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Best Ways To Relieve Weather Related Joint Pain

    With the setting in spring, fall, or winter, chilly winds, and dipping temperatures, the first thing that becomes a significant concern for people is joint-related pain. We can even see people predicting the arrival of rains or winter through their acting up joint pains, and this reality is frequently portrayed. People are often exposed to laughter as it is said that the forecast weather is better than the meteorologist. 

    However, this very fact is debatable whether people can predict the weather through this. Researchers do stress the point that a Weather changing results in joint capsule swelling, which further results in discomfort, but nothing can be confirmed 100 percent because the proof available is so inconclusive and often opposed. According to some past studies by Rheumatologist Bonita S. Libman, MD, a professor of medicine and division chief of rheumatology and clinical immunology at the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, people living in areas with lower barometric pressures found that the lower the pressure, the more aches, and pains. Here are some easy suggestions you can heed to avoid or relieve yourself from your joint pain:-

    Keep Warm

     A fundamental thing to keep in mind during winter is if you have a history of season-related joint pains is to better cover yourself wholly during the winter. You should also remember to dress up in layers to remove whenever you wish to if you are in a warm environment .it is advisable to use electric blankets at night and keep in check that your room is adequately heated.

    Be Active

     No one can deny the fact that muscles that move are more potent. Regular exercise is the only way to keep everything in check and increase muscle and bone strength like; yoga, walking, swimming, etc. They are ideal because they are gentle in nature and the most effective in increasing joint strength, leading to decreased stiffness. But also pay attention to not straining your knees and having to walk around carrying heavy objects, and remember to warm up your muscles before doing some workout.

    Warm Baths And Hot Compresses

    If you suffer from achy joints, a hot soothing bath will yield magical results t the end of the day. Surely, the warmth will seep into your heart, relax the muscles and increase the flow of blood. Do not worry if a bath is not possible; even a hot compress or a hot water bag will do the magic as well.

    Paraffin Wax

    Before opting for paraffin wax, do consult your family doctor please. Paraffin wax’s moist heat is regarded to reduce pain and stiffness in the joint but has side effects, so please be careful.

    Add Fish Oil

    Omega 3 fatty acids are considered to be of some help here because they reduce inflammatory levels. Libran refers and further advises everyone to consume at least 2.6 grams of fish oil capsules twice a day. But then once again, keep one thing in mind to figure out whether fish oil suits you or is it appropriate as the consummation of Omega 3 can increase bruising or bleeding, so keep in touch with your doctor.

    Over The Counter Medication OTC

    As you can see, your doctor can prescribe mild pain killers, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, if the problem of joint pain worsens. And if it still bugs, then prescription medications are on the market to relieve you of your discomfort, to relax you to enjoy this beautiful season, and as Anamika Mishra once said

    “Winter is not a season; it’s a celebration.”


    You might not believe it, but there are still many hidden reasons for joint pain and stiffness. The weather can inflame your joint pain, but it is necessary to clarify the root cause, and apart from age, joint pain may also be the product of some of these.

    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Lupus
    • Bursitis
    • Gout
    • Bone cancer

    A correct diagnosis is solely dependent on effective care and control of the pain. When the temperature dives low and the barometric pressure increases, and the knee acts up, the first thing is to take a warm bath and then call your doctor to schedule an appointment to see him.