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Ways People Try To Rip Off Seniors

    Scammers know that senior citizens are easy targets because they do not know much about the internet, and they are charming. Scammers steal about three billion dollars per year. Most seniors have a lot of money saved up somewhere, making them a target to scammers. 

    Medical Care Frauds

    Some people try to cheat by using medical care as a means to do it. Scammers might ask these older people for private information by giving them false promises. For example, these scammers promise free healthcare, free medicines, discounts, etc. By doing this, they might ask you for your card details, and with that, they cheat senior people. 

    Identity Theft

    Sometimes, people might steal someone else’s identity and personal information to use it illegally. They do this so that if anything happens, they do not get caught. Sometimes these scammers take multiple people’s identities and create a false identity. 

    Funeral Scams

    These are some of the vilest scams. The scammers go to the deceased person’s family, and they tell them that they had a debt that needs paying. Then, they force money out of the surviving family members and cause them to give up lots of money to these scammers. 

    Fake Virus Scanners

    While browsing on the internet, you might see a pop-up window that shows that you have a virus on your device. This is a trick because they want you to download their virus scanner, and by using this, they steal your personal information from your computer or phone. Never download anything from these places. 

    Investment Schemes 

    Most seniors have a lot of money saved up for their retirement, and many scammers give them fake promises about investments that provide them massive returns. Unfortunately, these people invest in such companies, and these companies do not exist. 

    Overdue Utilities

    Sometimes, scammers might show up at the doors of seniors with some bills that need paying. These scammers wear the uniforms of these workers, and they ask for money. They might even show you some fake company caller ID. Then, they might threaten you that if you do not pay the bills, they will cut off your services without an hour. 

    Telemarketing Schemes

    When such telemarketers call us, then we ignore their calls. Older people, however, were raised to be more polite, and they might listen to the telemarketer before saying no to them. These scammers might ask the senior people to pay online, and this can cause the senior people to lose a lot of money and not get any products in return. Sometimes they might even empty your bank account. 

    Charity Scams

    This is when the criminal plays on the good nature of the victim. The criminal might call and pretend to be from such a charity organization, and they might say that they need money for some natural disaster that might have occurred. The senior people might give them money, and these criminals might put even more money with the bank details. 


    These scammers will never be happy with the money that they steal from hard-working people. It is still vital that you shield yourself from these people. All the points above are ways that these people might try and cheat you. If you ever see such people, then avoid them at all costs, and if they keep bugging you, then go to the police. 

    Be careful with your data and where you put it. If you have to put your data somewhere, make sure that you know where it is and a reputable place. If you do need to give money to any of these people, do some research to get to know who they are. If you do this, then you will be safe from fraud.