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Foods To Avoid If You Have Achy Joints

    Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It usually occurs in people over age 50, but it can happen at any age. There are different types of osteoarthritis, and they all cause joint pain due to your joints rubbing together when you move them. As uncomfortable as this can be, certain foods you may eat can worsen the problem. This article will detail some of the foods to avoid if you have achy joints!

    Sugary Cereals

    Sugary cereals are foods that will increase joint pain, not decrease it. They can cause inflammation in your joints, leading to pain during movement because they are high in sugar and sodium while being low in vitamins and antioxidants. Check the nutrition labels of any food before you buy them! You may be surprised at how much sodium some things contain. Try a healthier alternative like a bran muffin for breakfast instead of a bowl of cocoa puffs.

    Fish With High Mercury Levels

    Mercury levels are known to increase joint pain, so try your best to avoid fish high in mercury. This includes tuna, shark, and swordfish! However, there are many other fish you can eat with lower mercury levels! These include tilapia, halibut, pollock, tuna, and much more. The FDA provides a seafood guide which you can use as a reference if you’d like to find out more about fish mercury levels.

    Non-Organic Produce

    Non-organic produce can contain pesticides that will increase inflammation in joints. Make sure to get organic fruits and veggies whenever possible. If the organic version of a fruit or veggie isn’t available at your local grocery store, try opting for alternative options such as buying from a farmer’s market. To find the safest option possible, buy produce from a local farmer.

    Fast Food

    Fast food has tons of unhealthy fats in it that will increase inflammation. This is bad news for people with arthritis because inflammation will lead to pain! If you are craving fast food, it’s probably best to have a snack instead. This way, your desire will be satisfied without making your arthritis feel worse than it already does. Foods like almonds are a good choice because they contain healthy fats but low sodium levels.

    Salty Snacks

    Salty snacks are not good for anyone with joint pain because of the high sodium content. Highly processed foods also tend to have tons of salt, which can increase inflammation in joints over time leading to worsening symptoms of arthritis. It is important to always read food labels before buying anything so that you know how much sodium you’ll be putting into your body as well as what else you’re eating.

    Vegetable Oil

    Vegetable oil can be used as a blanket term for the oils used in processed foods. They are made from corn, sunflower seeds, or soybeans and can lead to increased inflammation and arthritis pain. This is because vegetable oil contains unhealthy fats that promote heart disease, which will cause your arteries to clog up more quickly than normal, leading to poor blood flow and oxygen supply throughout the body. Anyone with joint pain should avoid vegetable oil because it will increase inflammation levels much faster than other types of fat.

    White Bread

    White bread is not the best option because it has been stripped of its nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats during processing, causing an influx of sugars which can increase inflammation levels. It is best for people with joint pain to avoid white bread altogether. Healthy bread comprises whole grains that provide fiber instead of having all those healthy nutrients stripped out.

    Canned Soup

    Canned soup is high in sodium, contains unhealthy fat, and has had most of its nutrients processed out. This means that canned soup is not good for people with arthritis because it will cause an increase in inflammation levels once digested since it lacks the beneficial nutrients to help balance this process out. Try making your homemade soups with healthy ingredients such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.


    Mayonnaise is full of unhealthy fats and high in sodium. It also has a lot of sugar added, which makes matters even worse! Sugar will increase inflammation levels, leading to worsening arthritis symptoms. Mayonnaise also lacks the beneficial nutrients present in healthy foods that have been shown to reduce inflammation naturally, such as fiber from vegetables and fruits with zinc and antioxidants. Because of this lack of anti-inflammatory properties, you should try your best to avoid this product.

    White Rice

    White rice can cause problems with achy joints because it is extremely high in carbs and low in nutrients. Especially compared to its healthier counterpart, brown rice. White rice has had its bran stripped away during processing, causing the food to become sugar-heavy, increasing inflammation levels in joints. Brown rice is a much better option for people with arthritis because it contains antioxidants that maintain healthy blood flow, zinc which fights against viruses like arthritis, and fiber which helps keep energy levels steady throughout the day.


    These are all foods you should avoid if you have joint pain. They will increase inflammation levels in joints and promote poor blood flow, leading to worsened arthritis symptoms. These foods are typically rich in sodium, sugars, or unhealthy fats. So instead of eating these, you should focus on antioxidant-rich foods such as vegetables. Talk with your doctor for more information on the best foods to eat while dealing with arthritis!