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Exercises To Improve Hand Grip Strength

    The importance of handgrip strength is often underestimated. Handgrip strength links to many aspects of our lives, including the ability to perform specific tasks and occupations, how well we can hold objects like cooking pots or tools, and even how long it takes for us to develop arthritis in our hands. The stronger your hands are, the less likely you’ll experience daily aches and pains that come with age. If you want to be sure that your retirement years are enjoyable ones full of activity instead of pain-filled days spent waiting for the next dose of medication, then start working on strengthening your hands today!

    Wrist Curls

    As the name implies, this involves curling a dumbbell repeatedly. This is one of the best ways to strengthen your grip strength and your forearm muscles. You can also do wrist curls by using a weight plate or a small book if you don’t have free weights. Hold it with your fingers and turn your wrist over, so the palm of your hand is facing down. Then, bring it up as you would for a typical curl except with the side of your palm instead of the back.

    Farmers Carry

    This is one of the simplest yet most effective methods for improving your grip strength. It’s also great to help you lose weight as it gives your heart a good workout. All you have to do is pick up two heavy objects, which could be dumbbells or even large cans of food if you don’t have access to weights. Then, walk around your house or outside with them until you can’t walk anymore. You can also alternate arms and carry items in each arm for a set number of steps.

    Finger Curls And Extensions

    Start by sitting down and putting your arms on a desk with your palms up. Take two weight plates or books and rest them against the inside of your fingers so that your hand is open but it’s still holding something. Then, curl each finger one at a time by closing your palm and bringing your fingers towards you. Be careful not to let the weight plates fall off! Then, turn your hands over and do the same thing but this time with your palms facing down. 

    Tennis Ball Squeeze

    For this one, all you need is a tennis ball. Start by sitting down and grabbing the tennis ball with your thumb and fingers so that it’s squeezed between them. Then, squeeze as hard as you can for 30 seconds straight. Repeat this process three times total with a minute of rest between each set. This will help strengthen the muscles in your fingers and forearms.

    Hand Gripper

    This is the simplest way to strengthen your hand grip. It’s also one of the most effective tools you can use to develop your grip strength quickly. The tool is called a hand gripper, and all you have to do is place the device in your palm and squeeze it closed until it won’t close anymore. Then, release and repeat for 10-20 reps or a set time.

    Plate Pinch

    All you have to do is pick up a weight plate with one hand. Hold the center of the plate with your thumb and pointer finger, so it’s balancing on those two digits. Then, slowly bring the dish down towards your body and lift it back up. You can also use wrist straps to make the weight easier to hold onto if you find it hard at first.


    As you age, your grip strength can be one of the first things you start to lose. Luckily, there are many different exercises that someone can do to improve their handgrip strength. Exercising your hands may seem like it’s not very important, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth since it’s incredibly beneficial. Having a solid grip is suitable for everyday life since you’ll be able to do tasks like opening jars or removing vacuum-sealed food quickly.