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Tips To Treat Thinning Hair On Men

    More than 35 million men worldwide suffer from hair loss, of which thinning of hair, receding hairline, excessive hair loss, etc., are the initial signs. Thinning of hair, in most cases, is natural, something that comes along as one age. However, many other factors such as stress, genetics, hormonal imbalance, environmental changes can also be reasoned. 

    Thanks to the advancement in science, the number of ways to combat hair loss today is continuously expanding. From lifestyle changes to artificial regrowth methods and medication, various methods can be employed to re-establish the past beauty of your locks. 

    Read the article to the end to find out what thinning hair looks like, the reasons, precautions, regrowth methods, and more. 

    How To Tell If The Hair Is Thinning Out?

    Though many face the issue of hair thinning, only a few men spot the early signs of it. Noticing the issue as it develops gives one a better chance to tackle the same before excessive hair loss occurs. 

    In most men, the thinning of hair starts around the forehead or on the top of the head. Receding hairline, therefore, can be viewed as a typical early phase or sign of hair loss and must be taken care of accordingly. 

    Since people look at themselves almost every day, a receding hairline might go unnoticed or hard to spot. Therefore, noticing changes in the hair quality and hairline over time is the best approach to spot initial signs.

    Compare your current hairline to that from 2 years ago(through a picture) to acknowledge if the hairline is receding or not, and if so, how severe the case is. Alternatively, one can check if the hair on top of their head is thinning by middle parting the hair down regularly to see how much scalp is revealed. 

    Why Does Hair Thin Out In Men? 

    In particular, thinning of hair comes most naturally as a part of aging for most men. But, premature hair thinning is not uncommon. So, what other factors can cause hair to thin out ahead of time?

    Many factors, including genetics, hormonal imbalance, medical condition, constant stress, inflammation, etc., can be reasoned behind losing your hair. However, smoking, male pattern baldness, and lack of nutrition happen to be the prime causes for the same, with faster hair loss. 

    Smoking increases the toxin levels in the body, disrupting the blood flow in the scalp and hair follicles, causing them to thin out. What’s more, smoking also damages papilla, hair follicles, and hormones that stimulate hair growth while increasing estrogen production, which counters the effects of androgen. 

    By the same token, since hair follicles are made of protein fibers, not having enough nutrition or protein intake through the diet also significantly affects your hair quality, causing several hair issues, including hair loss. 

    Ways To Tackle Hair Thinning 

    Androgenetic alopecia, or what is also known as male balding pattern, is one of the prime hair loss reasons in men and also the permanent one. Unfortunately, the condition currently has no actual cure in terms of treatment or otherwise. However, one can slow down the process with proactive approaches like medication, diet, thickening, and regrowth methods, not to mention disguising the same using the appropriate hairstyles.

    Thicken The Hair 

    The easiest, effective, and most affordable way to treat any hair condition is to adopt healthy lifestyle changes. These changes in broad terms include diet and first-hand protection from any harmful element. 

    To Do  

    What one consumes directly shows in the quality and health of their hair. Therefore it is a given the need to watch what one drinks and eats in a day as per their nutritional consistency and benefits. For hair specifically, increase protein intake, vitamin C, iron, and Omega 3 in the diet. At the same time, make sure you drink enough water while minimizing alcohol consumption for the best results. 

    One can alternatively refer to hair growth vitamin and protein supplements available in the market. Again, though, make sure you consult your doctor before starting on with any supplement.  

    Regular exercising, especially those focused on increasing blood circulation in the head, is an excellent way to keep one’s hair healthy, strong, and thick. 

    Multiple shampoos are available in the market to fight hair thinning. Those that block DHT(a hormone responsible for male pattern baldness) are highly recommendable and useful for treating or at the very least slowing the process of hair loss. 

    Not To Do 

    Fast foods, excessive caffeine, sugar, deep-fried foods, etc., are all linked to hair loss in men or related issues, and therefore it goes without saying the need to cut these foods off from the diet. 

    Moreover, using styling products such as sprays, chemically loaded shampoos for washing your hair, masks, etc., can result in long-term damage to your hair, especially those operating with heat, such as curling iron and dryer.

    Exposing hair to high heat for an extended period can cause damage and hair breakage. Simple changes like letting one’s hair dry naturally instead of blow-drying can also result in visible improvement. Though, in case you can’t leave your hair wet, use a dryer or curling iron at the lowest heat to reduce damage while using protection spray beforehand. 

    Hair Regrowth Methods

    If a person suffers from hair loss despite a healthy lifestyle, the condition goes beyond diet or unhealthy habits. Referring to medical treatment, hair growth products, hair transplant, etc., such cases become a suitable option to turn to. 

    While many of these products for treating hair loss are readily available in the market, ensure you take an expert consultation before making any decision, as a wrong product can do more damage to your hair and scalp than good. 

    Make Our Hair Look Thicker

    No hair remedy or treatment will show instant results, and therefore finding ways to disguise thin hair as thick through grooming and hairstyle becomes imperative.

    There are many hairstyle options for men to choose from that can focus on a receding hairline or thin hair while boosting the overall appearance. Short and cropped haircuts, in particular, can both help in blending in the thin patches and making the head seem fuller given their light strands. 

    Other cuts to consider for men with thinning hair include undercut, buzz cut, crew cut, etc. 


    As natural as the process of thinning hair is in men, one does not have to live that way. Consulting an expert as soon as one notices the initial signs of hair thinning or loss is an excellent way to ensure that the problem is treated before it develops further. 

    What’s more, regularly nourishing hair while reducing unhealthy lifestyle choices can also help recover the lost hair health better together with the treatment you choose to go along with. Happy Scrolling!