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10 Side Effects Of Prolonged Sitting

    If your work is making you stick to your chair the whole day, it means trouble! Research shows a static life is the worst life because it can be detrimental to your health. Prolonged sitting can have short-term and long-term effects on your body and mind. Here are ten side effects of prolonged sitting.

    Bad For Your Heart

    In research, scientists found out that drivers, security guards, and assigned static duties are more prone to heart disease than other groups of people on a similar diet with a more active life with a much healthier heart. Prolonged sitting will hit your heart with more chances of cardiovascular disease.

    Causes Obesity/Weight Gain

    Sitting all day in front of the TV or a computer screen will only add extra pounds to you. A static life is more prone to weight gain and obesity. The idea is to move a bit and if you have a desk job, get a standing counter made to swap counters for work every hour.

    High Risk Of Diabetes

    By sitting all day, you send an invitation to lifestyle diseases; one of them is diabetes. Sedentary life coupled with bad eating habits is the number one reason for having diabetes. Research indicates there is a 112% higher chance of diabetes if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Doctors also believe that sitting all day will change how your body will react to insulin, the hormones that regulate glucose levels in your blood.

    Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis

    Deep vein thrombosis is a disease that causes clots in your legs. The reason again is due to a sedentary lifestyle. If you are sitting all day, deep vein thrombosis can develop into clots that can break free and get deposited in your lungs.  Some people will develop symptoms like swelling and pain, while some may have no symptoms at all. It is an excellent idea to get up from your chair regularly to break your sitting time.

    Varicose Veins

    Like deep vein thrombosis, another likely disease linked to sitting for long intervals is a varicose vein. It happens when sitting for long periods causes deposits of blood in the legs. In more serious conditions, these varicose veins develop into blood clots.

    Causes Depression And Anxiety

    Lack of exercise and a sitting routine will interfere with your sleep patterns. Over time, these irregular sleep patterns will develop into more severe conditions like depression and anxiety. Scientists are still trying to determine why a sitting routine is linked to mental diseases. One of the reasons that have come out is the inactivation of body glands. A sedentary lifestyle dulls your glands, inhibiting the release of hormones. Physical activity is therefore important for a healthy mind.

    Weak Muscles

    Lack of activity and a sitting routine will weaken your muscles. It will also lead to the deposition of fats leading to a risk of obesity and heart disease. The worst area affected due to prolonged sitting is the mid-section and lower section of the body. Studies indicate that weak leg muscles have an adverse health effect on the whole body. If your leg muscles are strong, they can easily stabilize the weight of the entire body. Weak legs and core will further lead to laziness and excessive weight gain.

    Irregular Posture Problem

    A sedentary lifestyle will interfere with your spine alignment. If you sit all day in a chair, the body will tend to bend forward, making an arch in the spine. Apart from degrading muscles and crooked spine, prolonged sitting will make you slouch with pain in the neck and shoulders. In many conditions, this can lead to sciatica or a prolapse vertebrae disc. A stiff neck and spine will reduce your flexibility and cause excessive pressure on your spinal cord. It is advisable to get an ergonomic chair that will keep your back straight.

    Can Cause Osteoporosis

    Weakened bones or osteoporosis is a condition mainly linked to old age. However, if you are sitting all day and not moving enough, you can develop this condition early. Slowly your bones will deteriorate, and you will have a problem performing routine things like going to the toilet or bathing. Moderate exercise and leaving your chair as frequently as possible during work will help overcome this condition.


    People with a sedentary lifestyle have a high chance of developing cancer. The most common cancers are endocrine, colon, breast, and lung cancer. The exact reason is still unclear, but doctors believe it is due to high insulin levels, inadequate functioning of hormones, and high cholesterol levels. Cancer risks can also be linked to excessive weight gain and lower metabolic rates due to a sedentary lifestyle.


    Sitting all day in a chair can be an excuse for your work routine, but making little adjustments will keep you safe from these many health risks. Get a standing counter in your office, and switching counters every hour or two is a good option. Another way is to take a ten-minute walking break every hour. Maintain a fitness routine and control your diet. These simple adjustments will keep you healthy and fit.