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Best Exercises For Better Balance

    Best Exercises For Better Control And Coordination

    Establishing Balance In Your Body    

    Establishing a balance in your life is a process that needs endless dedication and hard work. Money and riches of the world cannot achieve balance in life. A balanced life is incomplete without a healthy mind and body, as health is wealth. When a balance has been installed in your muscles and your brain, your efficiency in completing various tasks increases; this will help You improve your health drastically, thereby aiding you to live a long life. A balance of mind and body can help you have better control and coordination, and so your ability to focus increases and your muscles are toned to help you look better. It isn’t easy to find time in your busy routine but exercising and doing Yoga can help establish control and coordination. 

    Good Mental Health For Control And Coordination

    When it comes to exercise, people assume it to be a physical activity. While this might be true, mental health is also something that helps you gain control of your life, thereby establishing coordination of your muscles. For instance, if you feel sad and unhappy in your life’s lows moments, your body feels physically tired due to the emotional stress that burdens you. You can improve a lot and gain control once you get rid of those unhappy and sad feelings. Hence, good mental health exercises like dancing, writing down thoughts in a diary, participating in recreational activities, and finding catharsis ways can improve your mental health. Once your mental health is stable, your body will automatically gain control and coordination. 

    How Can Physical Exercise Help You Maintain Balance And Develop Control And Coordination?


    Basic walking skills also depend on balance, scientifically referred to as the Centre of Gravity. When you perform balancing exercises, your core strength will drastically increase, improving flexibility and performance. Challenging your body to maintain a position defying the center of gravity can help you achieve a stronger core. Here is the list of various exercises that you can do to gain control and coordination.

    Slacklining: A Balancing Exercise And A Recreational Activity 

    Slacklining is similar to tightrope walking. It might seem more comfortable to initially walk on this tight band or rope, but the task is challenging to achieve and demands dedication and hard work. It takes months of practice to be able to walk on the slackline and achieve balance. Mastering slacklining will infer that you have successfully gained better control and coordination of your body as slacklining focuses on strengthening your core and a moving meditation method. Various types of slacklining include Waterline, Highline, Trickline, and Yoga line. 

    Yoga Poses To Improve Posture And Balance

    Yoga has proven to be the best exercise to develop a balanced connection between the mind and body for ages. Various Yoga poses can help you maintain balance, and standing on one-feet can be an easy task to achieve. Doing Yoga by following video instructions might cause damage to your body with improper posture. Therefore, you need to appoint a personal trainer or sign-up for Yoga classes to achieve control and coordination in your body. Yoga poses like Chair pose, Tree pose, and child pose can help you achieve your objective. 

    Basic Exercises For Improving Control And Coordination

    If Yoga and slacklining might not seem your cup of tea due to the locality or time constraint, consider doing the following exercises. These exercises can be done easily at your home without any equipment. The only equipment needed is your sports shoes. A commonality between every training that helps you develop balance is core strengthening.

    Standing Crunch With An Under-The-Leg Clap

    Stand in an upright position with your feet at an angle of 45 degrees. Then slowly raise your left leg such that your knees are in a sumo-squat position. Now maintain the balance, and while you do this, clap below the thighs. After the clap, join your hands over your head. Each side should be done as two sets of ten reps.

    Holding Squat Position

    Place your feet and a distance equal to your shoulder width. Then slowly bend your knees, keeping your torso upright and your hands straight perpendicular to the height. Hold this position for a few minutes and repeat the exercise. By doing this, your lower body is strengthened. If you succeed in holding the position for a longer duration, it can sign good control and coordination in your body.

    Plank For Core Conditioning

    The abdominal region is the place where the core of your body is located. When a heavy object is carried, there is a tendency to bend. This is caused by the shift in the center of gravity shifts from your abdominal area. By doing the plank exercise, you can strengthen your core and maintain balance. The exercise can be done by laying your body parallel to the floor and slowly lifting your body. While lifting the body, take the support of your elbow and the radius. Make a fist to gain control and maintain the position for more than a minute.

    Older Adults Need A Different Approach


    The exercises discussed earlier focus mainly on adults considering their age and metabolism. For older adults, it is necessary to develop exercises that are safe to follow and not fatal. Easy to Moderate exercises like Tightrope Walk, Rock the boat, and Flamingo stand will suffice in establishing control and coordination for older adults. The “Rock the boat” exercise is carried out by placing the palm on your hips. Then bend your knee and start kicking forward, making sure your thigh doesn’t move. 

    Other Exercises


    Other exercises like swimming and playing sports like basketball, skipping can help you control and coordinate your body. It is time to stop being lazy and begin the journey of achieving a balance in your body thereby, keeping your body controlled and coordinated.