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Worst Left Over Foods

    Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with the leftovers sitting in your fridge? Well, if so, then you’re not alone. Leftover foods can be tricky because some people think they should throw them away, while others might think they should save them for another day. However, this article is here to offer some guidance on which leftover foods you need to throw out and why! Are any of these foods familiar to you?

    Cottage Cheese Or Sour Cream

    Many people think cottage cheese can last forever in their fridge, but this isn’t true at all! Like most dairy products, these should not sit around for more than three days; otherwise, you’ll want to throw them away before consumption because bacteria will start forming on top of the food item. On the other hand, sour cream is supposed to last up until four weeks from its expiration date. However, we recommend throwing it away after just three weeks. Also, it’s important to note the milk in sour cream isn’t pasteurized, so it has a higher chance of carrying bacteria.

    Leftover Fruit

    Many people believe that fruits can last forever, but this isn’t true! You should eat leftovers within three days because they tend to go bad if you let them sit around for too long. If your fruit is starting to look discolored or moldy, then you’ll want to throw them away before consuming them any further. However, there are some exceptions for fruit, such as bananas and apples. These fruits can last up until two weeks from their expiration date. Also, keep in mind these are only guidelines, and not everyone will react to food the same way. So, if you’re unsure about your leftovers, you should play it safe by throwing them away before they become a health issue!

    Leftover Meat

    Most people throw away leftovers that contain meat, but you should eat these within three to four days. You’ll want to avoid holding onto them for too long because they could become contaminated if you don’t eat them as soon as possible. 


    In addition to meats, eggs are another food item you should eat within three days after cracking them. After this time has passed, it’s best to throw these out because they tend to spoil quickly, so don’t take any chances! 

    Pasta Sauce

    Have leftover pasta sauce but aren’t sure how long it will remain good for consumption? Well, according to experts, you should only consume leftovers within four days of opening the jar or can. This goes for all types of pasta sauce, such as spaghetti and pizza! However, after one week, we recommend throwing them away to avoid any safety issues from consuming food items beyond their expiration date.


    When it comes to leftovers from the sea, you should avoid holding onto them for too long. You should eat these items within two days of opening their package, or else they’ll start going bad and become hazardous to eat! This includes fish as well because this type of food item can go rancid after a few hours at room temperature, so make sure you’re eating your leftovers while they still smell fresh! Some people think that seafood lasts longer than other types of meat, but this is just a myth since they spoil quickly if not properly stored.

    Leftover Rice

    Don’t keep leftover rice in the fridge for more than three days. After this time frame, it’s best to throw them out because they have a faster chance of growing bacteria if you store them longer. Also, make sure you’re cooking your rice correctly, so there aren’t any food safety issues down the line!


    Spinach is another food item that you should eat within four days after opening the package. This goes for all types of spinach, whether it’s fresh, frozen, canned, or even cooked into a sauce, since they can go bad quickly if not stored properly. 


    If you have leftover cabbage, either cooked or uncooked, it’s best to consume it within four days of opening the package. However, some types do last longer than others, so make sure you check their expiration date before holding on to them because if not stored properly, they can go bad very quickly.


    You should avoid holding onto leftover soup for longer than four days, especially after you have opened it because this type of dish can become contaminated by bacteria very quickly. On top of this, throw any reheated soups away because this can cause bacteria to grow even faster, which is why we recommend eating them within two days after opening the package. 


    As you can see, many food items spoil quickly, so when in doubt, it’s best to throw them out after a few days. In addition, make sure your refrigerator’s storage shelves are well organized to avoid clutter, or else certain types of foods could get lost easily. Spoiled food left in the fridge can cause other food products around them to spoil more frequently. Ensure you eat everything by week one, so nothing gets lost in between them.