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2020 List of Efficient Easy to Operate Phones

    Today cell phones are not just limited for calling and chatting but have become the substantial source that has promoted the OTT (Over-the-top media services) platforms to an extreme level.

    Over the past years, we have noticed that not only the youth is highly diverted towards the major usage of mobile phones, but the senior citizen has also become obsessed with its use.

    Are you looking for a smart cell phone that has an easy user interface but don’t know which one you should pick? Don’t worry; this article is all about some proficient Android phones that are efficient and cost-effective.

    Currently, there are a number of cell phones available in the market, and it becomes difficult to choose one among the list of fancy phones. Several companies have launched a different version of android and ios cell phones, all offered for both budget and high-end users. 

    Easy to use mobile phones that are under budget:

    If you don’t have a high-end budget and still want to have a smart android phone, you must be very happy to know that there is a list of cell phones under budget and have the likewise features high-end products have. 

    Smartphones have extended their limit of usage. Now users use mobile phones for several different aspects, so now one can do a video call, stream videos from online video platforms, or stream from OTT platforms and whatnot.

    For every mobile phone to rank in the list of most used phones, there are few features that the phones must possess, and only then they are considered efficient and ultimate choice for every user.

    List of features every perfect mobile phone must have, let’s know more about these features in detail:

    1. Camera Quality is Essential:

    A good cell phone must have an excellent camera feature. There are numerous mobile devices with equivalent camera quality as DSLR (Digital Single Lens Relax Cameras), but they are comparatively more expensive and out of budget. Rather you can opt for normal under budget brands like IPhone SE(2020), Honor 20 Lite, Motorola One Vision, and many more in the list that offer amazing camera quality at a reasonable price.

    2. Large Screened for Crystal Clear Vision:

    Companies have been launching dozens of mobile phones with a different version of android and ios systems. When we look at the recently launched phones, all of them target to deliver mobile phones with crystal clear vision and bright, vibrant displays that are large screened. Large screen cell phones are easy to access as one can effortlessly stream videos, movies, or surf social media platforms.

    3. Water Resistance is a Must Feature:

    Years ago, most of us ended up damaging cell phones because they were not water resistance, but today there are a lot of companies that guarantee mobile phones that are water-resistive, and now it is a savior feature that helped a lot of people saving their phone. Mobile phones like iPhone 11, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy offers; therefore, this preliminary feature is a must in the checklist of most efficient mobile phones.

    4. Fingerprint Sensor:

    Now, with so many updates in technology, a new and attractive feature that companies offered to their users was the sensor feature. No more unlocking mobile phones with passcodes and pattern-based locks. The fingerprint sensor is the best and easiest way to unlock the phone, and also for the elderly people who often forget the passwords, this feature is a true friend in need.

    5. Battery Life:

    Often, we struggle with the battery, and at times our cell phones tend to ditch us while working for some important work. Today smartphones guarantee long term battery life and provide jumbo chargers that help fast charging. Wireless charging adapters are available for people who tend to lose their cables and often forget charging their mobiles, so yes, battery life for a smartphone is really really important.

    6. Wireless Services:

    WiFi and wireless services for internet connectivity are necessary needs these days, as the internet is the primary need. Whether it is about checking your emails or messages on Whatsapp, surfing social media sites, or streaming videos on YouTube or other online platforms, we need the internet everywhere. Wireless services in our mobiles are a must feature for accessing the internet when you don’t have access to the internet on your phones.

    How regular system updates help mobile efficiency?

    If you invest in a mobile phone, make sure to have a worthy product after all the investments you have made. In such a technology-oriented market, several sites launch thousands of mobile every year; now, it’s up to you what you are looking for and what checklist you already have before purchasing a smartphone for yourself. 

    Of course, for a potential working of any mobile, the system updates really matters a lot, and companies like Apple, Google, Samsung offer great support, as they timely update the system software and remove the bugs that lead to slow working and threats that damage the efficient functioning of the phones.

    What are unlock phones, and can you choose the sim card of your choice? 

    When you look for a new phone, often you opt for the fixed payment plan and then opt for a locked wireless carrier, which bounds you. You can’t opt for other carrier options, but when you buy unlock devices, you are free to choose the carrier and but in that case, you have to pay for the device entirely, and yes, you are free to use with the carrier you wish to choose.

    Often Verizon and Sprint have fixed carrier bonds with the top mobile companies. So if you wish to purchase a new phone, the store offers a fixed payment plan and asks to choose among the top wireless carriers, and accordingly, you will have the sim card allotted for your mobile.


    So don’t get panic; you can choose the wireless carrier services and get the sim card according to your need, and if you are exceeding your budget limit, then try choosing other low-cost mobile phones instead of investing out of reach budget.

    How to take care of health and safety when using android devices?

    As we know, with so much hype in technology and internet usage, a lot of people get anxious while using mobile phones and agonize whether it is healthy and safe to use smart devices.

    Well, it is totally safe to purchase smartphones and use them for a limited period of time. No matter you are an adult or an elderly person of the family, all the family members are safe, but remember to limit the usage and avoid overuse. 

    Nearly, most of the research has clearly said that there is no evidence of health risks from mobile phones, so it is not a sure thing to harm our lives from mobile usage. To avoid future risk, one can limit the time spent using mobiles and keep a distance of eye contact with the mobile display to side-step damage to eyes.

    The perfect example of an efficient mobile phone is Moto G7:

    When looking for a budget phone that is easy to use, Moto G7 is the best mobile phone with superlative usage and good for all adult and elderly users. ZDNet’s Sandra Vogel reviews Moto G7 as the top quality mobile phone with a cost-effective budget. Whether it’s about the model design, system updates, productive features, battery life, all the features of the mobile are first class, and most importantly, users of any age can use it with ease.

    2020 Android Phones with Best Home Screen ‘Launcher.’ 

    Launcher helps organize, arrange, and make changes to the apps that are appearing on the home screen. Before few years, we had default screen launcher that had limited apps to access, but now with time, a lot has been changed, and so there are regular updates for the launchers. Now we have a number of home screens, and a series of apps can be placed on the home screen for direct access. 

    Nova Launcher, Action Launchers, Microsoft, Lawnchair 2, and Niagara launchers are the top 2020 home screen launchers that modify the mobile home page with a fully customized option. All these are open source versions of launchers, easy to use, and have a really easy user interface that a normal user can also make changes and customize according to their need. 

    Hopefully, the information provided in this article is useful for you and your query for a perfect and easy to use mobile phone is solved. Next time, if you want to purchase any android device or ios device, make sure your phone has all the listed features, and you are good to go!!