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Alcohol With The Most Calories

    If you are concerned about your beer belly, which does not listen to your conscience or your efforts to get rid of, then one thing that you should reconsider in your diet is the alcoholic beverages that bring in loads of calories. 

    As you gulp down cans of beer, one thing that often escapes out of mind (except the hangover) is the calories you easily tuck away into your body. Alcohols are required to be fermented, which is the primary source of calories. Pure alcohols have seven calories per gram. Though it does not contain significant fats, the calories themselves can mount up depending on the drink and the mixes prepared.  

    Here are some alcoholic beverages that you must keep your eyes on if you don’t want to ruin your diet.

    Long Island Iced Tea 424 Calories In 420 ml 

    One of the highest calorie loaders, the Long Island Iced Tea, brings in a whopping 424 calories in a 420 ml drink! With a generous dose of vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec (which in itself is high on calories), and cola, the cocktail tops the ranks of drinks that have the most calories. Regional variations to the mixture make the value fluctuate about the median line, but there is no denying its supremacy. 

    White Russian 256.7 Calories In 100 ml

    If you want to source the calories, blame it on the whipping cream that completes the drink. The smooth drink melts with the sweet coffee flavor, and before long, you are halfway down the glass. If you enjoy this sugar bomb, make sure that you do not drink too many. 

    Triple Sec 231 Calories In 100 ml

    The orange-flavored drink has 15-40% alcohol by volume. The drink made from dried orange peel might not suit many taste buds but is a popular choice for many cocktails like the long island iced tea. So, either way, if you consume it, make sure to count your calories.

    Red Wine 228 Calories In 250 ml

    Red wine has often been touted as a healthy drink rich in antioxidants. True. But yes, it is also rich in calories. Hence, the body always welcomes moderate consumption, but heavy drinking makes it no better than other drinks at hand.

    Pina Colada 174 Calories In 100 ml

    A pina colada is a delicious cocktail with rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, and calories. Yes, that is what pina colada is to your body. If you are not afraid of calories, then this is a stop for the sweet-toothed. However, if you are worried about weight gain, shifting to healthier proportions might be better.

    White Wine 121 To 190 Calories In 170 ml

    With lesser calorie content than red wine, white wine may seem a better option than red wine, but that is not entirely true. It depends on the brand you choose. Lower the percentage of alcohol by volume, lower the number of calories.


    It is much easier to ignore the calories when it comes to liquids, especially when it is about alcohol. But it is worth noting that the calories complement the calorie intake of the daily diet and thus inflates the numbers manifold. It is also seen that the alcohols raise the appetite making you crave snacks more. There are many other ways to consume alcohol with fewer calories.