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Signs You Could Live Past 100

    Who wouldn’t want to live over 100 years? There are many places where the population of centenarians is extraordinary, Okinawa, Japan, being the lead. So what if you could know the various practices that centenarians follow? In this article, you will read about ten signs that could lead to living past 100 years. Among the many studies conducted on the ability to live past 100, few features have been common. Centenarians worldwide have a common life pattern which you can read below.

    Your Diet Includes Fruits And Vegetables

    In a study concluded at the University of Michigan on 700 women over the age of 70, those participants who ate more fruits and vegetables had a 46% lower chance of dying over five years compared to those who ate greens and fruits on an irregular basis. Apart from this study, the residents of Okinawa, Japan, live proof of the above-studied result as they have the highest ratio of world centenarians. Old Okinawans have claimed to eat a high plant-based diet for the better part of their lives. 


    A study conducted at Harvard found that those older adults who had a higher level of Omega-3 fatty acids lived on an average for two more years than those with lesser levels of omega-3. All the study participants did not take any form of omega supplements; they ate fish with high amounts of omega-3. Salmon is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids in fish. 

    Greek Type Diet

    It is a commonly known fact that eating a Mediterranean-style diet does help in increasing longevity. This diet style emphasizes nuts, whole grains, olive oil, fruits, fish, veggies, etc. However, recent studies have found that these diets have a trickle-down effect. Among the many participants studied to show the impact of the Mediterranean diet, those who followed the diet regularly had the least cellular aging compared to others. 


    Ikaria is a small island in the Mediterranean with many centenarians who are fond of afternoon naps, and it turns out it is a key factor in their longevity. A study concluded in Harvard shows that those who regularly engaged in a 30 minute afternoon snooze have a 37% lower chance of dying from a chronic disease than those who stayed awake throughout the day. 

    You Can Run A Good Distance

    Many types of research related to fitness have concluded a few common details: the fitness level of a person in his/her midlife can determine the health conditions of that person during their later years. Studies also show that those who stay fit have a lesser chance of developing certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, certain types of cancer, diabetes, etc.

    Meaning To Your Life

    A physiological study has found that those individuals who have a purpose in life and a sense of living are less likely to die over 14 years. So have a goal, pick up a new hobby, try something fascinating. Keep on moving, do not be stagnant with your life. Have a purpose in your life, a purpose that keeps you going. Those who live long keenly await for the next day; they do not feel tired of living. 


    Having strong connections and healthy relationships is another factor that most centenarians share. It is vital to surround yourself with those who radiate a positive and happy vibe to your life. Those with healthy connections and relationships have better chances at a longer life. 

    Tea Drinker

    A cup or two of tea daily is good for the heart. Various types of teas are used worldwide, with the most common being black and green tea. Black tea and green tea contain catechins which are beneficial in relaxing blood vessels. The important tip to note here would be to make the tea yourself as ready-to-go teas have fewer catechins due to prior dilution. Also, try avoiding milk with these types of teas as it negates the benefits of the tea. Always go for honey as an option. 

    No Soda

    The opposite of tea is soda. For every benefit, tea has, soda has a negative counter effect on the body. Even a single soda a day can double the risk of metabolic syndrome, leading to heart diseases. Soda also contains natural and artificial sweetness, which can train your tastebuds to crave similar tasting beverages. 


    There you have ten signs that signify a healthier and longer life. Centenarians worldwide indulge in these common practices, and the results have been a success since they are still alive to tell the tale. So if you wish to live long, try following the ways of the centenarians mentioned above.