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Fruits and Veggies That Keep You Full

    Unless you are a person who loves fruits and veggies, it may be hard for you to think of them as great snacks and a perfect meal.

    But did you know that the high fiber and water content in fruits and veggies can keep you full for longer? And when you add fruits and veggies to your diet as snacks and meals, you don’t only stay full, but you also end up losing excess weight.

    If you are interested in filling up your plate such that you don’t fill out your pants, here are some of the best fruits and veggies that you can try. Pick up your favorite ones the next time you shop around and start munching while shedding some extra pounds. Let’s get started with the fruits first.


    One of the best fruits that are incredibly filling and that you can enjoy on the go are apples. They are loaded with fiber, and around 80% of the fiber in apples comes from the soluble fiber known as pectin. Soluble fiber slows down the digestion process, and you end up feeling full for longer. Also, when your body digests food slowly, it positively impacts your blood sugar levels.

    The high water content brings in the perfect crunch that most people love about apples. And not to forget, apple skin also contains antioxidants and minerals that play an important role in keeping your skin and eyes healthy.


    A crunch textured fruit, pear, is also on the list of fruits that keep you full. A medium-sized pear contains around 4 grams of fiber. And more than half of it is soluble fiber. As a result, you end up feeling full for longer.

    Moreover, the fruit also contains viscous fiber and water that takes up a lot of space in your digestive system. The fiber not only works on improving your digestion but also improves satiety.


    Are you looking for a handy snack that can keep you full? Then banana is your go-to choice. An average, medium-sized banana contains around 3 grams of fiber that meets around 10% of your daily fiber requirement. Moreover, it also contains water, and both fiber and water keep you away from the vending machines.

    A bonus: The fiber in bananas works as a prebiotic that helps you maintain a healthy gut.


    Last on the list of fruits is avocados! Yes, an avocado is not a veggie. It is a fruit that’s loaded with fiber and healthy fats. 100 grams of avocado contains around 7 grams of fiber that meet 25% of your daily fiber requirement. Moreover, the slow-digesting healthy fats and carbs keep you full for quite some time.


    Zucchinis are an amazing fiber-filled fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) that helps you keep full. An average serving of zucchini contains around 4 grams of proteins and 3 grams of fiber. The fiber in zucchini is unique as the fruit contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Moreover, the high fiber content also contributes to reducing hunger and keeping your appetite at bay. Furthermore, zucchini has a low-calorie density that helps you feel full.

    Moving on to the veggies, here are some of the vegetables that you should stock up on.


    Artichokes are one of the best veggies that keep you full all day. A large French artichoke contains only around 75 calories and is packed with 25% of your daily share of fiber. But unlike fiber in other fruits and veggies, the fiber in artichokes is different because it contains inulin, a prebiotic that helps maintain good gut health. Moreover, a healthy gut is closely linked to slower and better digestion that keeps your hunger and satiety in check.


    An excellent source of water and fiber, celery is another best vegetable that you can munch on and keep yourself full. And while 95% of it is water, celery also contains several other nutrients that you can get without worrying about calories. Moreover, the crunch factor adds to a more satisfying and prolonged eating experience that keeps you feeling satisfied and full for quite some time.


    The rabbit food staple can be amazing for humans as well, as it is loaded with fiber. A ½ cup serving of carrots contains around 4 grams of fiber that’s more than 10% of your daily fiber requirement. Also, it contains water that gives it the crunch factor. The crunchy texture prolongs the eating experience and keeps you full for long.


    Potatoes do not have a good reputation when it comes to maintaining or losing weight. But did you know that boiled potatoes contain zero fats? That’s true. Potatoes do not contain fats and are a moderate source of protein and fiber, both of which help keep you full.

    Moreover, compared to other carbohydrate-rich foods, potatoes are super filling. There is evidence that potatoes may contain proteinase inhibitor 2 (PI2), a protein that suppresses appetite, so why not add a bowl of boiled potatoes and stay feeling full.

    This brings us to the end of the list of fruits and veggies that keep you feeling full. Stock up on these tasty and filling fruits and veggies so you can enjoy better health and a leaner figure