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How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

    As we get older, so do the vital organs inside our bodies. They begin to age, too, including our brain, which starts to experience changes in its structure and processes. These changes can be frustrating, to say the least. You forget even the simplest of things, have a hard time remembering important events, or lose your intellectual function completely. To keep your mind healthy and sharp, you should follow the clinically proven tips that we have discussed here.

    1.    Consider Advanced Education

    Studies show that learning helps your mind stay strong and healthy. Older people should consider a higher level of education for better mental health. This can be learning a new skill such as cooking or quilting or anything else they like. By learning something new, you challenge as well as stimulate your brain. This prevents your brain cells from rusting away!

    2.    Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

    Repeating something you have just heard or read by saying it out loud or writing it down can be a great way to reinforce the neural connections that help form your memory. For instance, you have come across a new word. Memorize it by forging associations and then repeat it a couple of times to restore it in your mind. The next day, recall the word you had learned yesterday. You can do this with a certain piece of information, too.

    Repeating and recalling information to yourself every day can help you assess how sharp your brain is and if you need to improve your memory skills more.

    3.    Learn a New Language

    Learning a new language is another proven way to keep your mind sharp. According to various studies, speaking more than one language can contribute to improved cognitive abilities.

    It’s never too late to learn a new language, so get started today!

    4.    Eat Mind-Boosting Foods

    Incorporating brain foods into your daily diet leads to better brainpower. The best brain foods that keep your brain cells active even in the old age include fatty fish, walnuts, almonds, leafy veggies, and berries.

    The best thing is that these food items are easily available at nearby shops and grocery markets. You won’t have to cover lengths for their quick and easy supply.

    5.    Meditate

    Chronic or excessive stress can lead to mental decline, which is why you should meditate daily to keep anxiety at bay and your mind sharp. You don’t need to spare hours in order to meditate. As few as 5 minutes are enough to meditate and lower your stress levels.

    Some other practices you should try out to sharpen your mind are playing mind-boosting games, such as chess or jigsaw puzzles and trying out different brain exercises daily.