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Signs You Are In Shape

    You may look at your reflection in the mirror and wonder, ‘I have become so weak,’ or your pants may not fit as they once used to. You may think that your health is declining and you’re no longer in good shape. However, just because you don’t look fit or think your fitness levels are declining doesn’t mean you’re not in good shape. You may be fitter and healthier than you think.Your physique alone isn’t an indicator of how fit and healthy you are. You may be losing weight, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting weaker internally. It’s a misconception that we’re here to clear.

    Your Health Stats Are All Great

    You eat healthily and work out regularly. All for what? To stay healthy and fit. One of the most reliable health and fitness indicators is your health stats. If your cholesterol, blood pressure, and other health-related numbers are good, you can rest assured that you’re in good shape. If the scale shows an ideal weight and your favorite clothes fit you well, but your health stats are all over the place, can you really say that you’re fit?

    You Don’t Mind Walking

    Not many people prefer walking to work or to run their errands. However, if you don’t mind walking long distances regularly, and you don’t get tired and breathless, it’s a sign that shows that you’re fit and in good shape. Walking is a form of exercise. It can help you stay fit.

    You Can Climb Stairs without Getting Breathless

    Just like walking, climbing the stairs is an excellent form of exercise. If you can climb stairs without feeling out of breath, tired, and exhausted, you can pat yourself on the shoulder for the absolute great fitness level that you’ve managed to maintain.

    You’re Physically Active

    Do you manage to mark off all the errands on your weekend to-do list? Mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, deep-cleaning the house, and many other house chores require a lot of energy which is why most people divide them over several days. However, if you can manage to pull it all off in a day, you really deserve some appreciation. It’s a sign of your fitness.

    You Exercise Regularly

    Pulling yourself out of bed every day to exercise sure requires tons loads of motivation and energy, and trust us when we tell you – not many people have got that in themselves. If you’re able to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise in your schedule every day, you’re in shape. Even if you aren’t exercising every day but manage to pull off about 150 minutes of exercise every week, you’re good. Continue with the health regimen you’re following because it’s doing your fitness some serious favor!

    You’re Active With Your Kids

    Children are bundles of energy. They can run around all day long and still not get tired. If you’re able to match your kids’ energy levels, you’re good to go as far as your fitness is concerned. It’s not easy being as active as the kids, and if you’re, it’s a sign of great fitness.


    Fitness is a broad term, and you shouldn’t restrict it to how you appear. You may appear thin and lean but might be fitter than many muscular individuals. Your old clothes may not fit you anymore because you either lost or gained some pounds, but that, too, shouldn’t be a sign that you’re getting weaker or healthier. Your energy levels and stamina are primary indicators of how to fit you are. If you’re active with everyday tasks, your health stats are good, and you don’t feel tired, exhausted, or burned out all the time, it’s a sign you’re in shape, and your fitness level is up to the mark!