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Most Unhealthy Ways To Drink Coffee

    Coffee beans are a superfood. It has the goodness of stimulating aroma and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins B2, B3, and B5. Coffee beans also contain potassium, manganese, and healthy polyphenols.

    But all is not good since coffee is a rich source of caffeine. Consuming your coffee with milk and sugar increases calorie intake and causes high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

    5 Ways To Never Drink Coffee

    Here are five ways you should never drink your coffee.

    Boiling Your Coffee With Milk And Sugar

    Milk and sugar not only remove the natural aroma of the coffee but will also add loads of calories to your cup. Brewing coffee by boiling will also result in a poor taste. Heat tends to destroy the oil that gives flavor to coffee. 

    Avoid adding milk and sugar to enjoy the natural flavor of the coffee. The best way is to make a French press coffee.

    Using A Paper Filter To Brew Coffee

    Another unhealthy way to brew coffee is by the paper coffee filter used in a drip coffee maker. It will not only ruin the taste but will give way to ingredients, mostly micro-particles of plastic, in your coffee. 

    Cold And Frozen Coffee Swirls

    A frozen coffee swirl has almost 180 grams of added sugar. It is nearly equivalent to 178% of the daily sugar recommended by a dietician. Loads of fats and artificial flavors will not only cause weight problems, but regular intake may also result in heart problems, diabetes, and blood pressure.

    A Blended Frappuccino

    This harmless-looking regular glass of this blended beverage contains 500 calories. Not only this, but it also has 80 grams of artificial sweeteners and 76 grams of added sugar. The same goes for a mocha, cold caramel brew, and Mac frappe.

    Avoid Coffee On An Empty Stomach

    If the first thing you do in the morning is brewing coffee, get rid of this habit. Consuming coffee on an empty stomach has numerous health risks like anxiety, acidity and can also damage your stomach lining. Drinking coffee in excess will also interrupt your sleep pattern

    5 Incredible Ways Of Drinking Coffee

    All may not sound good with coffee, but there are some fantastic health benefits of coffee beans, as we have already mentioned. Here are five incredible ways to drink your coffee.

    Drink It, Black

    The best coffee is an espresso that contains less than ten calories per cup. Keep your coffee healthy and cut down calories with a regular brew. Don’t add sugar and milk to ruin the goodness; initially, it will not taste delightful, but you will love the taste and aroma after some days.

    Brew Organic Beans

    Purchase a certified organic coffee to have all the goodness and nutrients of coffee intact. Certified organic coffee is free from pesticides and other harmful fertilizers. Brew organic and get rid of toxic chemicals entering your body.

    Add Cocoa

    Cocoa is another superfood with plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Cocoa has numerous health benefits like cancer-fighting properties and lowering cholesterol. Be sure to choose unsweetened cocoa.

    Brewing Stale Coffee

    Brewing stale coffee will not only get you a bland cup of coffee but can also upset your stomach. Ground coffee stays fresh only for a few days, even when kept in an air-tight container. 

    Stale coffee beans may contain bacteria and fungus that will give you an upset stomach. Make sure you brew fresh coffee every time. Mixing stale coffee with fresh coffee will also ruin the cup.

    Try Americano

    Americano has excellent taste and health benefits; it is the American way of drinking espresso by diluting it. It is estimated that a cup can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It can also fight depression and help to burn fat. 


    Here are the worst ways and some healthy ways to brew coffee. Many times the added sugars and milk make coffee unhealthy. The more you drink black coffee, the better off you will be, and you will be able to enjoy coffee’s authentic taste more.