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Why Wearing The Wrong Shoes Causes Back Pain

    Back pain can be disheartening, especially if it prevents you from walking or doing your usual chores. If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, it’s time to consider the shoes you’re wearing. Some of the most common and trendy footwear styles are terrible for back pain, and if you already have pain, they will make it worse. Find out how footwear can cause back pain and how you can fix it.

    Types Of Shoes You Should Avoid

    Though your feet and favorite pair of heels may look far away from your back, they can contribute to back pain, stress, and fatigue. This happens due to various factors like the type of shoes we wear, how much support they offer, and how we move our feet in them. Let’s see different types of shoes and how to fix the pain caused by them.

    Flat Shoes 

    To your surprise, flat shoes could be highly problematic. It happens because flat shoes provide no support to your feet as you walk. This pressure and impact build over time, and your back bears the consequences. 

    Apart from this, flat shoes may cause tearing or overstretching of the tendons and ligaments in the feet. This happens because there’s no shock absorption from the shoes, and the feet take all the impact from walking. 

    • How To Prevent The Damage

    If you have to wear flat shoes, make sure you can wiggle your toes. Buy shoe insoles that give extra support and comfort to your feet. If you’re going to buy new shoes, make sure you buy a pair with a cushioned sole. 


    According to the data, around 75% of women wear high heels. However, high heels are a definite cause of back pain. Women still understand that the heels will cause ached toes and back by the end of the day. But men often ignore the fact that the slightest heel from dress shoes or cowboy shoes can also become a problem. 

    Not only the spine but high heels also affect knees, hips, and feet. This might happen because when you wear high heels, the bodyweight gets shifted onto the balls of the feet. Heels also hinder the range of motion and may cause ingrown toenails, hammertoe deformities, and bunions. Apart from this, wearing heels can also tighten and shorten the calf muscles that may cause difficulty in extending legs. 

    • How To Prevent The Damage

    If you want to wear heels, go for round-toed heels instead of pointy ones. Wear heels less often, and whenever you do, make sure your heels fit you correctly so that you don’t slip and slide inside the shoe. Choose wide block heels or wedges instead of thin heels. 

    Flip Flops 

    Just like flat shoes, flip-flops also don’t provide any support to the feet. Apart from this, to keep flip flops from falling, you have to scrunch your toes, and your hips have to work hard to keep you walking. This impacts your body in a very negative way. 

    The results are muscle imbalance along the back of your leg, lower body fatigue, and a tender lower back. 

    • How To Prevent The Damage

    If you want to wear flip-flops, buy those having a sturdier sole. Never wear flip-flops for long walking distances. Toss out old flip-flops every three to four months. 

    Best Shoes To Avoid Back Pain

    Tennis Shoes 

    Running shoes are one of the best shoes for back pain. These shoes address various issues, and you can choose one according to your needs. Whether you have a natural, low, or high arch, you’ll find something that works for you. 

    If you still have some doubts, you can go to a specialized shoe store to get expert advice. 

    Prescription Orthotics Or Special Insoles  

    What could be better than something that carries a seal of acceptance from orthopedics? Another great shoe for you are prescription orthotics that will provide excellent support and cushion to your feet. There are many types available, but you can go to a specialized store and let them know your needs. 

    Specially designed insoles can also help prevent and relieve back pain since they provide extra support. 

    How To Relieve Back Pain Caused By Shoes?


    You can practice gentle yoga targeted towards relieving your back pain. 


    This has always been a lifesaver! Apply a hot pack on your back or take a hot shower to increase oxygen flow to the muscles. Heat packs also stimulate sensory receptors, which will decrease the transmission of pain signals to the brain. 

    Wrapping Up

    We all deal with back pain in some way or another. But sometimes, the culprit is none other than our favorite pair of shoes. Finding the right shoes is crucial to get rid of back pain, but you should consult your doctor if the problem persists.