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Ways To Prevent Muscle Loss

    Aging is a natural and unavoidable phenomenon. Day by day, as you age, you will notice many changes taking place in your body, such as a drastic change in your level of energy, libido, memory, etc. You don’t have to worry or be insecure about such things. Just contend with it and love your body the way it is. 

    You might not know that this loss of strength and muscle is a disease, which you can prevent with adequate measures. The name of this disease is sarcopenia. It has impacted a lot of older Americans. This irritating and pain-causing disease is capable of making one’s old age a severe burden, a burden most of us will not be able to carry.


    The condition of Sarcopenia is so dangerous that it will significantly impact your body if you do not take proper preventive measures. It can hamper your moving ability, and your body might start taking longer than usual to recover from any disease. Ever heard of “osteoporosis,” scientists claim that Sarcopenia is no less than osteoporosis. 

    Well, good news for you- you can make your golden years great if you follow some basic diet rules and change your lifestyle slightly. What follows are some of the ways by which you can prevent this loss of muscles. 

    Consuming Foods Rich In Proteins 

    After a person turns 40, he or she is likely to lose about 8% muscle mass every decade. The main reason behind this is the lack of amino acids, proteins, and calories in their diet. Muscles need amino acids in sufficient quantities so that they can build themselves. Doctors say that after attaining a certain age, people should double up the amount of protein intake. 

    This will enhance the rate of protein synthesis in muscles. The process wherein the body cells make more muscle by using protein is known as protein synthesis. Some of the food items that are a great source of protein include chicken, fish, beans, dairy, eggs, turkey, legumes, etc. 

    Hitting The Gym

    Strength training and cardio workouts are essential because they work as a signal for your muscles to strengthen consistently. According to a study, if people start weight training even at the age of 60+, they can quickly build muscles the same as a person of 40 years can. To develop muscles and improve strength, aim for weight training three times a week. 

    Sufficient Sleep

    After you complete exercising, your body requires some time so that it can regenerate itself. This process of regeneration occurs at the time when you are asleep. Therefore, you must get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep is a significant factor contributing to muscle degeneration. If you want to grow your muscles, proper rest is no less important than exercise and nutrition. 

    No Need To Cut On Carbs

    If in case you are not consuming adequate quantities of carbohydrates, then you are often lackluster. You won’t have enough energy to make yourself strong enough to lift heavyweights. This lack of energy will undoubtedly jeopardize your opportunities to develop more mass on your muscles. You are likely always to feel weak and tired. 

    You should know that refined grains lack fiber and vitamins. They can also increase the level of blood sugar in your body. Therefore, your aim should be to consume at least six to ten servings of sweet potatoes, whole grains, legumes, beans, and fruit. Research shows that if you consume a mix of carbs and a protein-rich diet as your pre and post-workout diet, it will benefit you to a great extent in building your muscles. 

    Get An Adequate Amount Of Vitamin D

    The deficiency of vitamins, especially vitamin D, will have a terrible effect on your body. It will lower the body’s capacity to develop muscles. As you age, you will face a deficiency of vitamin D in your body. 

    A better way is to consult a medical practitioner and get your level of Vitamin D checked. Also, ask if taking supplements will benefit or not. Some other sources of Vitamin D which you should not miss are orange juice, fatty fishes (mackerel and salmon), fortified milk, beef liver, cereals, and egg yolks. 

    Do Not Drink Too Much Alcohol 

    Drinking alcohol will make your body quite dehydrated, which also impacts the muscles’ functioning. Women should be careful that they do not consume more than a glass in a day, i.e., five ounces of wine or ten ounces of beer is more than sufficient. At the same time, a double of the same amount would be enough for men. 

    Staying Hydrated Is The Key

    You all know that water is very crucial for life. Keeping your body well- hydrated will ultimately lead you towards a healthy lifestyle. Day by day, as you grow older, your body tends to lose more considerable amounts of water than usual. It can deprive your muscles of going through the process of electrolytes. Therefore, your muscle strength might decrease. If you wish that the cells in your muscles should work optimally and effectively, you should consume more water. 


    A steady loss and degeneration of your body’s lean muscle mass is not something new. It is a natural phenomenon of aging. You can easily prevent this if you eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.