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Often Overlooked Cancer Symptoms

    Cancer is characterized by the abnormal growth of cells that multiply in profusion and can malfunction or destroy healthy body tissues. Often it spreads in the whole body. It is the second major cause of death across the world. The good news is that cancer screening and treatment have improved significantly.  

    According to the American Cancer Society, the overall chances of cancer patients’ survival have increased in the last couple of years, and the diagnosis rate has increased. The subtleness of specific cancer symptoms causes several patients not to be diagnosed until it gets very late. Such situations can be avoided by looking at their symptoms, signs that are not visible and properly start precautions, and medication with experts.

    The most common signs that people tend to overlook are:

    Abnormal monthly cycles, bloating, changes in the breast, chronic headache, frequent fevers, skin discoloration, persistent fatigue, stomach pain or nausea, loss of appetite, unexpected weight loss, and unusual lumps.

    You have to be generally aware of your body and frequent changes happening. The body typically gives some signs of sickness in any part of the body. Regular checkups can scan cancerous situations in the body even before symptoms appear. You can get it on early warning symptoms by close attention in your body—lookout for new or different body changes lasting weeks. Immediately consult your health practitioner. However, not every symptom is cancerous that looks like cancer. It is advisable to pay attention to all the signs and visit your doctor if symptoms stay longer than two weeks.

    Weight Loss

    Although you might be delighted to see the numbers on the weighing scale go down, if you’re not on a diet or intentionally trying to lose weight, it could be a sign of cancer. Be watchful of a sudden weight-loss or a drastic drop in your appetite. Nothing happens all of a sudden.


    If you’re suffering from persistent protruding of your stomach out of virtually nowhere, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor. Abdominal bloating is a common symptom indicating pancreatic cancer and can be linked to cancers of the colon, liver, uterus, and stomach.

    Skin Discoloration

    If you discover your skin color taking on a yellow or orange hue, it could be possible that what you’re dealing with is a sign of a tumor that could be blocking the bile channel, which leads the bile to enter into your bloodstream. Bilchik says, “It is typically a bad sign since it generally points to more advanced cancer. However, some people who suffer from smaller cancers which block the bile duct can be treated with surgery.”

    Chronic Coughing

    Though having a cough is hardly anything out of the ordinary, if you have one which won’t go away, it is ideal for you to consider medical consultation and involve a professional. Chronic cough is generally one of the earliest lung cancer symptoms, as stated by the neuro-oncologist Dr. Santosh Kesari, whose M.D. at John Wayne Cancer Institute.

    Acid Reflux

    Even though acid reflux is an overall experience for adults living in the U.S., a sudden outbreak of the condition without any significant modifications to your diet should not be disregarded. Bilchik comments, tumors of the liver, stomach, and esophagus can all be sources of a sudden acid reflux outbreak.

    Difficulty In Remembering

    Although it is right that people generally find it harder to remember things as they age. Suppose you start experiencing issues out of nowhere in retaining a thing. It could be a sign of an undercurrent. According to Santosh Kesari, MD, one of the initial symptoms individuals with brain tumors experience is memory loss, which is neither associated with an injury or age.

    Yellowing Of The Eyes 

    If the whites in your eyes appear to have a yellowing tint, it could be caused by jaundice, which is a standard indicator of the early stages of pancreatic cancer.

    Abdominal Pain

    If you’re experiencing constant discomfort or pain in your midsection, it is not a symptom that should be disregarded, as it is a common symptom indicating stomach cancer. Bilchik says, “if you don’t generally experience an issue with abdominal pain or bloating which is not going away, it could be a warning signal.”

    Loss Of Appetite

    A sudden lack of interest in appetite or food is another common symbol of stomach cancer and a general indicator of other health issues. Bilchik says, “If an individual suddenly lacks an appetite for wine or food, there is generally a reason behind it that may warrant a workup.”

    Persistent Headaches

    Everyone experiences a headache now and then. However, if you’re facing severe and frequent headaches, it could be a symptom of a larger issue at hand. Santosh Kesari says, “Suffering from chronic headaches is one of the main indicators of a brain tumor.”


    Unexplainable bleeding, especially from your nose and bruising, can generally be linked to low blood count, leukemia, and bone marrow disorders.


    Diseases enter the body for various reasons, starting from eating habits, genetic disorders, toxins in food, pollutants, and mental stress. Frequently changing environments give so much tension and stress that adds to the severity of the issue. You have to be extra careful about your health. Early detection of the disease is quite a significant step towards eliminating sickness. The body gives some signs; listen to your body. Watch for these signs: sudden weight loss, too much abdominal pain, having difficulty in swallowing food, persistent pain in a particular part of the body, and a difference in breast size are all signs of types of cancers to be watchful for.

    According to the American Cancer Society, new melanoma cases, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, and endometrial cancer have increased since last year. Few cancers don’t show up early. No early signs of the disease are there to document. For all such cases where several patients aren’t identified as cancerous in all cases to avoid such scenarios, experts have suggested some most common cancer symptoms that often are overlooked. In a healthy body, all the body functions are regular, like digestion, respiration, blood circulation, excretion, etc.

    On the contrary, when cancerous cells develop in the body, it destroys the body’s organic functioning. All significant vital organs start malfunctioning resulting in a traffic jam kind of situation in the body. I strongly suggest everyone take care of their body, eating habits, lifestyle, and regular health checkups. Besides this, keep a watch on your weight, skin discoloration, infections, and fevers. Most importantly, take care of your happiness, be happy, have a grateful attitude towards life, don’t stress yourself, and smile often.