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Best Temperature For Your Drinking Water

    Hydration is important for people of all ages and gender.120 ounces of water for men and 91 ounces for women a day is advised for a healthy body. Drinking water while maintaining a balanced diet helps people to lose weight. On the other hand, dehydration can result in tiredness, headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness, and cramps. Drinking less water can also cause degraded mood, lower concentration, and increased perception of the task’s difficulty. Therefore, drinking enough water is very necessary for maintaining a healthy and fit body. 

    But have you ever paid attention to the temperature of the water you drink? Many studies suggest that the temperature of the water has different effects on our health. Some people prefer their water to be ice cold, while others might like it a little warm. Some like to drink water at room temperature directly from the faucets. 


    Processing water at room temperature is much easier. It does not require your body to be heating up for absorption, like in the case of cold water. Therefore, if you are dehydrated, consuming room temperature water is the best way to replenish water. It also improves digestion and can be easily consumed by people with sensitive teeth. People generally prefer drinking room temperature water because it is not as hard as ice water. Drinking water every 10 minutes at room temperature or warm water aids in pain relief also. 


    The benefits of warm water are endless. A cup of hot water in the morning improves digestion ad promotes weight loss. It helps in creating a body equilibrium according to outside temperature and improves bowel movement also. 

    • Help treat cold and or flu symptoms.

    A cup of hot water helps clear sinuses, treating the stuffed nose, cold or sore throat, and even flu-like symptoms. Steamy water provides sustained and immediate relief from runny nose, chilliness, tiredness, cough, sore throat, and sneezing.  

    • Reduces Shivering, Helpful for Spending Time Outdoors

    During swimming, hiking, or skiing sessions, your body loses more heat than it is producing, causing the body temperature to drop to 95 degrees or even lower, which can result in organ failure. In this situation, your organs, heart, and nervous system are unable to perform correctly. Studies suggest that consuming a water temperature of 126 degrees Fahrenheit helps the body temperature rise, bringing back the functional, healthy body stage.   

    • Aids Digestion in Post-Operative Recovery

    Consumption of hot water improves the digestion of patients who have had laparoscopic surgery. In addition, warm water increased the recovery rate and had a favorable effect on intestinal movements also. Patients who have undergone major surgeries also have benefits in their bowel movements by warm water. 

    • Boosts metabolism

    Studies suggest that drinking 500 ml of hot or room temperature water increases metabolic rate by almost 30% in just 10 minutes. In addition, in men, the blood lipids boost the metabolic rate, and in women, carbohydrates are the primary energy source. 


    Coldwater is usually refreshing after a hot day of working. But according to Ayurveda, cold water, instead of helping, disrupts digestion and slows down blood flow to organs. In addition, some studies suggest that cold water helps in burning more calories. 

    • May Improve Physical Performance

    Drinking cold water after a workout can help to improve physical performance. Ice cold water protects the body from overheating as compared to room temperature water. 

    • Cold Water Showers may help in the treatment of depression

    Taking a shower of cold water for 5 minutes can help treat depression. It activates the sympathetic nervous system increases the level of noradrenaline and beta-endorphin in the blood, which results in an anti-depressing effect.

    • Reduce Cardiac Stress After Exercise

    Coldwater after a heavy workout session increases the recovery rate and helps in reducing physical stress. In addition, it speeds up faster heart rate recovery if the temperature is hot outside. 


    While a glass of warm water consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach aids in improving the digestive system, including lemon will jumpstart digestion, enhance metabolism, and supply immune-constructing vitamin C. After a heavy workout session, a glass of water will help replenish your cells, cool your body down, and hydrate faster. So the temperature of your beverages, especially water, matters. So next time, pay attention and choose the temperature of your liquids according to your requirement.