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Worst Fad Diets Of 2021

    Obesity has been a nightmare in these decades. The primary cause of this condition is the imbalance between the calories consumed and spent due to inactivity and an increased portion of an energy-dense diet. As the fat around your waist increases, you can consider that there will be much financial pressure on you as the fat brings many health issues. 


    Losing weight consists of a lot of hard work and a proper diet. Every diet has various eating patterns with one common target, i.e., shedding weight in a less period. But there are a few diets which you should avoid following as they do not give you your desired results. 


    The food in the Whole30 diet, such as fruits and vegetables, is not the problem. The supporters of the Whole30 diet say that a person who consumes whole foods instead of packed ones ends up with significant health advantages and weight loss, enhanced sleep, and productive energy. 

    But the negative part of the Whole30 diet is that it forbids eating certain dietary staples. Along with unhealthy foods such as added sugar and alcohol, it restricts you from legumes, grains, and dairy necessary for your nutrition. This diet’s restrictions are very tough to maintain. Other than that, this diet is not suitable as a long-term diet. So, why adopt a diet which you can’t keep up for a few years.

    This diet can be considered positive for the people who want to give up their unhealthy diet and hop onto a new and healthy one. But it is also essential to plan the diet which you will adopt after the Whole30 diet. 

    Keto Diet 

    Keto originated as a trend on social media for weight loss, where many social media influencers and famous personalities were talking about it. But the popularity of the keto diet was bogus as it lacked research and studies. Moreover, this diet is low in carbs and high in fats which lessens the intake of carbs in daily diets, which encourages weight loss by taking the body into the situation of ketosis, in which the body burns the fat for energy. 

    The negative point of this diet is that it is not long-lasting and restricts many vital foods for our body. This diet forbids one of the essential nutrients, fiber, a disease-combating nutrient. In addition to that, it is also possible that you might gain the weight you lost. As a result, this diet has got terrible rankings by the experts for heart health, weight loss, and diabetes. 

    DASH Diet

    DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet is only effective for people who have high blood pressure. This plan includes bits and pieces of the Mediterranean diet, but experts have researched specific eating sequences. Besides lowering blood pressure, DASH has been in diets that encourage weight loss, reduce heart issues, and reduce the threat of type 2 diabetes, few cancers, and metabolic syndrome. 

    This diet suggests particular parts of different food groups based on an individual’s calorie requirements. But the rate of weight loss with this diet can be a little bit slow. And along with that, you cannot maintain this diet for a long time due to restricted animal proteins.       



    Before deciding to follow any diet, make sure you ask yourself whether you can follow it religiously or not. It is important to find safe diets to accommodate any medical condition