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How To Prevent Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss can be psychological,  social, and physical problems.  There are three main types of hearing loss conductive sensorineural and mixed. 

    In sensorineural, one can have a permanent loss of hearing where you damage your ear’s inner cells. Sensorineural can give you Meniere’s disease.

    In the conductive hearing loss, the damage is caused to the outer part of the ear. Like in the sensor neural, your auditory nerve is damaged; in this case, auditory is undamaged. The loss can be temporary or permanent in this case.

    In mixed hearing loss, the damage is caused due to the combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.


    Loud sounds can damage your inner ear cells, but you can prevent the noise- provoked from getting worse.

    Avoid noise pollution or too much noise if you’re shouting to tell somebody due to the loudness, so that much noise is harmful to your ear. Avoid going to those places like concerts, vehicles like motorcycles, power tools like drill machines, and saws.

    Buy noise-free products or low noise appliances. 

    Wear Ear Protection

    If you’re going to a loud place, then you should wear ear protection like,

    Earplugs are useful for people like musicians or people who are going to noisy places. They are made up of rubber fn foam. They go into the canal of the ear and lower down the voice to 15-30 decibels. Earplugs can also be customized.

    Earmuffs are fitted tightly in the ears to block the sounds. They also reduce the sound to 15-30 decibels.

    Have a Hearing Test

    If you find any problems or not in your hearing, you should get tested. One should make a health checkup appointment if they are used to going to places where there is so much loudness, have difficulty in hearing during a conversation, or if you often hear ringing sounds in your ears.

    Volume Down

    Turning the volume down can be very beneficial for you. WHO also recommends that due to unsafe audio devices, many teenagers are more prone to hearing loss. Replacing earbuds with headphones is more likely to lessen the risk of hearing loss.

    Stop Cotton Swab Usage

    Many people use it to clean their ears or remove the wax from them. Some little wax is not bad but essential to your ears as it stops the dust from entering your ear’s canal. The extra water from your ear can be removed using a damp towel gently, or you can wax removal solution. Insignificant cases, you can consult a professional if possible. 

    Sports Events 

    If you’re a sportsperson and love watching sports games in stadiums but have a hearing issue or to avoid loud voices there, you can protect it by using foam earplugs or earmuffs.


    85 Decibels

    Decibels are the unit to measure sound. The average frequency of hearing is 30-50 decibels, but the noise is much louder, ranging from 80 to 95 decibels, which is not suitable for a human hearing range. It will help if you avoid noise which is creating a fuss of 80 decibels. You can also take legal action if the noise is above the average decibel.


    The bottom line is that one can avoid loud noises and take proper precautions from hearing loss without going for surgery or consulting a doctor.