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Eliminate Fall Risk With These 9 Things

    Fall prevention may not seem like a fun and exciting topic; however, it is pretty essential. Falls are inevitable; it has nothing to do with age; however, the effects of a fall vary from age to age. As one gets older, the physical condition of the person changes; most aged people depend on medications to deal with an ailment or two, these medicines may also contribute to the risk of falling.

    Be it a toddler, an aged parent, or a young and healthy teenager, the risk of falling pertains to all; however, it is safe to say that toddlers and the aged are more susceptible to accidental falls and slips. Falls are also the leading cause of hip fractures, cuts, and severe head and brain injuries. The idea here is not to instill a life-long fear of falls but to see and adopt a few precautions that reduce the risk of falling considerably.

    Clean Up Clutter

    The simplest way to avoid falls is to clean up any mess that is lying around the house. Keep your home neat and tidy by removing all unnecessary things from the way. For example, remove old newspapers, magazine clutter, or an unwanted table or stool from the walking range, especially from hallways and staircases.  Keep your house organized and remove any or all forms of clutter. By doing such, you have clean surroundings and reduce the risk of tripping onto a misplaced item. 

    Repair Or Remove Tripping Hazards

    A neglected nail, a loose floorboard, a folded carpet corner: all these are tripping hazards that need immediate attention and repair. As mentioned above, home fixtures contribute to falls in most scenarios, leading to injuries or back pains. First, go around the house examining such hazards, look for loose carpets, loose nails, slippery rugs, cracked tile, etc. Next, repair, replace, or remove any such item to reduce the risks of a fall. 

    Install Handrails And Grab Bars

    Handrails and grab bars are essential; these are safety devices crucial for all ages and not limited to aged parents or seniors. Stairs are a significant fall risk, and so installing safety measures should be the first and topmost priority for all. Install handrails around the toilet and bathtub for easy movement and reducing injury chances. Have a family member or handyman to help you with the process. 

    Avoid Loose Clothing

    Loose clothing is a comfortable option, and most people opt for loose clothing around their house, but loose-fitting clothes also contribute to the fall risks. Instead, consider opting for better-fitting clothes that are nicely hemmed and do not gather or drag behind you. 

    Let There Be Light

    Another significant hazard that contributes to falling risks is inadequate lighting. Avoid installing dim lights around the house; opt for brighter light bulbs, especially in stairways, bathrooms, and corridors. Avoid having all lights out at night time; keep on a few lights around the house for assistance and better guidance at night time. 

    Wear Shoes

    Wearing socks at home is a comfortable option, but you might want to avoid this practice as the socks present fall risks. Instead, consider wearing shoes around the house, or better yet, invest in non-slip socks; these socks have better sole grips and are comfortable. 

    Non-Slip Mats 


    Bathroom floors, kitchens floors, porches, and showers all become highly risky when wet. Keeping these surfaces dry at all times is a bit futile; the shower floor will be wet after a bath and so installing non-slip mats is the best option. Invest in a couple of non-slip mats and place them around the house, especially at the porch door, shower door, and other such places. 

    Live On The Ground

    To effectively reduce the risks of a fall by half is by living on one level. Avoid having an upper floor or a basement, and if you do have an upper floor, avoid making multiple trips up and down the stairs. 

    Move More Carefully

    Sometimes falls are caused simply due to negligence and inattentiveness. Moving too quickly or standing up too fast are factors that can and are causes of falling. All you have to do to avoid such falls is take a pause. Move slowly, take a breather after standing up, avoid abrupt actions. 

    In conclusion

    Fall prevention measures are vital, especially if you have an aged parent around. For the seniors, fall prevention equals injury prevention. Ask your family to keep the house clean and clutter-free, install handrails and hand bars for better grip, install non-slip mats, move attentively – all these measures not only keep your loved ones safe but also makes your surrounding safe. Being priorly prepared is the best way to avoid accidents and injuries.