoga 

    Yoga is an age-old exercise that keeps your mind and bodywork in synergy towards achieving fitness. It is a set of physical activities that, along with breathing techniques, can help individuals aiming to stay fit and individuals who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma. 

    Listed below are a few asanas (poses) that will give you the essence of yoga.

    Being a beginner, do not overexert yourself. The goal is to be calm and let your body reach out to the different lengths of flexibility as it can. 

    Tree Pose

    A tree symbolizes the life that maintains a balance between its roots, branches, leaves, and the fruits it bears. This pose helps you improve your body balance and enables you to keep your body stature.   

    Step 1: stand straight and join your hands.

    Step 2: gently lift your left foot and support it to your right thigh. 

    Step 3: as you maintain this posture, gently breathe in and out. 

    Note: Not to be performed on days suffering from blood pressure or balancing problems.

    Cobra Pose

    An excellent pose to strengthen your neck and spinal muscles. It also increases your back flexibility and stretches your abdomen as well as your forearms. 

    Step 1: lie on the floor with your palms facing the ground.

    Step 2: raise the upper half of your body and focus your gaze above on the roof.

    Step 3: Remain in this posture for 20-30 secs as a beginner.

    Note: Not to be performed if having neck or back problems such as arthritis or vertebral column injuries. 

    Child’s Pose

    Remember being a kid and having no things to worry about?

    Yes, this pose helps you revive your childish postures and retrospection the various unwanted thoughts occurring in your mind at the movement. 

    Step 1: gently kneel on the floor, and let your feet stretch flat on the ground. 

    Step 2: raise your hands straight and bow down until you reach the ground.

    Step 3: push your core towards your thighs. Be mindful of your breathing.

    Note: do not perform if any you have knee or ankle injuries. 

    Corpse Pose

    Most of the asanas end with this pose to help you breathe and get your focus back into the current situation. After stretching minutes, you need to ensure a good flow of oxygen through every inch of your body. This pose helps you relax with some soothing background music of your choice to get into a refreshing mood.  

    Step 1: lay down on the floor.

    Step 2: maintain a straight body posture and get back on your feet after minutes of relaxation. 

    Plank Pose

    Plank is one of the core strengthening exercises most commonly used. Being a part of modern yoga boots your abdominal as well as butt muscles. 

    Step 1: place your elbows below your shoulders.

    Step 2: move your body above the floor by gently exerting pressure on your forearms and toes. 

    Step 3: Remain in this posture for around 30 seconds.

    Note: should not be performed if suffering from shoulder or ankle issues. 

    Let’s Dance 

    Dance is the purest form of physical exercise that gets you into the mood. Be it a junior or senior, and it’s an expression of happiness and enthusiasm. You can play some music of your choice and let your body dance to the tunes of your soul. Freeform or choreographed, there is a constant firing of various nerve impulses in your brain. While being in a digitally modern era, you can use social media platforms to learn multiple dance forms or practice while watching an online video. 


    Zumba and aerobics are other forms of an exercise regimen that incorporate physical exercise as well as dance. They aim to strengthen your core, provide physical fitness, and eliminate unwanted toxicants in the form of sweat.  However, it is advisable to perform these regiments under the guidance of a trained and certified instructor.